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Marvel's Superman (rewrite) part 3

Continued from here part 2

Trask Labs, division of Lex Corp.

Lex enters the lab along with Bolivar Trask. Trask was excitedly explaining his project, "The sentinels should be up and running ahead of schedule. While we were going through the alien tech you provided we found a device that the translation device referred to as the Brain Interactive Construct. The lab boys have been calling it Brainiac for short."

"We used it as the cpu for the Mastermold unit and it increased production speed exponentially."

Lex nodded, "All good news. Early and under budget. If all goes well with congress we'll have sentinels in every city on earth. How was the test run?"

Trask turned on a view screen, "Still in progress."

Upstate New York.

Two young girls walk through the woods a few miles North of Xavier's school for Gifted Youngsters. The younger girl named Rahne Sinclair was falling behind, "Wait up, Dani."

Danielle Moonstar looked back, "You'd be out running me if you'd wolf out."

Rahne gave a glare, "I'll not be doing that in the light of day. What if someone were around to see?"

Dani shrugged, "Whatever you...."

They both stopped at the sound of heavy metal hitting the ground. As they turned a massive humanoid machine tore through the trees. They were terrified as it spoke, "Surrender, Mutants."

Superman was patrolling the sky above Manhattan when he heard screams. He immediately turned and flew in their direction.

Dani and Rahane dodged as best they could but were quickly tiring. Just as the massive hand was closing in on Rahane the arm was torn off by what appeared to be a red blur.

The machine's eyes locked on Superman as he floated between it and the girls. Back at the lab Lex glared at the screen then out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw the head of the Mastermold unit turn toward the screen for a moment. He looked back but the machine was still.

He then looked to the top of the screen and read, "Unknown Species. We'll need to look into that."

The screen went black as Superman destroyed the machine. He then turned to the girls, "Can I drop you somewhere?"


A few minutes later Superman landed on the grounds of Xavier's school for gifted youngsters. As he put the girls down Charles Xavier arrived and looked him over as the girls explained what happened.

As they finished Charles put out his hand, "It appears I owe you my thanks."

Superman shook his hand, "No thanks necessary. I've heard rumors about your school, you do good work here."

He then noticed a look of concern from Xavier, "Not to worry, your secret is safe with me."

Off to the side Cyclops and Wolverine stood watching. Cyclops looked over, "Be on your guard and be ready."

Wolverine gave a condescending look, "To do what? Ain't anyone here that'd do more than piss him off probably."


Superman arrived at his apartment and turned on the T.V. and saw Lex Luthor giving a press conference, "Trask labs has been working diligently on the Sentinel program for years and now finally we believe we have a solution to the mutant problem.

Clark crushed the remote control in his hand as Lex unveiled a Sentinel to thunderous applause from the audience.


After the lab had shut down for the night the Mastermold unit activated on its own and pulled up a view screen with the recording of Superman and spoke, "Kryptonian."

(To be continued)