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Marvel Iron Age: Nemesis part 1

Continued from here Masters Vol.2 part 11


Thrud toured her new kingdom when she came across an area where no demonic punishment was going on. She turned to her guide, "What is this place."

The guide looked on, "This is where we kept Sinister's sacrifices, most don't belong here. They suffer from the environment but most of us prefer to torture those who deserve to be here."

She nodded, "Release them, let them go where they belong."

They watched as all the souls flew into the sky. Only one remained, he lied chained to a rock despite having no arms or legs,"What of that one?"

"He's a special case, not dead. He just doesn't age here. It was part of a deal the ruler of the Iron army had with Hellstorm."

"What could a man have done to that beast to deserve this?"

The demon shrugged, "Don't know, didn't ask."

As she approached and saw him it dawned on her why Stryfe would hate him so. She leaned down as he glared up at her, "Would you like to help me take vengeance on the one who did this to you?"

He nodded, "More than you could imagine."


Doomstadt, New Latveria

Queen Carol walked into the throne room and saw a massive pile of gifts. She looked over to a servant, "What the hell is this?"

A Sheild agent stepped up, "You've never been here for Doom's Day?"

She stared blankly as the Agent continued, "Its Dr. Doom's birthday, he turned it into a national holiday. We missed it last year because the place was being blown up so they went all out this year."

"Dead men don't need birthday presents."

The agent chuckled a bit, "Ah come on, it was the one day a year where Doom actually acted like a human being. He had a big opening ceremony and threw a party for everyone who shows. Maybe if you go with it would help them see you as the real heir of Doom and stop hassling you."

She sighed, "I don't have time."

The servant stepped forward, "All preparations have been made my Queen. You will have to do no more than open the first few gifts from the pile and express you appreciation."

She shrugged, "Doom did this?"

The agent nodded, "It freaked me out, he usually seemed downright jolly at the few ceremonies I went to."

A messenger then entered with a red envelop, "A message for you, my Queen."

She opened it and rolled her eyes at the Doom's Day greeting card she then flipped it open,'From one Queen to another, I give a weapon most effective. It arrives tonight.'

She looked to the messenger, "Who sent this?"

He shrugged, "Some monstrous looking creature, I assume he was from the DMZ."

"Does the DMZ have a Queen?"

The agent shrugged, "Maybe. I don't know."


Chicago Iron Hall

The Supreme Commander paced across the room as one of his mystic advisers spoke, "I'm sorry sir, all demons are forbidden to aid you in any way, this does reduce your mystical protection but we can..."

The man then hit the floor as Stryfe turned to see Mephisto leaning over the desk with the adviser's broken neck in his hand, "Sorry, I had to kill someone and he was closer."

Stryfe glared, "I was under the impression you would help me."

"Intended to but Hell got a new Queen and the b**ch isn't messing around."

He then grinned, "How about a peace offering, you need help with magic, I excel in the area. I offer my services, oh and this."

He snapped his fingers and the Destroyer appeared before them, "I assume you could find some use for it."


Doomstadt, New Latveria

Queen Carol sat on a platform in front of her people and was to her surprise actually enjoying herself. She found it nice to be cheered for once as she opened a stack of gifts that were increasingly ridiculous. It occurred to her that either this was proof Doom had a sense of humor or his loyal people were pranking her.

Suddenly the crowd went silent as a massive black metal box appeared in the middle of them. She walked down to look it over and noticed a small demonic figure giving a bow, "A gift from my Queen Thrud to aid you against the Iron menace that plagues you so."

The creature disappeared in a puff of brimstone and the front of the box fell open to reveal the angry man inside. Carol's eyes went wide at the sight."

(To be continued)