Clark part 22

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That has to be the creepiest kid ever.

Outside Newton Kansas, 2000

The group stands on a platform made of green energy and look down on the black dome surrounding the area. Nelson looks back to Clark, "Don't worry, we are completely invisible to everyone around."

Clark knelt down, "That's helpful but how are we getting in if all those government experts can't figure out a way through this?"

Ted chuckled, "Cause they don't know what they're dealing with."

Nelson placed the helmet on his head and made a motion with his hand that split the top of the dome open long enough for them to slip through. Inside the sky had a murky green hue that Clark compared to an old fashioned horror movie. As they landed they noticed the eroded tombstones and large arcane symbols carved in the ground. Clark was the first to notice who was doing the carving. He looked like a boy no more than 12 dressed like a puritan from the 1600s with a cat following close behind.

Clark pointed him out. Ted looked over, "Well, crap."

Clark stood up, "Is he like one of your old enemy's kids or something?"

Nelson in the guise of Dr. Fate looked over, "He is a great deal older than he appears."

As they spoke the boy looked back to them, "Ah, you're going to ruin the surprise."

He then finished his last carve and knelt down, "Oh well, it won't matter in a moment."

He placed his hands on one of the symbols and the ground lit up in an unearthly red glow. Fate rose in the air, "What have you done Klarion?"

A creepy grin came to the boy, "I was sitting around bored cause y'know its Kansas and I thought, 'you know what's always interesting?' Demon legions."

The ground began to rumble as the symbols started opening into energy portals and Clark was shocked by the first massive pair of hands to emerge. The creature they were attached to was the size of a city bus. Wild Cat looked up at the creature, "That one's all yours kid."

Clark sighed, "Your too kind."

Fate looked back to the group, "Contain the beasts while I seal the portals."

Wild Cat leaped off the platform and drove a fist into the face of one of the smaller demons as Clark went for the giant. The creature slashed at Clark who was at first unworried until a claw sunk in drawing blood as it swatted him to the ground. This was the first time since he'd developed his powers that he'd been cut and was unnerved for a moment. He then rose into the air and slammed into the beast throwing it back. Seeing that he was still capable of harming it caused Clark's resolve to come back.

Klarion looked up when he noticed that Clark was now pommeling the creature. He appeared in the air in front of Clark, "No fair."

He then waved his hand sending Clark smashing to the ground and called forth a large ball of energy to hurl. Jay dragged Clark away just before the ball hit and Alan swatted the boy with his green energy in the form of a giant fly swatter.

Klarion looked at the field, "You guys always ruin my fun."

He then lifted the giant in the air and snapped his fingers causing it to multiply into four identical beasts. Alan then formed an energy armor around himself as he and Clark squared off against the beasts.

He looked over, "You ready for this boy?"

Clark nodded and the two flew toward the monsters. On the ground Jay blurred around picking off the smaller ones as a now winded Wild Cat continued his attack. Fate began sealing the portals as Klarion looked on frustrated, "Fine, let the place stay boring, I'll be damned if I'm going to get all bloody over Kansas."

He then disappeared as the final portal began to pull the demons back in. The four giants were strong enough to fight the pull as the smaller ones flew past them. Clark slammed a fist into one and sent it reeling but still standing. Alan blasted it with an energy beam that pushed it into the portal. Fate grabbed one with mystic chains and hurled it in as Clark and Alan went for the other two.

Alan wrapped a beast in green energy and tossed it in as Clark delivered several hard strikes to the last before grabbing it by the hair and dragging it into the portal. Fate the sealed it up as Ted and Jay hopped on Alan's platform. Fate looked to Clark, "The dome will fade soon we need to go."


Kansas State University

Clark watched the news as they explained that the mysterious black dome had vanished without a trace and still no word on what had caused it. Lori listened to his explanation, "So magic is a weakness?"

Clark shook his head, " Well yes and no, It can hurt me but its not like I'm any more or less vulnerable to it than anyone else. Basically its an area where I'm the same as almost everyone."

She nodded, "Bet that feels weird."

He grinned a bit, "A bit ironic though, the one normal thing about me is my reaction to the paranormal."

Outside the house

Klarion stood staring at Clark through the window. He looked over and saw Dr. Fate, "He didn't look special to me."

Fate looked down, "That's because you're short sighted."

The boy shrugged, "You're here to send me back to Limbo Town aren't you?"

Fate nodded,"Can't leave you running around."

Klarion chuckled, "And if I promise to never do it again?"

"You'd be a liar."

Klarion nodded as he was enveloped in magic energy and teleported away.

(To be continued)