Horror Inc: Hungry part 17

Continued from here part 16

John Mills stood watching the blood hunter strangle his son. The creature had heard him but ignored the order. John gritted his teeth then let out a sigh as he lifted his fist. He opened it to reveal a carpenter ant standing on his palm. He raised it and whispered something in a long dead language before facing it toward the hunter.

Chris struggled in the hunter's grip when he noticed something seemed to move under its skin. Suddenly it dropped Chris and Betsy and began frantically swatting at himself as if trying to knock something off its skin. It started to roar in pain but something was caught in his throat for a second. Finally it dropped to its knees and began to vomit a mass of ants.

Chris looked down on it as it writhed in pain on the ground and noticed its skin rippling as the ants moved through eating bits of him as they went. Wounds began to open from the inside of its body and more ants poured out from them. The creature looked up in horror as John stepped over him looking down, "I did give you an out."

John then looked to Chris, "We need to talk."

The hunter was now completely buried by a mound of ants as the wolves began to come to their feet. John leaned down to help Edgar to his feet, "We should get moving, I have no quarrel with your pack but I'd rather not be eaten if I can avoid it."

Edgar nodded, "Its a fair concern."

Jack, Sam and Steve sat off to the side watching the fight through night vision binoculars. Steve's jaw dropped, "What the hell just happened?"

Jack looked at John, "Something we aren't prepared for. We should leave, we ain't enough to take out a whole pack when they're pissed and wounded."

John and Chris helped Edgar into the car and sped off. John looked to Betsy, "Keep driving for about 10 minutes then head back home, they'll probably back on the hunt by then."


After they got back in the house John treated Edgar's wounds as Chris stood in the corner glaring at him. He attempted to talk to him but Chris blew it off saying he needed to get some sleep. Edgar looked John over, "I take it you've met?"

"He's my son, I take it one of you turned him when all those kids got killed at the prison a week back."

Edgar nodded, "The kid was lucky he didn't get shredded."

"So I guess that means you're the biter?"

Edgar nodded.


John woke up in the chair he'd fallen asleep in and noticed Hektor standing over him, "You hungry?"

"I could use a cup of coffee."

The two walked into the kitchen where Hektor turned on the coffee maker and they sat as Hektor spoke, "So, you planning on explaining why a warlock would help out a wolf pack? Last time I checked we weren't on exactly friendly terms."

"Honestly, I didn't intend to do a damn thing for you. I just wasn't gonna let some roided up vampire kill my kid."

Hektor gave a nod, "According to Betsy, he might feel a bit different about you."

"I don't blame him. I did take off on him after all. I had hoped that meant he'd get a normal life away from all this s**t but I guess its just in his blood."

Chris came down the stairs but stopped just outside the kitchen as he listened to the conversation. Hektor asked, "So why'd you come back?"

"Not your problem."

Hektor nodded, "Corvin found out you had a kid, huh?"

John looked a bit surprised as Hektor continued,"You're feud is pretty well known, and given his reputation I gather the only reason the kid made it to 18 is you taking off. But you're wrong, he's pack now that means its my problem."

John sighed, "Can you keep this to yourself? He's got enough to worry about at the moment."

Johan entered through the back door with a glare toward John, "Since when are warlocks welcome at our table."

Hektor gave him a glare of his own, "He saved our asses, that entitles him to breakfast. Also it ain't our table, its my table."

Edgar entered and grunted a bit as he sat, still sore but mostly healed already. Johan glared down on him, "Give me a good reason not to kill you for turning Wade loose."

Edgar turned to face him, "You're welcome to try if you think you're up to it."

Johan looked to Hektor, "Are you going to allow one of your pack to speak to an elder like this?"

Hektor shrugged, "You figure out how to shut him up, I'd happy to hear about it."

(To be continued)