The Super Saiyan God

Hey guys. I dont know if you heard about this but if you didn't I'll tell you.

This is kind of a spoiler for the new Dragonball movie so STOP READING IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT UNTIL IT'S OUT

sooo, there's gonna be some stuff going on


Goku does the usual OH NO stuff and bam new transformation

that probably isn't the most original thing ever so I guess most of us saw it coming


It's called Super Saiyan God, it's supposed to be the LEGENDS of Legends, so even more legendary than LSSG or regular super saiyan or whatever that means (I guess all the saiyans just forget about this super legend UNTIL NOW, including Vegeta after he transformed into you know a super saiyan and then even beyond but whatever)

so.... Im just here to tell you this:

I was SUUUUPER excited about a new DBZ movie. I grew up with DB, then DBZ and then DBGT. Love all of it, even GT even though it's obviously not as good as the other two (I still enjoy several bits). I guess one of the reasons DBGT is actually good on my book is because of the Dragon Saga and SSJ4 which is my favourite transformation

that being said you probably think this is some type of DBGT fanboy (wait, do those exist?) or SSJ4 fanboy outrage. IT's NOT. I was, as I already said, kinda predicting there would be a new transformation. I accepted it.

I was okay with it and it actually started to get me curious on what it would look like, how it happens, why it happens. all that stuff

although I was particularly more excited about the possibility of Vegeta going SSJ3 and fusing with Goku doing a Gogeta SSJ3

guess what, now Im mad because not only this SSG (that's the short version of Super Saiyan God, supposedly) means Goku will ONCE AGAIN win the day all by himself by just getting stronger than the other guy, it also means other characters like Vegeta mainly will get downplayed (Im a huge Vegeta fan, you probably guessed it).

Not only that, what is this GOD crap? (I hope this isn't blasphemous)

seriously, the name pisses me off. is this Toriyama's or whoever is in charge, way of fanwanking? yeah just give the fans more fuel to be fanboys of Goku and DBZ in general. fuel that. also, is this in reaction to the Superman battle thing? not sure about this one but could be. could just be a way of saying, here fans , Goku is a freaking GOD of super saiyans now, now you can go to battle forums and piss everyone off.

seriously. I was SUUUUUUPER excited about the movie, found about this today and now it's almost ruined. ALMOST, because Im not one to disregard or to say something is crap before watching it. I will watch it, then I will make further judgement, but seriously.... I dont even........

what do you guys think? I didn't see any other thread about this here

what do you guys think this will mean about Goku in the battle forums?

what will this do to the fanboyism in general and do you actually think it's a good idea?

SHARE your thoughts

PS: just so no one thinks Im BSing you guys or it's just a fake spoiler or whatever


Smallville's S11 Detective Part 1 & 2 review - Enter Batman

Hey! I promised Id do this so here I am after reading part 2, Im going to give my honest opinion on the 1st 2 parts of the second "episode" of Smallville's Season 11 - Detective.

We left off at the first episode of this new season - "Guardian" - where a few months after the finale of Smallville Season 10, the comic starts to develop life after becoming Superman for Mr. Kent. There's not much you need to know about it other than a cameo from Wayne Enterprises (which hinted at the appearance of Gotham and the Bat Family in this season) and the fact that Lex, as usual is trying to bring down Clark (in this case Superman, since he doesn't remember he's Clark, duh). I recommend reading the 12 issues/parts that make up the "Guardian" episode. It's solid continuation from the show.

Now onto the "Detective". As you know (or if you don't I'll explain), Lex spray painted Superman with a radioactive isotope (IIRC) to be able to track him down with his satellites and uncover his true identity or just see what he's up too. Clark and Lois saw their new life together shaken by this but in the beggining of the #13 we see them together in the Fortress of Solitude. Clark has managed a loophole in the tracking system and got himself a few hours with the lady.

That's pretty much all of Clark we see in part 1. He can't (doesn't need to) sleep, and is working on solving the tracking issue using the Fortress's computer and Jor-El's/Krypton's scientific knowledge. We get some dialogue between the Forever Fiancés - obviously concerning the difficulties of flying under the radar - and Clark demonstrates that his getting a MUCH better knowledge of his powers and how they work (with a bit of help from Emil)

The focal point of this first part is obviously, Batman. We get a first look at him in the Smallville Universe. We don't get it right away.

what we do get is a bunch of thugs talking about Intergang, something involving trafficking "super-weapons" (weapons to use against vigilantes and supers).

from the conversation we can guess Batman is pretty famous around Gotham, he's no novice to the crime-fighting life style and he strikes fear in the hearts of some criminals, hence why they need those guns, to deal with Gotham's criminal's "hero problems". But their conversation is cut short

No Caption Provided

Nightwing appears. It's interesting to use a female Nightwing and my guess i sthat this is Barbara Gordon (we'll probably find out later).

