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Marvel Iron Age 2.0: Spider-Man part 5

Continued from here part 4

The ruins of Denver Colorado, Goblin Grind.

An old man with a goblin mask hanging from his belt stands in the middle of a make-shift arena that had once been a football stadium. He listens to the cheers for a moment before raising a hand to silence them and brings up a microphone, "We will attend to your entertainment in a moment, first I must make an announcement. I'm too old for this crap anymore so I'm heading to the kingdom down in Florida so today we're here to see which one of you scum has what it takes to take my place."

He then pulls out a vile from his pocket and raises it into the air, "So which one of these contenders can take the Green."

As he finishes several burly men walk out ready to fight. Before the gate closes a man much smaller than the rest steps in with a cocky smile. His name is James Macendale. James had spent the last few hours antagonizing his opponents so when they stepped out on the sand they all turned on him immediately deciding to face each other after killing him.

As they charged James made no move to escape just stood smiling until he saw them all standing close enough together then tossed out a small object. One of the men looked down just in time to recognize the pumpkin bomb as it went off instantly killing them all.

The crowd went silent as the old man came up to James. He smiled and shouted to the crowd, "That is a true Goblin folks."

He then slid the goblin mask on James' head and raised his hand in victory.



Ben shakes his head as David pulls up a manhole cover. David looks to Ben, "We can't all spin webs."

"You could pick up a web shooter."

David nods, "Yea, but without the spider strength a good swing would rip my arm out of socket."

"Good point, but it doesn't mean I have to like the sewer."

"Most don't."

Creed 7 looked at them confused but slightly amused as he stood watching to make sure they weren't spotted. As they dropped down Ben asked, "You think there are gators in here?"

David laughed, "Of course not, the Krangs ate them."

Creed 7 got an almost wistful look. Ben looked back, "You hoping to see a krang?"

"No, I'm hoping to fight one."

Ben and David stopped and stared at him for a moment in disbelief but David shrugged, "If one pops up, he's all yours."

"Thank you."


They wandered through the sewer for about an hour noticing new grates over all the formerly well known exits before setting down to check for alternate routes. Ben looked to David, "We need to go top side."

"Its broad day light, we'll get spotted in a minute, if not by a patrolmen then a monitor drone."

Ben sighed, "We need to keep moving, its the only option."


Lieutenant Carla Guerrero stood in the Iron hall waiting for her upgraded armor to arrive, she'd payed for some non standard add ons out of her own pocket and was eager to see what she could do with it.


Her superior, Col. Stan Winchester entered as she finished putting it on, "Looks a little light."

"That's the idea, I figure if you want to catch a spider you should be able to move like one. This has better range of motion. Also I added a new weapon."

She then shot out a hard light web, "This and the shield generator cost me 3 months pay."

He nodded, "I was wondering how you planned to compensate for durability. Well, looks like you were right about the Creed, you and your team are back on the Spider, if you happen to spot the monster they turned loose on him shoot on sight."

"No problem boss."


Near the Hudson river

David, Ben and 7 quietly crept through a docking bay hoping to spot a ferry they could stow away on. Unfortunately all they could find was a garbage scow but before they could get to it 7 and Ben both stopped in their tracks and dragged a confused David back into the shadows as several soldiers blocked their path. 7 looked to Ben, "Distract them."

Ben then jumped high in the air and shot both soldiers with webs and slammed them into each other causing them to turn on him. 7 climbed up to the top of a large storage unit and waited. Ben swung past his position followed quickly by the soldiers. 7 dropped down on their backs and tore open maintenance ports on their armor. Suddenly they dropped like stones and lay motionless on the ground.

David peeked from around a corner, "Are they dead?"

"They should be fine so long as they're found within the hour."

Ben landed behind him, "What'd you do?"

"I put them in quarantine mode."

The three stared down on the soldiers as 7 quickly explained how to do it for future reference and heard the soldiers yelling at their on board computers, "Disable quarantine!"

The computers just kept repeating, "Negative."

David then saw the scow ready to leave, "Our ride's leaving, Ben, its been fun but me and the fur ball gotta go."

7 looked to Ben, "Thank you for your help, I am in your debt."

"Just doing my job."


Iron army monitoring post 476, near Dallas, TX

Kaine Reilly slid on his mask as his sister, the new Scarlet Spider stood beside him just outside the station, "I didn't ask for this you know."

Kaine nodded, "I never accused you of it."

"You didn't have to, you've been pissed ever since I got the suit. Actually no, its been since Ben got his suit. That's it isn't it, you never wanted this suit any more than I did."

Kaine sighed, "I was a better choice than him, he's barely got two years training. I have been working for it since I was 10."

"You want to know why you didn't get it?"

Kaine chuckled, "Enlighten me oh wise one."

"Cause Spider-Man can't be pissed off all the time and you were born mad."

He gave her a wary look, "Can we get to work now."

"If we must. You take the guards, I got the towers."

He then popped his knuckles, "Sounds fair to me."

He then began forming a web with the spinnerets in his wrists as he ran toward the guard stand. He stopped just out of sight to prepare and moved when he was ready. He took to a tree and fired off several balls of webbing that made two soldiers come running. One got stuck in a large web spun between several trees set in a way that made them tie him up more and more as he struggled against it. The second soldier attempted to help his comrade but cloths-lined himself on another of Kaine's webs.

He then dropped down and removed the arcs from their chests leaving them trapped and unable to report in. He then moved on to the remaining two. As one walked toward the location of the downed guards Kaine caught him with a strand of web and yanked him back while he jumped up and slammed is feet into the soldier's chest with enough force to cave in his armor making it difficult for him to breathe. He passed out within seconds.

The last of the soldiers assumed he'd caught Kaine off guard but he had been warned by his spider sense and choose to play possum. When the soldier grabbed him Kaine spun around and planted a small explosive on his chest. The explosion rendered shot the soldier away causing him to crash into a tree smashing his armor.

Kaine then hit his comm, "How we doing with the towers?"

Karen commed back, "Be done in a second."

Suddenly she landed behind him. He didn't turn, "Kind of anti-climactic."

She smiled, "Wait for it."

The towers then exploded and sent out a loud shock wave. She then chuckled, "How's that?"

"Wonderful now lets get the hell out of here before the soldier's who heard that show up."

(To be continued)