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Marvel Iron Age: Hardy and Creed vol. 2 part 15

Continued from here part 14

Many years ago, Annapolis Maryland

Sinister had a condescending grin as Stryfe looked on angrily, "What do you mean, the girl is gone?"

"The Ravens released many test subjects as a distraction in their escape. Apparently some mutant took the child along with her."

Stryfe nearly roared, "Do you have any idea what this means?!"

Sinister nodded, "It means you've lost your bargaining chip and your little empire now has an expiration date. I assure you the very instant Kang learns to break that barrier, and he most certainly will, it will be hell and that little girl was your only contingency plan."

Stryfe raised his fist to punch Sinister. The doctor's glare stopped him as he dropped his arm and sighed, "Do we at least have a name for the mutant that took her, or what they looked like?"

Sinister shrugged, "I don't look at them, ask one of my rats, they may have seen one that was particularly attached. Now I have work to do, so if you don't mind..."

Stryfe's glare returned as he stormed out.


Hours later several miles away a woman named Janet Walker hides in a cave hushing an infant girl, "Shh, shh, its okay, everything's gonna be okay now."

As the baby played with her hair the woman wondered aloud to the tired man lying off to the side,"What should I call her?"

He shrugged, "Why don't you name her after mom?"

She held up the baby,"How would you like to be Elisabeth Walker? Huh,would you like that?"

The baby seemed to smile.



7 stood scanning the area as David asked, "Was it the same guy?"

The creed shook his head, "Its the same energy signature but the victims were killed in an entirely different manner, maybe a telekinetic?"

David looked around, "These guys look like shredded beef."

He then looked around, "Were'd Walker go?"

7 pointed over the hill, "She's making a report to her superiors."

Beth sits with her holo-phone talking to Shield agent Max Quartermain, "I don't know what the hell is going on here. 7 says they're time travelers and probably using the same or similar means of transport but they're vicious if the two scenes are any indication."

Max sighs, "Well at least they've only hit the bad guys so far."

An alert siren then rang out. She perked up,"What's that?"

He looked over, "Apparently someone is taking a run at Castle Doom."


Castle Doom, throne room

A woman stands before the throne, "Where is your queen?"

The soldier looked on uncomfortable at the woman. Her skin and hair looked almost porcelain and she looked on with black doll's eyes. Her mouth remained motionless as she spoke in an icy tone.

A voice came from behind her, "She's busy right now, make an appointment."

She turned to see the man once known as Cable, "I can wait, I have all the time in the world."

Cable tightened his fist, "What do you intend to do when she gets here?"

"I will incinerate her."

Fire then seemed to erupt around the woman and rush toward Cable. He threw up a telekenetic shield to stop it but she appeared beside him and grabbed him by the throat. She then hurled him into a wall and called down more flame. He shot out a blast of telekenetic energy that knocked away the flame and hurled her away.

As she stood Cable noticed her was holding her porcelain like face with a crack in it. Fire seemed to be pouring from the empty space her face once occupied. He looked around the room giving a quick count of its occupants, "Body slide by 8."

Cable along with the guards from the throne room found themselves in the court yard. Cable moved to reenter but the roof over the throne room exploded as a humanoid creature made of fire ripped into the sky dragging the porcelain like body suit behind.

As she landed she poured back into the suit and replaced the cracked mask. She then grabbed a device on her belt. "Ember to command, Danvers was off site. My masked was cracked."

She waited for a moment then heard a reply, "Rendezvous with Zephyr and Stonework asap."

She nodded as she ran her fingers across the crack in her mask, "I require coordinates."


David drove as Walker slept, leaning on 7 in the seat. 7 was looking curiously at his scanner to monitor possible Iron soldier activity. David looked over, "What is it?"

"I'm seeing live arc reactors about a quarter of a mile from here but no life signs."

David sighed as slowed, "Which way?"

7 pointed left as David continued, "One of these days your curiosity is gonna kill me."

They drove for a few minutes before stopping. David hopped out as 7 gently laid Walker down in the seat trying not to wake her. David considered it an odd sight but put it out of his mind as they walked on.

7 looked down on several soldiers crushed inside their own armors. He leaned down and yanked out their arcs, "Waste not, want not."

David looked them over, "Let me guess, time traveler?"

7 nodded, "No temporal disturbance but the boot prints over there match some from the goblin camp and there is a similar scent around the place. Stands to reason that its the same man. Seems to have taken a transport meaning we can track them."

David's head dropped, "We're following them, aren't we."


What appeared to be a comet crashed down in front of the transport being used by Zephyr and Stonework. They pulled over as Ember walked around to the entrance hatch. Stonework stood to greet her but looked on her mask, "Who has scarred my work?"

She handed him the mask, "A man in Doom's armor tho I suspect not Doom himself."

Zephyr nodded, "Doom has been dead for a while at this point in time."

Stonework waved his hand over the mask to repair it and handed it back to Ember, "I'll have to have a talk with this man."

Zephyr rolled his eyes, "Always so touchy about your work."

Ember placed a hand on Stonework's face causing him a twinge of pain from the heat as she spoke, "All in due time."

He grinned, "Of course."

(To be continued)