After she deals with the thugs and Batman helps, Bruce as a bit of a scolding on Nightwing and proceeds to interrogate a thug, to find out where they got the super weapons and who is their connection in Intergang. Turns out it's someone in Metropolis but not that unfamiliar to the Batman. This makes him decide to pay a visit to Superman's playground.

No Caption Provided

My opinion: It's an awesome start for the Bat in the Smallville universe. The action is very nice and it settles the upcoming stuff and arc very well. It also makes the Smallville universe larger, which will be extremely important for the upcoming problems with the mysterious Earth 2 stuff (people who've read Guardian now what Im talking about). The only problem I see here is the art. But that's a general complaint I have with Season 11. Some times the art is great, others, it's okay. In this part 1 the part's with Batman are actually good, but there are some iffy scenes. I'll give Detective Part 1 4.5/5. It might be generous due to being the first Bat appearance.

Now, onto Part 2.

This part doesn't feature the Bat, but I think I saw a nice cameo from a Bat Son (get it?). There's this kid named Billy, who kinda looks like DC's Billy and is very heroic and plays a kinda important part. Atleast the comic focus a bit on him, so maybe we will see Cap Marvel soon? who knows. Another cameo is Action Comics #1, in picture form. A photograph in the Daily Planet taken by a photographer of the Planet presents the same image of the cover of the mythical first appearance of the big blue boy scout.

Cameos aside, Lex is having problems sleeping to keep tabs on Superman with his tracking isotope and Otis, his assistant wales him up. There's some interesting dialogue, Lex seems to be closer to the truth (maybe, who knows? he could be shotting blindly) and we get more from Mr. Wayne, by knowing that Lex has some meeting with a representative from Wayne Enterprises. Lois goes to the Daily Planet only to find it deserted. Superman has been giving the reporters there plenty of work and there's barely anyone in the basement, everyone's out there reporting on the Man of Steel. Maybe it's due to that plus Clark Kent's new invisible attitude and Lois deceiving capabilities that no one wonders where CK has been these past days after the shuttle incident.

But the big action comes next. During a big heat wave in Metropolis, some thugs armed with super weapons threaten to kill a bunch of kids. Of course Big Blue won't accept that. After some action, Billy's heroic stand up and Superman's advice (REMEMBER KIDS Guns are dangerous! They're not toys), Superman aprehends and interrogates one of the super thugs in a funny way, finding out who is the supplier of the gear. None other than Lexcorp. And this leaves us to think... Are Intergang and Lexcorp working together to bring down supers, by supplying criminals with super weapons? well, I bet it is, and I bet that's what Batman will be finding out once he gets to Metropolis.

No Caption Provided

My opinion: It's a pretty funny and action packed issue, with a few cameos and still manages to keep the story going. Overall I gives this a solid 4.5, only because of the art who still is iffy sometimes (like Lex not looking like Michael Rosenbaum all the time and Lois face ending up weird when she is shown from a side view)

Smallville Season 11: it's my favourite Superman comic currently and it feels very Supermany. Im liking it a lot and even if you are not a fan of the show or you are but dropped mid series or never got onto Season 11, maybe you should try it out.

Hope you guys kept with me through this, I didn't give out much spoilers, you can easily read this and enjoy it, specially because the dialogue and the action are the main jewels of Part 1 and 2 IMO. I will review the rest of the Detective episode (at least the first quarter, which is Part 3 and 4) and maybe who knows, something else in Season 11

Peace out


Kid Flash vs Smallville's Batman & Nightwing

Hello. This is just a blog post about two things I've read recently that I really liked and Id like to hear some opinions too.

First one is Kid Flash and the Dinosoids.

No Caption Provided

I really liked that small featurette at the end of the last Teen Titans, and I thought it would stay there until I saw DC presents: Kid Flash! I immediatly picked it up (Kid Flash is really growing on me) and then I noticed it continued on the Dinosoid story of the small featurette. Kid Flash + Dinosaurs = Awesome

Not to mention the whole teenage context... Im a sucker for that

PS: I really liked the "4th wall-ish" initial pages and the overall over-thinking "big inner monologue" boxes present throughtout the issue

The other one is Smallville's second arc/episode - "Detective"

No Caption Provided

Obviously dealing with the introduction of Smallville's own version of Batman!

