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Marvel Iron Age 2.0 New Beginnings part 4

Continued from here part 3

Doomstadt, Latveria 2035

Victor Von Doom slowly limps down a hall in Castle Doom while a servant follows along, "Are you sure it's the right time for this sir?"

Doom stops and glares at his servant, "I must be in my prime for this, the people of this nation deserve me at my best. This frail old body prohibits that."

They then step in a room where soldiers stand behind a group of young men, not one over 20. Doom looks them over and points to one in the middle of the line. The man steps forward and Doom asks,"What is your name boy?"

"Ulrich Bagrov , my lord."

Doom nodded, "Are you willing to do whatever is necessary for the benefit of our nation?"

The man nodded and Doom ordered him to be locked into a large device, Doom then took a seat in a tube across from Bagrov and took a look at his armor, "Activate the transfer."

The others were escorted out as the servant oversaw the process. After a few minutes Bagrov's tube opened and he stepped out, "The process went perfectly."

The servant then looked to him and bowed, "The new body fits you well, my lord Doom."

Doom then looked to his old body, "Bury it in a place of honor with the name Ulrich Bagrove on the tombstone."


Chicago Iron Hall

Sinister looks on the newly dubbed Supreme Commander, "Wouldn't it be easier to just appoint someone to this position instead of acquiring a third identity?"

"People get uncomfortable if they believe someone has too much power, their illusions of influence keeps them docile."

Sinister nodded, "So are you done dressing your new armor up to look like an actual power source?"

Stryfe stepped out with his modified armor, "Oh, it has real power, redundancy is a corner stone of technological supremacy."

"I assume Doom is on his way."

Sinister nodded, "I'm shocked he actually agreed to assist. Though I would advise caution."

"Is that concern?"

Sinister chuckled, "You're easier to manipulate than Doom."

Stryfe gritted his teeth genuinely wishing he could smash Sinister's smug face, "Time to go."


Ural Mountains

Two air ships landed in a small flat patch of land between two cliffs, the iron Army had leveled this part of the mountain just for this occasion. Doom and the Supreme Commander stepped from their respective ships and met between them. The Supreme Commander looked Doom over, "Did you put lifts in your boots?"

Doom chuckled just knowing his new body was a few inches taller than the old one, "One must look his best when welcoming guests. I'm surprised you decided to keep your old helmet, secret identities just aren't what they used to be."

Stryfe was a bit surprised Doom knew who he really was but he ignored it for the moment, "The negative zone portal is in proper working order, how's your part going."

Doom looked back toward the equipment being unloaded, "Perfectly, assembly will be finished in an hour if you soldiers can hold off the attack that long."

"What attack?"

Doom sighed, "Did you really think the machine wouldn't discover us? You will need to cause an adequate threat to draw out the main unit, if your up for the task. Essex isn't here to hold your hand."

Stryfe clenched his fist fighting the urge to strangle Doom, "Just get to work."


Newfoundland, Canada

Plasma fire rains down from the sky as the few remaining heroes take their last stand against Ultron. Hank Pym holds the bleeding wound on his side as he watches the massacre. He stood next to Puck the only survivor of Alpha Flight as the machines stopped their attack and flew off heading toward Europe. The two men along with the few other survivors walked out among the thousands of dead wondering why they had been spared.

Outside Phoenix, Arizona

James Proudstar stood bloodied and bruised waiting to be finished off by the machine standing before him, he was content in the knowledge that he'd managed to get a few innocent people to safety and stood ready to die fighting. The machine suddenly halted its attack along with all the others in the city and took to the air.

Ural Mountains

The Ultron swarm had made short work of the standard Iron soldiers but the Buster division had proven more difficult to take down than Ultron had expected. The Busters plowed through the lines of the swarm like bulldozers destroying all in their path while the Supreme Commander was in the air telekenetically crushing them by the dozen. This was the first true test of the power upgrade Sinister had provided and Stryfe was pleased with the result.

Doom was finishing up his last adjustments to a cannon built specially to break through the adamantium shell Ultron was inhabiting but only worked for one shot so Doom was ensuring accuracy. He was becoming concerned over the fact that the main unit had yet to appear.

As the Supreme Commander reveled in the destruction he failed to notice the larger machine appear behind him. Ultron swatted him to the ground. Doom saw this on a monitor and started up the machine and readied it to fire. He hit a comm to call Stryfe, "It needs to be in position within the next five minutes."

The Supreme Commander hit his comm, "Just be ready."

(To be continued)