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Marvel Iron Age: Hardy, Creed and Cage part 1 of 3

Continued from here H and C v2 part 12 and here Cage, the Fist part 9

Farmington, New Mexico

Agent Walker sat outside the remains of an old high school in the abandoned town, she was speaking to a Shield agent on a holo-phone giving her report. As she finished Raven looked down to her, "So basically your job is to tell Shield what they're up to? Like a gossip columnist for the broke and aimless?"

Walker looked up, "Have you seen the type of things that happen when nobody pays attention to those 2? They took down the Bifrost cannon, fought in Asgard and against Thanos, 7 even helped resettle the Savage Land. I was with them for less than 24 hours when thanks to you they stumbled across a damn Cosmic cube. Can you think of anyone more in need of a babysitter?"

Raven nodded, "Fair points. So, what are we doing here?"

Walker shrugged, "Spider business, I guess."


David and 7 sat a few yards away from the women.7 spoke as he fiddled with his gauntlet, "Who are we meeting?"

David looked at the message on his holo-phone, "A couple of folks my buddy Dennis asked me to look out for. Apparently one of them is The Iron Fist, whatever that is."

7 dropped his arms and stared incredulously at David, "You don't know what the Iron Fist is? Do you Spiders pay attention to any history that doesn't have a web attached to it?"

David shrugged, "I'm sure some do."


3 miles outside Farmington, New Mexico

Tiffany drove as Curtis nodded off in the passenger seat. She swatted him in the back of the head, "You're supposed to be navigating."

He lifted his holo-phone, "Holly, how close are we to our destination now?"

A sultry feminine voice came from the phone,"2.5 miles."

Tiffany gave Curtis a hateful look, "Did you have to set it to porn voice?"

"Its called, femme fatale."

She glared back to the road and muttered to herself, "Could have let someone else come with him, but No, just had to come watch my nitwit little brother."

"You know I can hear you right?"


Lake Tahoe

General Balain stood over looking the remains of the camp which was Curtis' last known whereabouts.Lt. Marcum looked over as he heard a hover bike coming to a stop, "Scalphunter's little gift has arrived."

Balain nodded, "What'd he say to call her?"

"Red Widow."

Balain turned to see her and noticed several small human-like creatures less than 5 inches tall with insect like wings fluttering around Red Widow, "What are those?"

"Apparently Scalphunter had Essex make them for her a while back. I'm told he called it a graduation present. She calls them her pixies."

Red Widow walked to the general, ignoring the Lieutenant, "This was his last known location?"

Balain nodded, "I didn't get the chance to do a thorough check, aside from the werewolves, the Supreme Commander had a mass of red tape waiting for me at home."

Red Widow looked to a pixie standing in her hand as she asked,"Do anything you know his energy touched?"

Balain lifted a bit of scrap armor, "He shattered this with it."

The pixie fluttered over it, memorizing the energy signature. Red Widow then leaned down and ordered, "Find him."

The pixies darted away as Red Widow hopped on her hover bike. Balain started to lift off but Widow glared, "I need no assistance."

Balain walked over and stared down with a smirk, "You're assisting me, if you don't like that you can go back to picking up Gerald's scraps."

Red Widow stood forming a psionic blade and holding it to Balain's throat, "You aren't allowed to call him that."

Balain didn't flinch as the smirk turned into a full grin, "I starking dare you."

The two stared into eachother's eyes for a moment but Widow backed down. Balain then turned to Lt. Marcum,"You're back on desk duty."

Marcum nodded as the general and the assassin followed the pixies.


As the truck stopped Tiffany looked to 7 nervously, "Is that thing tame?"

Curtis looked out, "Looks like it."

They got out of the truck. David came up and gave Curtis a friendly hand shake, "Fiddler Back sent us."

7 was still working on his gauntlet but looked up to Tiffany, "No,I'm not tame, but I have great hearing."

She seemed shocked that he could speak. David cleared his throat, "I'm David Hardy, the grumpy cat is 7, over there we have Shield agent, Beth Walker and Raven is the blue one."

Tiffany looked around, "Where's your transport?"

7 tossed them armbands, "Put these on."

They did as instructed and 7 spoke, "Bodyslide by 6."


Dodge City, Kansas

The group appeared just outside the town. Tiffany looked over, "What just happened?"

Curtis looked amazed, "I think we just teleported."

Tiffany looked to David, "How'd you do that?"

"I didn't, 7 fixed up some teleporters so now we can pretty much hop where ever we need to be."

She gave an almost condescending grin, "That's awful nice of you."

7 looked to David, "If she keeps talking at me like I'm a dog, I will maul her."

Curtis chuckled as David grinned, "He takes some getting used to."

7 marched past them but halted at the site of many charred corpses of former goblins, "I think I know why we're here."

The group stepped up beside him as he looked on the man shaped pile of swamp mess stood up before them.David asked nervously, "What the Stark is that?"

7 knew vaguely of this creature, "Its the Man-Thing."

They then turned to see Curtis and David giggling at the name. Walker rubbed her temple with a sigh, "Oh, god, now there's two of them."

(To be continued)