There are two types of people, those who like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and bad people.

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Clark/Iron Age The Gateway part 3

Continued from here part 2

Goblin Grind

The Goblin thugs cheered as the feral mutants in the pit were released to attack some innocent travelers that had been forced into the fight. Before the mutants could attack something landed hard on the ground before them creating a large cloud of sand and shaking the building.

As it cleared the mutants saw Clark and charged toward him. He clapped his hands causing a shock wave that hurled them away and looked back to the people, "Are you ok?"

They gave a nod as a man sitting in a balcony stood with a microphone, "Well folks, looks like we got a late entrant."

Clark glared up, "Not interested."

The man smiled revealing ugly yellowed teeth, "You sure about that?"

Clark turned at the sound of metal gates open. The announcer began to speak, "A while back we got our hands on some Goblin serum."

The crowd began to murmur among themselves almost giddy as he continued," And we thought it might be fun to see what happened when a Krang got some in its system."

Clark's eyes widened as two massive lizards more than twice the size of the Krangs he'd seen earlier appeared. The announcer chuckled abit, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Behemoths."

The crowd cheered as the massive creatures marched toward him Clark readied for a fight. He dodged one but the other clamped his teeth on Clark's leg before roaring in pain as its teeth shattered against his skin. Clark then slammed a fist into the side of its head sending it to the ground.

The other turned to lash Clark with his tail but he caught it and hurled the beast against the wall. The crowd when silent for a moment but a man in the crowd jumped up and yelled, "To hell with you."

He then lifted up a missile launcher as the crowd began to pull out their weapons. The man launched an RPG at him but he swatted it away as bullets began to harmlessly bounce off him, "Enough!"

The shooting stopped at his demanding tone, "This place is coming down in 30 seconds, I suggest you leave."

The announcer grabbed the mic, "Now just....."

Clark cut him off, "One."

The crowd was still for a second, "Two."

They began to rush out in droves. The rest of Clark's group arrived to see the fleeing Goblins as the side of the building collapsed. Clark freed all those locked away by the Goblins as he made his exit from the crumbling building.


New York Iron Hall

Iron Claw stood before a battalion of Hunter class soldiers as Scalphunter stepped up beside him, "So, who's the target?"

Iron Claw pulled up a hologram of Clark, "Now those are some classy tights, not sure I like the color scheme."

Iron Claw rolled his eyes as Scalphunter continued, "So what'd he do, steel the Supreme Commander's cape?"

Iron Claw ordered the soldiers to board a transport.


Clark went to board the transport with the rest of the group but Fry ordered a halt as he noticed a flashing light on the side of the vehicle, "They must have remote activated the tracker."

7 then looked to the sky as several Hunters flew out of a cloaked transport, "Their response time is improving."

David slumped his shoulders, "Wonderful."

Clark began to lift off but something slammed into his back sending him to the ground. He rolled over to see Iron Claw above him with his claws aimed at his face.

The Claws struck the ground as Clark rolled away. As he stood a flash of light appeared before him as Scalphunter teleported in.

Clark swung a fist and Scalphunter sidestepped it much to his surprise. Scalphunter drove a knee up into the ribs which made a resounding crack as his cartilage snapped against the inpenetrable abs.

"Sweet starking monkey pus!" screamed Scalphunter as he hopped about on one leg "What the stark are you made of?"

"Nothing special," Clark replied as he grabbed him by the collar. "Now..."

"SURPRISE!" yelled Scalphunter as he drew a gun and fired it pointblank into his mouth. When the muzzle flare died down and the cordite smoke cleared Superman hand six bullets flattened on his pearly white teeth. "Holy stark! That's impressive! No seriously impressive and I don't impress easy."

Clark spat the metal onto the floor. "As I wa..."

"Hate to interrupt you but There's a big guy coming up behind you with big stark off claws whose going to stab you in the bum."

Clark looked over his shoulder to see Iron Claw thundering towards him. "Why are you telling me? Arn't you two on the same side?"

"Yeah but I hate his guts! I wanna watch you smack the stark out of him!" Scalphunter grinned like an idiot.

"Stay put." Clark dropped him on and turned to face the killing machine.

His claws began to spin like saw blades as he swung at Clark. He dodge and shoved Iron Claw away as he moved to help the group as the Hunters descended. As he turned Iron Claw slammed his spinning claws into Clark's shoulders. The adamantium cut into the flesh as Clark grunted in pain but the stopped at the bone. There was a horrible metallic grinding noise and smoke rose from Iron Claw's wrists as the motors for his claws locked up.

He removed his claws and tried to slash Clark's throat. The now angry kryptonian caught his arms and squeezed. The battle stopped as those around looked amazed at the bending adamantium.

Scalhunter's eyes went wide, "Nope, I'm out."

He teleported away as Clark hurled Iron Claw into a dumbfounded soldier.

He then shot into the air and dismantled the armors of the soldiers and dropped them to the ground with blinding speed. They found themselves bound together by the metal armor now crushed down and fused around them.

Clark then stepped on to the transport, "We should hurry this up."


The Supreme Commander watched the video feed from the soldiers he sent with Iron Claw as he sipped some coffee. He dropped his cup as he saw Clark bend Iron Claw's armor.

(To be continued)