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Clark/Iron Age The Gateway part 4

Continued from here Part 3

Sky over New York City.

As the transport neared the New York Iron Hall everything suddenly stopped around Clark. He stood as the Traveler appeared, "So, how's it going Clark?"

He turned to face him, "What's going on?"

The Traveler looked around, "Just figured we could have a moment alone."

Clark suddenly found himself on a roof top over looking Times Square, he noticed another being sitting on the ledge behind the Traveler, "This is my friend, he's called the Beyonder. He's here to send you home, but I'd like to ask a favor."

He and Clark looked down to the street below as the Supreme Commander appeared in front of the hologram in his image. Clark looked down,"So you want me to stop him?"

The Traveler shook his head, "They don't need another hero, they have more than enough of those here. The final victory of this regime needs to be their's. But they need to know he can be beaten, they need hope."

He then poked Clark in the chest, "That's what that S is for, right?"

Clark had a moment of realization, "If you brought me here, why were you acting shocked and angry in Latveria?"

He shrugged, "I get bored sometimes. Also its good for them to be wary of that damned gate."


As time restarted Stryfe was confused as he found himself on the street. He looked up to see Clark floating above him. As he rose to meet him, Clark spoke." So you're the Supreme Commander?"

Stryfe nodded, "And you are?"

"Just a guy passing through."

Stryfe attempted to attack his mind but was cut off. He saw the Traveler in his mind, "Sorry, can't be having that."

Stryfe's eyes widened as Clark moved toward him. He barely managed to put up a telekenetic shield before Clark struck sending him crashing to the ground. As he landed Stryfe fired a repulser blast that Clark easily dodged. Before the Supreme Commander could get to his feet Clark appeared before him and snatched him up by the arm hurling him into the air.

Stryfe managed to regain some composure but Clark was simply to fast to keep up with. As the Kryptonian resumed his assault Stryfe could do nothing as he was hit more times than he could count. His armor lit up with system failure warnings.

In an act of utter desperation he caught Clark in a telekenetic grip and hurled him away as he attempted to flee. Clark managed to catch up but back up had arrived. Dozens of Iron soldiers of various types surrounded him in the air. They attempted to subdue him but he smashed through the line.

As Stryfe flew an Iron soldier crashed into him sending them both to the ground. As he shoved the frightened soldier off Clark landed and grabbed him up again. He ripped off the helmet and hurled it away. He then slapped Stryfe across the face, breaking several teeth.

Clark stared into Stryfe's eyes, "This is what it feels like to be helpless, little man."

He then swatted him again knocking the Supreme Commander unconscious. He then noticed himself on the large monitors in Times Square. He turned Stryfe's bloodied face to the camera and spoke, "He's nothing but a man in a fancy suit."

Monitors across the world showed the scene from New York. Darius Stain watched with a twisted grin from his New Latverian home. 7, David and the Shield agents watched from their transport. The Avengers cheered in their headquarters and people throughout the Earth watched as Clark dropped the man who ruled the world to the ground and walked away.


Another world, Metropolis.

Clark found himself back in the sky over his city. He had an odd sensation, he had the feeling he'd just done something important but he couldn't quite remember what it was. Before he could think on it he noticed a plane falling toward the city. He gave a shrug and went to stop the crash.

The end.