My favorite Legendary Pokémon

List items

  • Creator of the Pokémon Universe, a god in his own right,depending on the legend you believe capable of high level reality warping, nigh-omnipotence or even full omni powers

  • The guardian or god of the atmospheres, the eternal emerald savior, the only one capable of extinguishing the battle between Earth and Ocean. This is one of my favorites because he is a badass dragon!

  • Protector of the skies and those who travel them, the living incarnation of rebirth (sounds cool and redundant ahahaaha)

    this Phoenix has the power of the mystice sacred fire that can burn even the most powerful foes!

  • Lord of Time, this demi-god control everything that happened everywhen. Powerful beast only matched by his brothers and surpassed by his Father, Arceus

  • The Lucifer of the Pokémon Universe. An outcast with the power to control all of Darkness, Emptiness and Anti-Matter