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Marvel Iron Age: Hardy and Creed vol. 2 part 10

Continued from here part 9

Ferrum R&D New York

Scalphunter entered a small lab were a scientist in his early 30s approached, "Do you know why we still use cars and trains and all those other modes of transport way less efficient than teleportation?"

Scalphunter gave a shrug as the scientist held up a new person teleportation device, "Because these things are a pain in the ass to make and maintain, not to mention expensive. The chairman says if you break another one you have to start paying for them."

"Sometimes the job gets rough on the equipment."

The scientist named Wayne Murphy gave a wary look, "How'd you break it this time?"

He took a dramatic stance, "For science."

"You teleported an elephant into Toomes' apartment. What possible why does that count as science?"

"I don't know, but it was funny as hell."

Wayne sighed, "I also finished your tracker. Basically it just tracks the Titan tech Cain is loaded down with, as long as you stay away from those bugs in the Savage Land he should stick out like a sore thumb."

Scalphunter took the device, "And the healing factor blocker?"

"Won't be an issue, whatever Sinister did to fix you up it held up well."


Arizona dessert

David looked on nervous as he readied for a fight but a tendril caught him. After a flash of electricity David was out. Cutthroat gave a curious look, "He's still breathing."

Lash nodded, "Wouldn't be much use as bait otherwise, not to mention what he knows about Shield and the Spiders. Could be a well spring of info, and I'm betting that suit could fetch a decent price."

Claudia was setting her teleportation device, "Leave a message, make sure he brings the thief."

Cutthroat turns, "What about the cube?"

"Considering where we are, there are good odds the cat left it with the Sorcerer and we aren't prepared for that battle. So I'll just have to settle for killing him and bringing that little thief to my love so he can make an example of her."


7 along with Walker and Raven arrived where they'd left David but they were gone. Walker found David's gun laying by a message from Lash carved in the ground, 'Come find me and bring the thief.'

7 shook with rage. Walker and Raven started to back away as a light flashed in front of 7. Scalphunter looked at a device as he turned to see 7 who roared at the sight of the assassin, "Breath mints."

He then dodged as the angry Creed lunged at him. He then pulled a sword, "Hey, I know you right?"

7 pulled out his adamantium knife and slashed toward Scalphunter who sidestepped, "You damned Creeds have no manners."

He then slammed the butt of his sword into 7's head and drove a knee into his gut then shoved him to the ground. As he raised his sword to take 7's head Walker moved to tackle him but he caught her and flipped her to the ground, "Now, now, wait your turn little lady."

7 was up again with a somewhat clearer head. He fired up a repulser as Scalphunter turned back and blasted the assassin. Scalphunter was hurled back. He looked down at the hole in his chest, "My dry cleaner is gonna be pissed."

As he started to rise 7 was over him. He grabbed his throat and pushed him back down, "How did you find us?"

Scalphunter coughed out, "I wasn't looking for you, I was following Morty."

"Who's Morty?"

"He calls himself Cutthroat."

7 gave a wary look, "You can track him?"

Scalphunter nodded as he pulled a gun and shot him in the knee cap thinking the pain would force the Creed to let go. 7 responded by grunting a bit and knocking the gun away. Scalphunter then pulled a knife and stuck it in 7's neck and broke free.

As he moved to pull himself up Walker kicked him in the face. He grabbed her by the ankle and slammed her to the ground and moved to finish her but 7 had his hand around his throat again, this time with his palm repulser charged, "Move again I'll fire, at this range it'll rip your damn head off. Can you heal from that?"

Scalphunter dropped his knife, "How about we make a deal?"

(To be continued)