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Marvel Iron Age: Masters Vol.2 part 11

Continued from here part 10

The field looked on Zemo in the Destroyer armor as he raised a hand toward Mephisto, who stood with a foot on Lash's chest. He fired a shot, the demon stood firm without even flinching, "You're aim is a bit off."

Zemo grinned, "Just working out the kinks."

He then walked forward swatting away the demons in his path as Mephisto calmly strolled toward him. As the two met Zemo threw several punches as Mephisto casually dodged him, "You're suit doesn't seem to be obeying very well."

The face plate closed as Zemo became frustrated, "Odin fought Celestials with this, I can handle you."

Mephisto chuckled, "The difference here, he was Odin, while you're just an uppity monkey with delusions of grandeur."

Zemo was getting angry, "Enough!"

He threw several wild shots when Mephisto noticed the armor beginning to glow, "You're about to have a bad day, Baron."

Zemo then felt the suit getting hot. He saw the energy glowing all around him. He then began to scream and was forced to leave the suit. He fell out covered in flame as the Destroyer let out a blast that barely missed him and Mephisto and shredded the ranks of the demons.

Zemo rolled screaming in the snow. Callous cut through his attackers to get to him. He threw more snow on to put out the last flames. Mephisto waited for the energy to dissipate and then stepped into the armor, "Oh this will do nicely."

He raised the arms and closed the face plate before letting loose a powerful blast of energy killing off most of the demons. He then shouted to Chthon, "Sorry, they were competition."

As the elder god was distracted Cyttorak and Warstar both trapped him in the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak as Agent Sterns went for the pouch on Chthon's belt were he'd put the book. The elder god gave an annoyed look as he ripped free and grabbed the human by the throat, "I have had enough of this." Juggernaut hit him from the side as Warstar attacked from above. With this happening he didn't even notice as Quartermain slipped in to snatch the book.

Sterns hit the ground and looked to Quartermain who gave a nod as they ran from the encounter. Magni, Thrud and Bill now stood among Zemo's team as Mephisto looked down on them in the destroyer armor, "Lets give this thing a proper test drive."

He moved for Bill but Magni slammed his hammer into his back sending him stumbling a bit as Bill smasher Stormbreaker across the helmet dropping him to the ground as Thrud attempted to strike with the trident. He swatted her away but his arm was caught by a root springing up from the ground.

He looked over to see Murmur with her hand on the ground in the center of a mystic symbol. She placed another down causing the roots to engulf his entire body. Arson let out a huge blast of flame hoping to melt down the armor while Lash used his tendrils to try to force it open and drag the demon out.

Mephisto became annoyed and ripped himself free but Bill and Magni both brought down lightning on him. When he finally made it to his feet he snacthed up Bill by the throat and slammed him to the ground as Magni leaped to strike with Mjiolnir. Mephisto swatted him away. Thrud then stabbed into the armor with her trident managing to pierce the demon's stomach. He pushed her away but Lash took advantage and wedged a tendril through the hole in the armor and stabbed into him. He looked to Thrud, "I'll be coming back for my throne."

He then blasted Lash away and teleported away with a spell. Chthon was now alone on the field against his enemies. He looked down and noticed the Darkhold was missing. He turned to see Quartermain handing the book to Warstar. As the elder god went for them Murmur redirected her root spell to him. It slowed him just enough for the Juggernaut to tackle him to the ground.

Warstar seemed to be able to instinctively read the language of the book as he found the page. Juggernaut was hurled off as Callous tried in vain to take the god back down. Bill, Magni and Thrud all blasted him with lightning and dark energy but the furious elder threw it back at them sending them crashing to the ground. The whole group tried and failed to stop him until Agent Fry stood alone between him and Warstar. Fry sighed, "Well, we all gotta die some time."

He then punched the elder god with all his might. He didn't even turn his head from the shot before swatting Fry through a nearby tree. Quartermain stepped out with his gun drawn but his hand was shaking as the god moved to knock him down. As he went to hit him his hand passed through him. He stepped back and roared in anger as he was enveloped in dark energy.

Zemo's team then stood glaring at the others but Callous roared to them, "We need to get Zemo some help."

A pair of transports lowered as Tinkerer rushed out and helped get Zemo in a bed. Lash hopped on board with Cutthroat as the rest went along with Zemo.

Fry staggered up to Warstar, "Any chance you can get us a ride home?"

Warstar looked to Thrud, "What are you planning on doing?"

She stood up straight, "I intend to go claim my new kingdom."

Magni looked stunned, "What in Odin's name do you mean? You are no Queen of Hell."

She gritted her teeth, "I'm going to forgive that once, because you are my brother. From this point on I decide my destiny."

She then disappeared in a puff of brimstone.

Warstar sighed, "It's time to leave."


An island in the south Pacific.

A woman stood at the entrance of a hidden Hydra base waiting on Zemo and his crew. Her name is Claudia Von Strucker, a friend of Zemo's since childhood though she wanted more. As the transports landed the team was surprised to see many people come up to help them unload. Tinkerer stepped out and gave her a nod, "Baroness, we need immediate medical attention."

She shouted for medics as she quickly made it to Zemo's side, "What happened?"

Zemo covered his face with his hands as she approached, "I failed."


A few hours later Zemo was wheeled out as Von Strucker knelled down beside him, "You had a minor set back its true, but I have done what you asked."

She pointed to hundreds of men in green uniforms and raised her hand as they shouted in unison, "Hail Hydra."

She smiled brightly, "I've built an army for you."

He put his bandaged hand on her's, "I'm unworthy of your affection."

Her smile faded, "You are the only one worthy of it."

Lash and Cutthroat stood watching, "So are we official members now."

Lash nodded, "Zemo says we are, and I have a suspicion that may as well be the word of god here."

"Well, god doesn't look too happy at the moment."

Lash gave a shrug as he noticed Callous walking up, "Gear up, we have a head to collect."

(To be continued)