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Marvel Iron Age 2.0 Spider-man part 1

Roanoke, Virgina 2211

A man named John Parker sits in a dilapidated bar in the abandoned town where his group of Spiders made their temporary home. Across from him were several leaders of various cells, in the center sat his mother. The leader of the Spider movement known by the title Madam Web. John glared at the floor as she spoke, "He has displayed the full array of the Spider's abilities, what more proof do you need?"

John rolled his eyes, "What about that Reilly kid?"

Web shook her head, "He has another destiny. Your son has told me of his dreams, its obvious the Other has chosen him."

"He's only 17."

She nodded, "A full 2 years older than Peter Parker was when he became Spider-man."

John didn't reply as he stomped out. Ben Parker sat outside waiting as his father marched out motioning for Ben to go in.

Ben looked around a bit nervous as he sat down. Madam Web slid a box across the table toward him. His eyes widened as he opened it, "You chose me?!"

"I chose nothing, now the decision is yours."

He pulled out the costume with a grin, "I'm in."

She smiled, "Your training begins tomorrow."


New York, Empire State University 2213

Ben looked down on his new Ident-card and hoped it worked as he walked toward the security station for the check all students had to go through. He tried his best not to look nervous as the guard looked him over, "Ben Gilmore, freshman."

He let out a sigh of relief when the guard handed him back his card, "Keep your nose clean kid."

Ben nodded, "Will do sir."

He then walked toward his new dorm room. He lucked into getting a single which would be handy. He unpacked then headed out to the student store to test out his line of credit his father had established. He felt bad about using the account since it was technically fake but Manhattan was expensive if you wanted to live where you could see the sky.


Later that night Ben stood on a roof top looking down on the high rises and streets and walk ways connecting them and letting the rich go about their day without having to see the ground level of the city where the lower classes lived. He was told that they may as well be two different cities.

Ben didn't dwell on this, he had something to do tonight, he was going to swing across the city for the first time. He'd dreamed about this moment throughout the long days of training that led him here. He shot out a web and was off. For the first few moments he was clumsy nearly crashing several times but once he got the hang of it, it was nearly second nature.

After an hour or so he found himself within sight of the New York City Iron Hall, the local head quarters of the Iron Army. He knew exactly what he was here to do but it was risky. He waited until the outer guards changed position and readied himself. After a moment to gather his courage he swung himself to the Iron Hall and planted a small device on the wall before quickly leaving to avoid the soldiers.

The device formed a shape with red laser light. There was a very small explosion, not enough to cause any real damage, just enough to send a message. The guards came to the wall at the sound and looked upon a 12 foot wide symbol of the spider carved in the wall.

A soldier activated his comm, "We got a Spider."

(To be continued)