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Marvel Iron Age: Slingers part 3 of 4.

Continued from here part 2

Outside St. Louis, M.O. 2195

The group looked on the city walls nervously. Aside from the old man, none of them had ever been inside a city.The old man sat down on a log, "You need to be ready to run at a moments notice. The soldiers here aren't like the ones in the wilds, they have up to date tech and most likely an officer to force them to maintain it properly. They are better armed and there are more of them."

Fiddler Back packed as much ammo as he could carry as he looked to David, "You ready?"

"No, but I'm gonna do it anyway."

Black Widow put a hand on Orbweaver, "You good, Mel?"

Orbweaver narrowed her eyes, "I'm fine. Wish people would quit acting like I'm about to snap."

Widow sighed,"Yea, must suck to have a bunch of people who genuinely care about your well being. Sounds like a nightmare."

Orbweaver couldn't help but laugh at Widow's mocking tone, "I'm good, now can you shut up. We got work to do."

Funnelweb was rambling to Redback, who ignored him as he focused on the task. He cut off his team mate, "There's a sewer outlet about 50 yards from here. Looks lightly guarded, if we wait about an hour it'll be dark enough to slip in unnoticed."


The old man stayed at the transport in case they needed a speedy get away while the rest of the group moved as quickly and quietly as possible. They dodged a spotlight and made it in before the guard patrol made it back around. They walked along the tunnel for about a mile before finding their exit.

Redback pushed up a man hole cover just enough to see out, "All clear, come on."

As they made it topside the group headed out of the alley and stared in awe at the bustling city. They'd never seen so much light after sunset. Redback checked their map, "The storage facility is about 6 miles east of here. Stick to the back roads."

David nodded,"Still not sure why those Shield guys couldn't handle this themselves. Ain't they supposed to be super spies."

Redback shrugged, "You know the deal, we find the intel, they do whatever it is that makes the elders like them."


They managed to make it to their destination without incident but had to reassess when they noticed 5 Iron soldiers on guard. 4 standard and one Hunter class. Orbweaver made a psionic blade, "We can take them."

David and Fiddler looked at her and whispered in near unison, "Are you out of your damn mind?"

Widow put a hand on her shoulder, "Let's try to get around them first.They seem to be following a regular patrol route."

Redback looked to David,"You're on."

David crept along the fence for a few yards, he had to duck out of sight twice but found the least secure part of the fence unnoticed. He used a heat lance to slice open a gap without setting off any alarms and commed the team, "We have our entrance."

Fiddler Back took up roost in a tree a few yards from the fence gap to cover the team's exit in case they were discovered. The rest of the team crawled in. As they hid behind a storage unit, Redback pointed to a warehouse marked,'22', "There's the building we're looking for."

David ran ahead looking for a way in. He commed, "I need a web line. Only way in is a vent near the roof."

Orbweaver got ready to move but Redback looked to Funnelweb, "Get moving."

She gritted her teeth a bit but Widow whispered,"You'll get your chance, just relax."

After David had climbed up Funnelweb waved the rest of the team over. They darted between the buildings and followed David up the line. As they entered Redback looked at the description of the device they were looking for. Orbweaver and Widow made their way to a small office and retrieved a datapad with a manifest. As Widow thumbed through the files Orbweaver stood watch, but seemed distracted.

Widow looked up, "Comm, Redback and tell him, row 18, lot 12."

She looked off to the side with her finger in her ear, "Redback says we're clear lets move."

Across the room David noticed the girls moving, "Where are they heading?"

Redback glared toward Orbweaver as he heard a door slide open as a soldier beamed a light in,"Damn it."

Widow yanked Orbweaver into the shadows as the light nearly landed on her. As Widow crouched down Orbweaver crept toward the crate they were there to find and noticed the coded lock. As Widow arrived she glared at the lock, "He didn't send us over here did he?"

She looked up annoyed, "I can handle opening a box."

Widow shook her head, "I'm getting David over here."

Orbweaver then made a psionic blade and cut open the box, "See, I can..."

She was cut off by the alarm going off. Fiddler Back called Redback, "What the hell just happened?"

"Your sister. Hold your position."

The guards descended on the warehouse as the one inside rounded the corner and spotted Widow and Orbweaver. He charged his repulser and took aim at Orbweaver. Widow shoved her down but took the full blast. It ripped through her chest. As Orbweaver shrieked Redback ran to them. He slammed into the soldier catching him off guard as he slung him to the floor.

He bashed in the helmet killing the man as 3 others arrived. Funnelweb caught them in a trap that allowed David to deactivate their power cells locking them in their now useless armor. Redback looked down horrified at Widow's body but he threw her over his shoulder and ordered Orbweaver, "Move, now."

As they exited the building the Hunter arrived. He didn't hesitate to blast Funnelweb in the gut. Redback put Widow's body down to attempt to help. David tried to pull Funnelweb away but took a hard kick to the leg shattering it. Redback took a blast as he moved infront of them. He grabbed the Hunter's gauntlets and managed to turn his repulsers back on him as he fired again. He then looked back to Widow and then to his two immobile teammates. He put David and Funnelweb over his shoulders and yelled back to Orbweaver, "Time to go."

Orbweaver looked horrified, "We can't just leave her."

"If we take her we die too."

As they escaped Fiddler Back hit the ground running. They jumped down the first manhole cover they found and fled toward the outlet. As they made it back to the transport Redback put David into a seat and then moved to do the same with Funnelweb before noticing his body was cold. The old man felt for a pulse but pulled back when he realized the boy was dead.

He then noticed blood streaming down Redback's body. He looked to Fiddler Back and Orbweaver, "Get the kit, Now."

After the big man had been bandaged they loaded into the transport and hurried toward the nearest Spider camp.

(To be concluded.)