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Marvel Iron Age 2.0 New Beginnings part 3

continued from here part 2

A ranch 4 miles west of Bismark, North Dakota 2035

A man watches the news with great concern as they discuss a swarm of machines in the sky attacking at random. He is sitting with his family huddled together hoping the new Iron soldiers would end this quickly when he heard his dog make a horrible sound of pain from outside.

He ran to the window and stared in horror as massive lizards began pouring over his land knocking over and eating his cattle as they went. He looked to his porch to see one with his dog in its mouth as his back door was ripped down. He turned to check on his family but one of the lizards smashed through the window and dragged him out.


New York City

The national guard along with a contingent of Iron soldiers were clearing the streets as the machines reigned plasma fire down from above. There was chaos as people fled from the city, the bridges were clogged with traffic which turned them into targets. People were even attempting to swim away across the Hudson but were killed when the river itself began to boil from the heat of the attack.


An anchor speaks on T.Vs across America, "Amid the attack of the Ultron units a horde of giant lizards has been reported attacking the North Western U.S. Ferrum has come forward to turn in a Dr. Olaf Krang who the company claims embezzled millions to fund his research resulting in the creation of these creatures. Krang vehemently denies any involvement. He is currently in federal custody while the investigation is underway.

The so called Ultron Swarm is wrecking havoc world wide as of this report. Latverian monarch Victor Von Doom has agreed to work with the the Iron army to find a solution."

Cleveland, Ohio

Captain America stood with his team and the half dozen surviving Iron soldiers as the machines surrounded the small shop they group was trapped in after the initial attack. Cap looked to the ranking soldier, "We'll pick up where we left off when this is over, for now we need to work together if we have any chance of survival."

A private sounded off, "Why would we help a mutie lover?"

The Lieutenant swatted him on the back of the head, "Enemy or not he's still Captain America, if anyone can get us out of this its him, unless you happen to be holding Thor in your back pocket."

Cap then looked around the room at what was left of his team, Luke Cage and Venom stood watch at the front door while Wolverine and Ben Grim took the back. Wolverine looked over to Ben, "For once I wish we had Hulk with us."

Ben chuckled, "I hate to admit it, but I agree."

Cap looked to Hawkeye and Quicksilver, "You two ready?"

Hawkeye popped his back, "I was too old to get involved in this mess to begin with, why let common sense stop me now."

Quicksilver gripped a small patch of Scarlet Witch's cape and answered, "Wanda will not have died in vane."

Luke then yelled back, "They're coming."

The soldiers powered up their weapons as the aging heroes readied themselves for combat. The roof of the building was blown off as a dozen Ultron units flooded the place finding it empty with the sole exception of Hawkeye who stood with a broken arrow with an explosive head. He activated it as the room filled. The explosion destroyed the building along with the units inside and surrounding it.

Quicksilver moved with as much speed as he could planting explosives provided by the Iron soldiers on as many units as possible until finally being caught. As the Ultron unit snapped his neck he activated the explosives taking out a few dozen units with him.

The Iron soldiers staged an aerial attack firing their repulsers until their power ran out taking down as many units as they could before being over run and shredded. Ben Grim stood back to back with Wolverine smashing all the units who came his way as Wolverine slashed away. They stood amid a large pile of busted metal. Ben's last act as they finally over matched them was to hurl Wolverine clear of the onslaught as he was ripped apart by plasma fire.

Luke found himself cornered but managed to take down eight units before falling to an attack by three at once. Captain America and Venom were the last to fall. Venom personally destroyed thirty units. As he fought he noticed Cap crouched down behind his shield taking heavy fire. When he went to intervene he was slammed to the ground by two units while a third fired on him. The symbiote was severely injured in the blast but had protected Eddie who ordered the suit to retreat as he charged a unit to buy Cap some time to attack.

Brock was killed almost instantly but gave Cap the chance to destroy the unit that hit him. Cap then looked on the battle field one last time he then closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he heard the weapons of a hundred Ultron units warming up. He easily blocked the frontal assault but was caught by several shots to the back.

As the Ultron units left the scene a small drone vehicle drove out among the aftermath and collected up the damaged symbiote.

Wolverine pulled himself free of the ruins of the building he'd crashed into and looked on his fallen comrades. he felt a crushing sense of guilt for not dying along side them.

Ferrum HQ

Sinister walked in the Chairman's office as he paced while casualty reports streamed in, "I take it the off switch didn't work?"

The Chairman glared, "You're enjoying this aren't you."

"Immensely, I considered bringing pop corn."

The Chairman dropped in his seat, "Do you have anything helpful to contribute?"

"I think I know how you can save this, it may even help with the public relations disaster you had before this."

The Chairman looked over curiously, "I'm listening."

(To be continued)