The Dark Knight is not alone though, as he is accompanied by his sidekick Nightwing - not Dick Grayson - but a female Nightwing. My guess is that it's probably Barbara Gordon, but it could also be a recycling of Carrie Kelley from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Graphic Novels or a entirely new character (this is just speculation since we yet don't know a name and all we have to work with is her hair colour and face, drawn by Smallville's Season 11 artist.

It was a nice little introduction following up on Clark after the events of Guardian and it showed us a Batmanthat was very familiar yet different enough.

PS: I love his costume. this may sound weird, but it looks so realistic, pratical, yet badass and super hero-y. I also like Nightwing's costume, it suits a female Nightwing

so if you've been reading any of these, thoughts?


Need a recap

Hey everyone, Im back from vacation and as I've been away from everything this past two weeks I need a recap from the comic world. Any importatn news from Marvel or DC be it in comics, animation or live action.

Im already going to pick up my weekly stuff that I missed but still, I bet there's stuff I will probably miss

so, any big news?


Dr. Helix Huxley's Blog on Hybrids - Saiyan/Kryptonian

Hey guys! So, I had the idea to do this for a while now and after seeing the thread about the Saiyan/Kryptonian hybrid, I decided to actually do a blog about it (FINALLY). So here it goes; I'll be adressing the hypothetical case of a hybridization between both alien races - few things you should know: I will take into account any DATA, but obviously I'll pay more attention to canon for a reason; I will also accept and adress this case as if both races coexisted in the same universe, therefore, elements of both are possible (in this case, KI in the DC universe, or solar absorption in the DB universe).

First of all - IS IT POSSIBLE?

Okay, so, is hybridization between both races possible? Let's take a look:

- Both races have sucessfully reproduced through natural means with Humans having healthy fertile descendants who were then capable of repeating the process throguh countless generations (for hypothesis sake, let's say both DC and DragonBall Humans are alike genetically)

-The actual pregnancy wouldn't be a problem since both races are superhuman in nature

- Both are humanoid races that beyond that, are extremely close to Humans in the outside, leading one to presume that even with their great abilities they aren't that different inside.

-As said above, the similarities are incredible, specially in light of both universes having several sentient species but these ones being the only (or almost) that resemble humans; Saiyans relation to primates is stated several times and Kryptonians in some non canon stories have some relation to humans or are able to transfer their genetic endowments through some gimmick.

Final Result = 99.99% chances - The first argument is pretty powerful if we consider humans in DBZ and DC to be the same or very close.

Let's meet the lucky species: (if you are very knowledgeable of both, you can skip until the Hybrid part)

I'm not going to go deep on their story because it's not of much interest, unless it is fundamental for the argument or discussion at hand

First, Saiyans

"The Saiyans are a naturally aggressive, warrior, fighting race who, since ancient times, have lived a violent and inhumane lifestyle, where they attack numerous planets to build up wealth and goods"

Saiyans in appearance are very similar to humans with a few differences:

Spiky nearly untamable(recessive gene) dark coloured hair (in RARE exceptions, blue or blonde hair), prehensile furry tail, larger muscular build, large hearts (few times bigger than regular humans), dark eyes (recessive gene)

Saiyan psychology is like human, very dependent on education but a few traits are genetic such as:

-huge love for fighting or if educate in that way, violence

-hard-headed and stubborn

-explosive temper and likelihood to be taken over by emotion

-some lack of empathy (easily fueled by education)

-some arrogant traits, specially when it comes to competition

-due to these traits, some saiyans can do irrational or rash decisions by nature

-despite this, they are not dumb, being actually extremely competent tactic wise in comparison to other species

Technologically, Saiyans are very advanced, but mostly through cientific achievements themselves did not make, prefering to steal other species tech. More on this later...

Now, Kryptonians

"Kryptonians are the race of people from the planet Krypton. While living on Krypton, or any planet under a red star, Kryptonians seem relatively just as physically powerful as normal humans, but have highly advanced technology which allows them to control their world. However, on Earth, which has both lesser gravity and a yellow star, Kryptonians gain superpowers"

As with Saiyans, Kryptonians are on the outside, very similar to humans, possesing no key differentiating characteristics.

Psychologically, Kryptonians differ much less from humans than Saiyans, with just a bit more preponderance towards rational thinking and intelligence than the average human.

As of that, Kryptonian technology is very advanced, possibly one of the most advanced in the DC universe, and the entire society was drawn unto scientific investigation and enhancement

Now, what we all want to see: Powers, abilities, weaknesses and others

Saiyans are naturally more powerful than humans due to the characteristics of their homeworld and their own evolution Their main power source is KI.

