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Marvel Iron Age: Hardy and Creed vol. 2 part 9

Continued from here part 8

Nation of the Plains.

7 walked up to several armed men, "I need to find Warstar. Is he around?"

Raven turned to David, "Who's Warstar?"

"A wizard or something. Haven't really met him, we were just told he's the guy to talk to when you have something weird to deal with."

One of the guards looked to the group, "We know of Hardy and the Shield agent but who's the blue girl?"

7 looked back, "A thief, if she moves before I get back feel free to shoot her."


7 entered a large room with several artifacts. The spirit form of Warstar appeared, "Sorry I'm a bit busy so I couldn't meet you in person. What can I help you with?"

7 pulled out the Cosmic cube, "I took this from a thief, I was hoping someone like you would know what to do with it."

Warstar looked on the cube, "What is it?"

"Its a cosmic cube. It has the power to make any wish reality, regardless of the consequences. In the wrong hands, its possibly one of the most dangerous items on this planet."

"Where did the thief find it?"

"She stole it from Zemo."

Warstar sighed, "Well thank god for small favors. I don't even want to think what he'd have done with it."

"Can you take it or not?"

Warstar nodded as a lock box flipped open on the table, "It should be safe there for now."

7 put the cube in the box then locked it, "Can I trust you not to use it?"

Warstar looked curious, "Why wouldn't you want it used, we could wipe out the Iron Army with a thought, make it so none of this ever happened if we wanted?"

7 nodded, "And can you be certain it wouldn't cause something worse to happen? No good ever comes from absolute power."


San Francisco

Lash held a frightened balck market fence from the roof of his shop with a tendril as Claudia stood on the street asking questions, "We know she called you, did she make the sale or not?"

The man was crying as he answered, "She never showed, I swear. I didn't even know she was in town yet."

Cutthroat looked the man over, "Seems to be telling the truth."

He then grabbed the man's hair and pulled him over, "Happen to know her real name?"

"Raven, her real name is Raven. Shes some kind of mutant or something, can camouflage herself."

Claudia looked up to Lash who was listening to a comm as he held the man, "We're done here."

Lash dropped the man on the pavement as Cutthroat shot him. He then jumped down beside them, "Tinkerer says she made one other call, not sure who it was but the phone she called is currently in Arizona."


Nation of the Plains

7 walked past the group, "The cube is secure, we're done here."

He cast a glare on Raven then looked to David, "We're leaving."

As they walked Raven grabbed 7 to turn, "That's it, what's your problem? I know I've caused you problems but what gives you the right to look down on me like that?"

7 looked back, "Stalker unit Raven, they were the most proficient spies Sinister ever created. They never disappointed or disobeyed until one was born defective. She couldn't shape shift like the rest, all she could do was alter her colors. She was ordered to be destroyed but the Ravens decided against it and ran. A whole unit stood up to Sinister and ended up sacrificing themselves, and how did you repay that debt, thief?"

Raven stammered, "How did you know?"

He glared down, "I personally killed the last of them, I regret what I did in the service of that monster but you owed them better."

David and Walker stood quietly staring at their feet as 7 marched on.


Several hours later the group sat by a fire. They'd been mostly quiet for a while until Raven noticed David's book, "You know that's banned right, you could probably get ten years just for reading that."

Walker gave a confused look, "Why would a travel book be banned?"

Raven and David gave an incredulous look as David asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Its called a Hitchhiker's guide right?"

He tossed her the worn copy, "You need this more than I do."

She looked down on the full title, "So is this like sci fi or something?"

David shook his head, "We live in such a sad world."

7 hopped up at a familiar scent, "Grab your gear we need to move."

David was about to ask why but was interrupted. Claudia walked up, "I've been hoping to skin this cat for some time now."

Lash stepped beside her, "Stand in line lady."

Raven moved to escape but Cutthroat stood in her way, "Ahh, don't leave. We just got here."

7 quickly yelled, "Body slide by 4."

Cutthroat launched a spike that hit David's armband just before they vanished.

7, Walker and Raven found themselves back at their most recent teleportation site.

David found himself alone with Lash, Cutthroat and Claudia as he looked down on the smashed armband, "Ah damnit."

(To be continued)