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Marvel Iron Age 2.0: New Beginnings part 2

continued from here part 1

Malibu, California 2032

Tony Stark sits at his desk in his home staring blankly at a wall as he signs away his company and his Iron Man tech to a grinning man in a suit. The man picks up the forms and pats Tony on the head, "That's a good little monkey."

An aneurysm then goes off in Tony's head and he slumps forward as the man in the suit whistles a merry tune and walks away.


Long Island, New York

Steve Rogers sits in his home drinking a cup of coffee as the T.V. provides background noise. He doesn't even look toward until the news of Tony's death comes up. He'd heard the news hours ago but seeing it on the morning news upset him still. The fact that he'd left his armory to someone Steve had never heard of didn't sit right with him.

His son made a special trip out to see him when he'd heard the news, his daughter had called but was too far away to make it in a day. His wife Rachel, the former Diamondback was still in bed as his son James came in. Steve looked at his camouflage pants, "You didn't go AWOL did you?"

James gave him a confused looked then made the connection, "Nah, laundry day. Only clean pair of pants left."

Steve chuckled, "How have you been?"

James took a seat, "I'm good, sorry to hear about Tony. I hadn't seen him in years."

Steve got a serious look, "Same here, didn't think anyone had."

James knew the look on his father's face, he was suspicious of something, "I take it you aren't buying the official report?"

"He left his whole armory to a weapons contractor, does that sound like something Tony would do?"

James sighed, "Look dad, Ferrum isn't doing anything illegal. I know you don't trust them but they've been providing some top of the line equipment."

Steve nodded, "Yea, A.I.M. equipment always did work pretty well."

"All they did was contract the research after A.I.M. was disbanded, its not the same organization."

Steve gave his son a wary look, "You're too trusting."

"And you're too paranoid, probably from all that time in tights."

They both shared a chuckle.


Long Island 2034

Rachel was on the phone as Steve came in with a bag of groceries. He looked her over as she hung up, "What's the problem?"

She sat down, "Matt Murdock was killed yesterday, Elektra just called to tell me. Apparently he was looking into Ferrum. She told me what he'd found and there's no way its not connected."

Steve sighed, "I'll be back in a bit."

He put down the grocery bags and headed out the door.


Manhattan 3 hours later

Steve walks beside Maria Hill as she speaks, "Shield is looking into it, unfortunately the U.S. government is tying our hands where Ferrum is concerned."

Steve gritted his teeth, "Isn't it a little odd that Washington is keeping Shield in the dark about a weapons development firm?"

She sighed, "Shield doesn't carry the same weight as it used to, if this new U.N. deal goes through we may be disbanded all together."

He glared at her, "I'm not dropping this."


Long Island 2035

Steve is pacing a hole in his carpet frustrated and angry. He had just returned from a congressional hearing where they had claimed he was working against America's best interest by protesting the use of Iron soldiers to round up mutants. He was refusing to even speak to his son who had recently joined up with them.

As he stewed a video came up on the T.V. it showed Spider-Man being beaten by men in armor. James came up as his father stared on. He then spoke to James, "I want you to watch every second of this, I want you to see what you are part of."

James spoke up, "He shouldn't have interfered...."

Steve looked down on his son, "You just don't get it boy. Because you're my son I'll give you an out but I'm going to make them pay for this, even if it kills me."

Steve then stomped off.


Cleveland, Ohio 6 months later

Captain America stood with a group of aging Avengers between a group of terrified mutants and a battalion of Iron soldiers led by his own son. As the two groups squared off James yelled to his father, "These people are a threat, just let us do our jobs."

" I fought too many nazis in my life to let the new version win now boy."

James' hand shook as he was ordered to fire through his comm but before he could decide the sound of heavy metal crunching came from behind him. He turned to see a machine standing over the bodies of two of his soldiers.

He looked back to his father thinking he was responsible but saw a look of utter horror on his face. Steve then yelled to his son, "Run you stupid boy."

Before he could move Ultron blasted a hole through him. The sky then went black as Steve looked up to see legions of Ultrons swarming in the air.


The C.E.O. of Ferrum stands before several monitors watching panicked news people covering the Ultron swarm. He looks over to his partner, "Seems to be working just fine so far."

His partner nodded, "Its going to go bad eventually."

"We have it under control."

His partner chuckled, "I believe Pym thought the same when he first built it."

His phone then flashed a message, "Seems I'm proven right already. Your swarm just broke open one of my research facilities in North Dakota."

The C.E.O. turned, "What was released?"

"Lizards, big ones. I call them Krangs."

The chairman turned, "How bad?"

"Well they're about the size of a large grizzly and designed by me to be difficult to kill."

"How many?"

"Lost count, they breed fairly quick. A few Thousand at least."

(To be continued)