KI is a powerful latent energy, consisting of life force, which drawns upon the courage/will and mind of the user, being either positive or negative and able to be controlled and turned into various capabilities (we will see which soon)

They possess:

Superhuman Strenght; mainly through the gravitational difference between Earth and Vegeta/Saiyan HomeWorld and the higher density and strenght of saiyan musculatory system, but also through the use of KI to power it up

Superhuman speed, reflexes and perception, same reason as above

Superhuman durability, see above

superhuman agility, see above

superhuman endurance, see above

flight, the ability to control KI comes in use, enabling users to use it as propulsion to fly at incredible speeds

Zenkai - the ability to grow stronger if the user survives a near fatal injury (the closer to death the Saiyan gets and is able to survive, the stronger he gets), this one is a evolutionary characteristic of Saiyans

Energy projection, through the use of KI

Energy (life force/KI) absorbtion and lending, see above

Healing ability (only others, not themselves), see above

Kinectic outburst through the use of KI Auras, see above

Psychokinesis (slightly different form of telekinesis, but mostly the same), see above

Natural increase of KI over time, possibly through evolution

Super sense of smell, possibly through evolution

Healing factor and higher immulogic system, through evolution (necessary for a warrior race)

Slower aging, see above

Some resistance to magic; probably inherent to saiyans but for no known reason

low level mind reading and tolerance, unknown causes (most of the times it's done, the user needs to concentrate a lot and the "victim" must be unconscious or near unconscious or very relaxed as well - this can be bypassed through the use of a link)

prehensile tail, through evolution (more on the tail in the weaknesses department)

Saiyans also have other non inherent atributes:

- KI detection; with some training Saiyans can easily detect anyone in the vicinity through KI

- Warrior training; some of the finest military and combat training in the Z universe

-Planning and information gathering (mainly cultural)

-Stolen tech which includes rubbery armor capable of resisting to various levels of shock, scouter able to measure the power level of an enemy, swords, bo staffs and laser guns (most are never used) and transportation pods

- Various degrees of computer technology capable of some AI

-Incredible level of medicine; through the use of a chemical compound in liquid form, after merely 30 to 40 minutes, even a severely damaged person makes a full recovery (must be fully submerged in the liquid however - no other known use is possible)

Although powerful, sayians have weaknesses:

- the prehensile tail if not trained, is a major weakness for any saiyan, since when hit or grabbed, causes severe pain and paralysis in the whole body; however, a trained Saiyan can be rid of this weakness and turn it into a weapon, making his tail another part of his body capable of superhuman feats, like strenght or speed.

- Saiyans need to eat A LOT. They have usually 40 to 50 meals per day, due to their high metabolism. If they don't eat for some time, they grow weaker, but this has only been demonstrated with 1 saiyan (Goku) and due to his personality it may not be an actually common weakness. Either way, saiyans are still able to fully operate at the highest levels for a long time after they have eaten, seemingly being stronger right after they've eaten, but if they don't eat as many times as necessery they might get weaker and eventually die, although in a slower rate than normal humans

-Saiyans can't breathe in space or underwater but they can hold their breathes for very long and survive in hostile environments like the vacuum of space. Still, they can't breathe

-Overall, saiyans are powerful but they are not truly invincible, being able to be damaged physically, even though bullets and other ways have no effect on them.

Saiyans also have several transformations at their disposal, such as:

-Great Ape; if they have not loss their tail, when confronted by a full moon or energy ball which replicates such, they turn into a massive ape, capable of destroying a planet's civilization alone

- Super Saiyan; with training and through an emotional trigger, a Saiyan can become exponentialy stronger with these transformations; there are 4 main transformations, from SSJ 1 to 4, each stronger than the last. There are also other super saiyan transformations, like Legendary and Ascended

Kryptonians! They also based some of their powers on Earth's lower gravity, but mainly their power comes from the photonucleic effect

Photonucleic Effect is the effect by which Kryptonians and creatures from the planet Krypton are given incredible superpowers by exposure to Yellow suns. The cells of a Kryptonian creature are altered by certain types of electromagnetic radiation.

