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Marvel Iron Age: Hardy and Creed vol.2 part 14

Contnued from here Chapter 13

Many years ago

A young girl sits terrified as the assassin known as Scalphunter flips over the bed she hid under. Her mother laid on the floor, her throat slashed open as he looks down and smiles, "Ahh, kiddo. Under the bed? Really? Its just a bit cliche'."

He twirls his sword in one hand and holds a gun in the other, "Eeny, meany, miney, mo, catch a spider by the..."

He stops as a blade erupts from his chest and looks back, "Jeez, Gumi, You're just so damned impatient."

The woman behind him twisted the blade and ripped it out as Scalphunter swung his toward her neck. Nugumi Takada dodged but Scalphunter shot her in the hip then aimed at her head. He was stopped as a chair was slammed into his head by the frightened girl.

He fell to the floor and turned the gun to the girl. A woman seemed to appear from the shadows and kicked him hard in the face. She then grabbed Ngumi and the girl and pulled them into the shadows to escape. When they arrived at a camp the woman called Sable looked down on the girl, "You got a name, kid?"

The girl nodded, "Its Beth."



Walker arrives at a Goblin camp along with David and 7. She stared at the contorted faces of the goblins who'd apparently died screaming as stone ripped from their flesh, "What the stark happened here?"

7 leaned down and looked curiously at rock fused with organic tissue, "Seems like someone created these stones inside them. It was not a quick death."

David leaned down, "Do we know anyone who's a capable of that?"

7 shrugged, "A few but most of them would require time to pull it off, this looks like it happened quickly and without any kind of fight."

7 was then distracted by the scanner on his gauntlet. Walker looked to him, "What is it?"

He pulled up a holo-screen, "A temporal disturbance."

"A what?"

He sighed, "A time traveler was here."

David looked over, "Doesn't seem like the Traveler's style."

"Readings aren't strong enough for him."


Mutant resistance camp

A tall, slender man appears in a flash of light among the inhabitants. He pulled a communication device from his belt, "Zephyr to Command, contact imminent."

He turned to look on the leader of the camp, "Are you the one called Exodus?"

The man nodded but then felt his breath leave him. He fell over and began to panic as he tried to breath but no air would come. As he lost consciousness he reverted to the natural form of the shape shifting mutant who was impersonating Exodus. Zephyr sighed, "Zephyr to Command, He used a decoy. I'll report back when I find him."

The camp of angry mutants rushed toward Zephyr but a strange blast of wind stopped them. The wind shredded them like a mass of blades. Zephyr then rose into the air and was gone.


Iron Army outpost

The man called Stonework walks up to several armored soldiers, "I require transport."

One of the men chuckled as he raised a repulser, "I-Dent, now."

Stonework gave him a cold look, "Metal is nothing more than refined stone."

He then clinched his fist causing the armors to crush down killing the soldiers inside as he walked to their troop transport.


Back at the Goblin camp 7 and David finish their search for any supplies they found useful as Beth pulls up, "Found a gassed up truck, If you boys are done I'd like to get the hell out of here before Krangs catch the scent of whats left of the goblins.


As Stonework drove the transport toward his objective air coalesced into the form of a man. Stonework looked over, "I see the mission has been further complicated."

Zephyr dropped down into the co pilot seat, "A hello wouldn't be too difficult."

Stonework sighed and rolled his eyes, "Hello. Why are you here?"

I was side tracked by a decoy so I was ordered to rendezvous with you, the rest of the team have yet to arrive because of the interference present in this era. It staggered us a bit."


As David slept 7 and Beth drove along listening to music when suddenly 7 told her to stop. He hopped out of the truck and followed the scent of blood to a mutant resistance camp. He looked down on the shredded remains of the people at the camp. Beth came up behind him and looked on in horror.

(To be continued)