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Marvel Iron Age 2.0 Spider-Man part 2

Continued from here part 1

Ferrum, New York HQ.

The head of the New York division was a man named Desmond Fisk, Fisk now found himself waiting by an elevator door for a man he was meeting with. The man was called Dr. Essex, there was more rumor about the man than actual fact. Some claimed he'd made himself immortal through his experiments while others claimed he was a figure head who'd inherited the name from his predecessor. Fisk pondered this as the doors slid open to reveal him.

He looked like a normal man but something about him sent a chill down Fisk's spine as he put out his hand to shake, "Welcome to New York doctor."

Essex ignored the hand and stepped past him, "I'm told you are having a bug problem."

Fisk lowered his head a bit, "This Spider-Man is nothing more than a pest, he is of no concern....."

Essex cut him off, "The twelve sabotaged weapons deliveries he's responsible for are of great concern to the Chairman."

Fisk began to speak, "The Spider Slayers..."

"Are not ready yet, even if they were whose to say they'd be any more effective now than back when the tight wearing psychotics were using the weapons against the first Spider?"

Fisk wanted to argue but the rumors of Essex's temper held his mouth at bay, "What would you suggest, Sir?"

Essex smiled at Fisk's pained expression at calling him sir, but he passed it off, "I have something new I wanted to try out, a new version of Creed that could be useful in capturing the Spider."

Fisk was shocked, "You want to turn one of those monsters loose in New York City?"

"It's a new breed, a Creed without the neural inhibitors. I need to see if it can be easily controlled. Your spider is a perfect test for it."

Fisk sighed, "And if it can't be controlled?"

"I'm sure the Iron Hall can handle one Creed, if not I feel Ferrum has wasted an awful lot of money on armor."


New York Iron Hall

Several Iron soldiers stand around a crate with one of Essex's lab techs holding a data pad. The Sargent looks to the tech, "What's the hold up?"

"Just checking his control chip, trust me you don't one of these things running around without a leash. Things would get messy."

As the tech finished his check the crate opened and a six and a half foot tall Creed with orange hair with tiger like stripes stepped out. The tech looked him over, "Allow me to introduce, Omega batch Creed number 7. Take him somewhere he can catch the Spider's scent, he can handle it from there."

The Sargent looked the tech over, "Not coming?"

"I don't have armor to cover my ass if he does manage to over power the control chip, they don't tend to be nice to lab techs when they get off the leash."

The Sargent looked to Creed 7, "I could see how that could be an issue."


Ben was swinging around the lower city when he noticed a woman running down the street. A few steps behind Ben noticed a group of Goblins chasing her. He swooped down kicking a Goblin into a wall then spun around slamming a fist into the stomach of the second. The third leapt at him but was easily swatted away.

He looked back to the nervous looking woman, "Have a nice night, lady. Courtesy of your new friendly neighborhood Spider-Man."

The woman watched him swing away then looked to the groaning Goblin thugs as she pulled out a comm device, "He's heading East."

A voice came through, "We've been called off him. Apparently the boss sent a Creed after him."

"I'm sure the boys will be thrilled they just got their asses kicked for nothing."

She then yelled over, "Sorry fellas, he's out of our hands now."

The man who hit the wall stomped over to her, "What the stark are you talking about, Carla?"

"They sent a Creed, the spider must have pissed them off pretty good."

The man rubbed his side, "I'd feel sorry for him if he hadn't just put me in a wall. Least I can rid of the damned purple hat."


As Ben swung he noticed a buzzing in his head from his spider sense, He clung to a wall to try to spot the problem but there was no one near him. He thought his sense was just off and dropped down to an alley and stretched his arms. A low growl came from behind him, he dodged instantly as the creature charged him.

He instantly recognized it as a Creed, he'd only seen one before but they were quite infamous in the Wilds. The Creed lunged for him again, Ben jumped over him and attempted to web him to the wall. The Creed dodged and caught the strand of webbing using it to yank Ben forward.

Ben kicked him in the jaw before he got in arm's length. The Creed fell back a step and moved as if he was going to lunge again causing Ben to move to dodge but the Creed changed direction and grabbed him before he could react. He slammed a fist into Ben's face sending him against the alley wall. The Creed then went in for the kill. Ben jumped high above his swing and shot out a web and swung away.

Creed 7 watched the angle of the swing intently for a moment and charged back down the alley. A small flying camera drone followed closely behind him.

Ferrum New York HQ

Fisk stood next to a monitor with Essex, "Where the hell is he going."

"He's going to where the Spider will land."

Fisk looked confused, "How does he know?"

"The arc of the swing. I didn't expect it either."

New York skyline

Ben grabbed a went to shoot out another line but was shocked by the Creed leaping out and catching his line. Ben let go and started to free fall for a second but managed to get a line out. Before he could leave the Creed was on his back. He made a deep gash across Ben's back with his claws that caused him to loose his grip.

They landed hard on a rooftop. The Creed landed a few feet away from Ben and crashed into a stack of copper pipes. Ben pulled himself up to see the Creed trying to pull himself free of the mangled pipes now poking through his body.

Back at Ferrum NY Essex order the drone to move in close on the pipe sticking out of Creed 7's chest, "Send soldiers now, we need that Spider alive."

As Essex stomped off Fisk noted a small device hanging off a bit of flesh stuck to the pipe. He then grabbed his comm, "The Creed slipped his leash, but he has the Spider with him. Live capture if at all possible, if not then bring back samples."

(To be continued)