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Marvel Iron Age 2.0 Spider-man part 3

continued from here part 2


Spider-man looks on confused as the Creed stops to examine the control chip torn free of his body. Before their fight can continue five Iron soldiers appear over the roof. One orders, "Grab them."

The Creed stepped back for a moment to let the soldiers take Spider-man but one turned on him with a repulser ready to fire. Ben noticed the confusion on the Creed's face and realized what happened. He shot out a web that caught the soldier's arm before he could fire on the Creed. Another shot the web but the first had still missed his shot. Before he could react the Creed grabbed his arm as he pulled out the adamantium blade Essex had given him. He sliced off the arm with ease then ripped the power source free from the chest plate.

Ben stood on the ledge about to escape as the soldiers turned to the Creed but something stopped him. He yelled out, "You better not kill me for this."

He then jumped on the back of a soldier and sprayed web in his face and jumped away as another soldier tried to punch him. This caused the soldier to inadvertently knock his comrade to the ground. The Creed used the distraction to go after the two other soldiers. He grabbed their chest plates and ripped out their power sources.

Ben kicked another sending him over the edge of the roof and sent him spiraling out of control toward the ground as he tried to pull the webbing from his face plate. Spider-Man then webbed up the last but was surprised by the Creed appearing from behind and driving his adamantium blade through the miniature arc reactor on the soldiers chest plate.

The Creed and Ben locked eyes on each other for a moment. Creed 7 then motioned for Ben to leave. Ben nodded and jumped over the ledge while he shot out a web. The Creed then leaned down and grabbed one of the arcs and pulled off the gauntlets from one of the crippled soldiers before leaving the roof.


Ferrum NY

Essex sat angrily as the Chairman berated Fisk over a monitor, "So five of your soldiers couldn't catch one Spider and an animal?"

Fisk stammered out, "It was an upgraded Creed."

Essex then interrupted, "Which is why I find it odd that you sent standard patrolmen after them."

The Chairman then turned his attention to Essex, "Care to explain why that Creed knew exactly how to disable my soldiers?"

"Because he was trained to eliminate any threat, and he learns quite a bit faster than intended. The Spider actually staying to help him was a bit unexpected, but we did learn something from the drone. He has just as much power than the original Spider-Man, and he's been well trained."

The Chairman sighed, "And what of the Creed."

Essex shrugged, "I have more."

Fisk glared toward him, "How do we deal with him?"

"Seems like your problem now."


Spider camp, Near Houston, TX.

John Parker wakes up to the sound of his holo-phone buzzing. He answers seeing Ben, "Do you know what time it is here?"

Ben nodded, "I think I need some advice, I seem to have acquired a sidekick."

Ben then moved his phone to show Creed 7 standing in the corner of his dorm room. John's eyes went wide, "What the hell have you been up to?"

Ben explained what happened as John listened intently, he finished up then added, "I heard one of the soldiers say he was off his leash and they wanted to kill him. What was I supposed to do, just let him die?"

John nodded, "Yes you should have, he's a Creed."

Ben got an angry look, "So we're just killing people for being born different now, didn't know we were taking on the Iron goon philosophy."

"He's a killing machine, do you know how many mutants and Spiders have been killed by his kind?"

"Do we blame attack dogs for obeying their masters?"

Creed 7 finally cut in, "Not, dog."

John and Ben looked shocked. John then stammered out, "Did he just speak?"

Ben looked to his father, "I told you, he's a weird Creed."

John nodded, "I'll talk to Madam Web about getting him out of the city, just try to get him to lay low."

John then hung up as Ben looked Creed 7 over, "So, any hobbies?"

The Creed stared at him blankly as Ben sighed, "Didn't think so."

(To be continued)