Corrupted: Captain Marvel vs Black Adam part 4

continued from here part 3

Adam stares up in shock as Isis floats above him. He tried to stand but a strong blast of wind forced him back down. A few feet away Marvel clashes with Doomsday. He fired off several hard punches sending the creature back a bit but failed to knock him down. Doomsday came back with a shot of his own sending Marvel flying.

As he stood to see where Adam had gone he saw Isis above as the ground itself seemed to hold him for her. He attempted to intervene but Doomsday caught his leg and slammed him into the ground. Adam finally managed to break free and flew up grabbing Isis and taking her into the stratosphere, "Why are you doing this?"

She didn't answer as she pried Adam's arms away from her, she then struck him with a punch backed by hurricane force winds that sent him nearly into orbit. He became enraged as he flew down to strike but stopped just shy, he couldn't bring himself to strike her.

On the ground Doomsday stomped on Marvel's chest hard enough to make him spit blood. For the first time since he'd gained his powers Chris became genuinely afraid he was going to die. As Doomsday's foot came down for another stomp Marvel grabbed it in desperation and flung him to the ground and leaped to his feet as Adam slammed into the ground a few yards away. Chris looked at Isis descending as Doomsday rose. He then bolted and snatched Adam up dragging them high in the sky before letting him go.

Adam shoved him away and roared, "I will not run."

Marvel got face to face with him, "We aren't running we're regrouping. Now we need to figure something out or we're gonna die."

Adam gritted his teeth as he saw Isis coming up after them. He then turned to Marvel, "The amulet gives her the power."

Marvel looked down at her and nodded, "Get her to chase you, and make sure she keeps that wind coming. Be ready to catch her."

As Marvel shot down Adam yelled, "When do I catch her?"

"You'll figure it out."

Marvel blasted past Isis with enough speed to knock her a bit off course. She went to chase but Adam appeared behind her and gave a shove. As she turned Adam sped off as she followed. Marvel then slammed into the ground beside Doomsday causing the area to shake violently for a few seconds and throwing the beast off balance. Marvel then moved in giving him several hard shots to keep him off base. He then backed off a few hundred feet as Adam flew low right past him.

As Isis passed with gale force wind carrying her Marvel burst off in a run at top speed. It took Adam a second to see what was going on, Marvel was making a wind tunnel as he rounded them. Isis' wind was caught mixing with sand and it caused a funnel to form. The wind grew stronger as he went and Adam joined in causing Isis and Doomsday to be sucked up into the sky as Marvel and Adam rose up ground. As Marvel past Isis he snatched off her amulet causing her to revert back to mortal form.

Adam caught her and quickly took her to the ground before rejoining Marvel. As the flew they began narrowing the funnel and delivered rapid fire shots as they continued to raise in the air. Finally the two came together and slammed into the creature with their shoulders and forced him out of the atmosphere. As Doomsday floated aimlessly Adam and Marvel used their advantage to strike in evade as he fruitlessly swatted at them.

When the creature began to slow Adam and Marvel caught him by the arms and aimed him toward the Earth and they rocketed back down well away from Kahndaq. As they blasted down Marvel noticed the rock of Eternity as it lit up with energy and a portal formed. Adam and Marvel then gathered as much force as they could muster and launched the creature down. Doomsday was sealed inside the rock as the two of them hit the ground.

As they rose Adam looked on Marvel, "How'd you know that would work?"

Marvel pointed to his head, "Solomon."

He then got to his feet, "We need to go catch the Sorcerer."

Adam nodded and they shot into the air.

Back in Kahndaq Zatara made the amulet call out to Mira causing her to run over to where Marvel had dropped it. As she reached for it Zidain caught her hand as Chris picked it up. He felt Zatara's presence on the amulet and a thought occurred to him. He yelled, "Shazam" and tossed the amulet into the air as he moved.

As the Thunderbolt struck it the mystical force blew Zatara out the window of the building he hid in. Adam saw him falling toward the ground and started to move but a large hand seemingly made of clouds reached down from the sky and snatched him up.

Zatara found himself surrounded by Shazam and the twelve gods who lent their powers to Marvel and Adam.


"Greetings to you old gods" said Zachary, a slight nod to them as they cast discerning eyes upon the magician "It is time you faded away into obscurity, like those who worshiped you. Dlo sdog tsruahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Zachary screamed, his spell unfinished as Shazam grabbed his arm and snapped it, it breaking at the elbow, forearm and wrist.

"You think that hurt?" laughed Aton as he snatched him away from the Wizard twisted the broken arm like one wrings out a wet towel, the sorcerer screamed like a wounded animal.

"Oh shut up" said Hercules as he cracked him across the throat making him gasp and choke.

The twelve old gods proceeded to pummel the magician like a pinata, being careful not to kill him. Shazam grabbed Zachary by the collar "You're pretty useless when you can't speak aren't you? Allow me to show you what real power is."


Back in Kahndaq Adam moved toward where the hand had taken Zatara but Marvel stopped him, "Trust me, he is paying dearly for what he did."

Adam turned, "How do you....."

He was cut off by a shriek of pain that was heard not just by them but by every magic user on Earth. Marvel let go of Adam, "Gods to react kindly to those who screw with them."

Marvel then leaned over and picked up the Amulet of Isis and handed it to Mira, "The Wizard has placed a seal on this, no one will ever be able to use you like that again."

She nodded and placed it back around her neck as Marvel turned back to Adam, "Are we done?"

Adam nodded, "I've decided not to kill you, for now."

Mira stared off in the distance as the sky seemed to go black, "They may be a moot point."

Adam and Marvel turned as thousands of Hawks filled the air. Adam took a fighting stance as Marvel shouted, "We have to leave."

Adam glared over, "You want me to run?"

Marvel nodded, "We might be able to take them but this nation will get leveled in the process, if you give a damn about your people you'll come with me."

Adam gritted his teeth, "Fine."


The White House

Superman walked down the hall of the east wing when suddenly Zatara burst through a window and crashed against a wall. He landed in a bloody heap. Superman knelt down to look over the terrified sorcerer who looked up at him with tears in his eyes, "The Gods are against us."

Lightning crashed in the distance as a storm came in. The sound caused Zatara to scream in horror. Superman looked down the hall at an aide, "Get a medic in here and inform the Hawks, Black Adam and Captain Marvel are now a primary concern."

To be continued in Captain Marvel part 7

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