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Marvel's Superman (rewrite) part 2

Continued from here part 1

Fisk tower, Manhattan.

A man named Lex Luthor sits across a desk from Wilson Fisk. Fisk looks annoyed by Lex's nonchalant attitude, "There are no guarantees in this business Luthor. I'll attempt to retrieve the shipment, but it will take time."

Luthor gave a phony smile, "I'm sure that will all be handled Wilson. I'm more interested in the one who interfered. I was told he took several shots from some of the most powerful weapons Lexcorp had to offer without even slowing down. The X-7 that was fired was based on an A.I.M. weapon designed to take down the Hulk and he barely seemed to notice."

Fisk's eyes narrowed, "Are you implying sabotage?"

Lex chuckled, "I doubt any of your men would even know how to sabotage my weapons. I believe this vigilante was incredibly powerful. I want every bit of footage you have of the encounter. Consider it repayment for the damages."


Daily Bugle offices.

Clark adjusts his tie as he nervously waits outside the office of J. Jonah Jameson. A young man with a camera stepped up to the desk of Betty Brant as Jonah yelled from his office, "What's he mad about now?"

Betty shrugged, "Its all white noise to me at this point."

He looked over to Clark staring at the door, "New here?"

Clark nodded as he put out his hand, "Clark Kent, and you are?"

"Peter Parker."

Clark recognized the name, "You're the one who gets those Spider-Man pics, aren't you?"

Peter nods, "Its a living, sort of."

A reporter named Ben Urich storms out of the office as Jonah notices Peter, "Parker, get in here and bring the new guy."

Clark walked in with Peter. Clark put out his hand for Jonah but it was left hanging over the desk, "Okay new guy, you and Parker here are heading down to the docks. Some new idiot in tights busted up an attempt to rob a Lexcorp warehouse."

Robbie Robertson took Clark's hand and shook it, "Glad to have you aboard Mr. Kent. Don't worry too much about J.J."

Clark nodded, "Thank you. I'll try not to let you down."

J.J. gave Robbie a glare before continuing, "You'd better not. I gotta thousand other kids that'd be happy to take your spot if you do."

Clark stammered, "Yes, sir."

J.J. looked to Peter, "See, that's how to address your boss Parker."

Peter gave a blank stare, "Uh, huh."

Peter and Clark then walked out as Clark asked, "Is he always like that?"

"Nah, he's usually way worse. We caught him in a good mood."


Lexcorp warehouse

Clark stands looking at a door, "There's no sign of forced entry."

A detective named Michael Badilino looks over, "You notice that too?"

The detective continued, "Security guy said someone must have hacked the lock."

Clark gave an incredulous look, "Someone hacked Lexcorp security?"

"Outside of Tony Stark or Reed Richards, who's even capable of doing that?"

The detective shrugged, "Who knows. On the bright side at least the guy in the cape didn't make too much of a mess. That spider guy always leaves those goddamned webs everywhere."

Clark noticed a bit of a glare from Peter but didn't think much of it.


As the sun sets Clark sits on top a skyscraper looking down on the city when he hears someone drop down behind him. He looks back to see Spider-Man who looks surprised to see him, "Oh, hey. You're that Umm, Super Guy?"

Clark shrugged, "Its Superman."

Spider-Man chuckled, "Nice and humble."

Clark sighed, "I didn't pick it, its just what they call me."

"Hey, no judgments here. I like the cape and the s and everything."

Superman interrupted him, "Its not actually an s, its sort of a family crest."

Before he could explain there was an explosion. Spider-Man jumped up on the ledge, "They're playing our song."

(To be continued)