Those powers include:

Superhuman strenght, speed, jump, endurance, durability, agility; through the gravitational difference but also powered up by the sun

Heat vision; solar powered

X ray vision, see above

super breath; see above

freeze breath, see above

super senses; see above

flight; probably solar powered but with no visible means of propulsion (gravitational manipulation or telekinesis are theorized as means for this)

self sustainance; solar powered, meaning Kryptonians can go long times in full energy as long as they are exposed to yellow sun radiation, not needing to sleep, eat or drink

Healing factor, immunity to most diseases - solar powered possibly

Longevity - see above

photographic memory - unknown, possibly solar

Non inherent atributes of Kryptonians:

- High level technology; from AI to gadgets

-Extremely resistant battle armor

-as with techonology, Kryptonian culture has a lot of scientific knowledge

- Kryptonians can through education and dedication have above average intelligence and mental processes (this differeing on the incarnations can be both from solar powers and culture, or just culture)

-Kryptonian martial art of Horo-Kanu

Weaknesses (yes, here it comes, the green rock)

- Kryptonite, the most common weakness to be shown, a radioctive of sorts, rock from Krypton that can weaken or injure the indestructible skin of Kryptonians

-Red sun or the lack of yellow sun light; Red Sun depowers Kryptonians and if you don't get under a yellow sun, your batteries eventually go kaput, and you are powerless

Lead - X ray vision doesn't work on this material, but it's no biggie

Magic - Kryptonian powers are weak against mystical forces such as magic

Sheer force - even though Kryptonians are nigh indestructible, if you hit hard enough, they'll fall

Extremely advanced/future tech - some extremely advanced tech or just tech from the future, can somewhat affect Kryptonians

Ears - through certain ways, it's possible to hurt a kryptonian in his hears with sound weapons or high impact in those areas, even causing their ears to bleed

The Actual Hybrid

First, we'll start with the easier part, personality. As we know, it's not the least complex part, but because of that, we have no idea how an actual hybrid would behave and education comes into play too. So I'll just focus on a few key characteristics that may be genetically influenced and universal for the species.

We know that pure Saiyans are as described before, somewhat arrogant, competitive, etc... But most of these characteristics DO NOT seem to be passed onto hybrids, for instance; Gohan, a half Saiyan, half human, is not as eagered to train, fight or violence as a full blooded saiyan with a similar moral code (Goku). If we assume this, then the Kryptonian/Saiyan hybrid will most likely not inherent these traits unless the Kryptonian half has some of it. What does seem to be genetically passed on and not based on education is a tactical mind. If this is true, then even half saiyans will retain the great tactical and strategic mind of the Saiyan race.

Kryptonians don't seen to have genetically predispositioned personality traits, except for a certain sense of rationality and above average intelligence or curiosity. We will assume this is true and use it.

Culturally, the hybrid (assuming he has contact and information on both races, even though they are extinct) can absorb some traits particular to both cultures and awaken his inner warrior sense (Saiyan) or his scientific brilliance (Kryptonian) or even both.

In conclusion; a few common traits that a Saiyan/Kryptonian hybrid would have may include:

-Planning, information gathering, tactical skills and mental processes

-Rational thinking, scientific curiosity and brilliance

- (less likely) arrogant, keen to fighting, stubborn, lack of empathy

-(likely) explosive temper, keen to emotional outburts

We move on into techonology and other non inherent atributes. Assuming both his Saiyan and Kryptonian lineage are preserved, the hybrid may have at his will a number of tools for crime-fighting, world conquered or ass kicking. These include the Kryptonian advanced technology and scientific knowledge, Saiyan escape pods, capable of almost impossible travel speeds and trajectory even in a planet, Saiyan medicine, Kryptonian armor + Saiyan armor ( since Saiyan battle armor seems to be easily manufactured, less durable than kryptonian and is usually worn on top of other clothes, in theory the hybrid could wear both at the same time, increasing his durability immensely).

Also, Saiyan battle training and combat expertises, including a few martial arts and the Kryptonian Martial Art of Hono-Kanu.

On top of that, there are a few gadgets and weapons that might be useful for the hybrid, but as we will see, he/she will only need to use weapons if he/she feels bored and wants a challenge...

Let's see genetics or actually; powers and weaknesses. When it comes to the actual hybrid we need to take into account the known human hybrids with both species to reach a conclusion. To make sure this hypothesis is as realistic as possible (LOOOOL) we will go with the human hybrids of both species.

Kryptonian human hybrids seem to gain every power a full kryptonian has under the yellow sun. Although they don't seem to show it at full capacity. Besides Kryptonian abilities, these hybrids seem to have Tactile Telekinesis and later, full TK. One could say it is the Kryptonian DNA pulling up something on the human DNA. Maybe it is, maybe it's a latent Kryptonian power. Whatever the case, it seems to need less powering under the Yellow Sun or none at all, which would support the human latent metagene side.

Saiyan human hybrids seem to be as powerful as full blooded saiyans, or on the accounts of Vegeta "more powerful". There's that debate going on, but what Vegeta said is probably more on the ultimate potential of the hybrid than on his inherent power. Hybrids seem to be able to pick up almost where his Saiyan parent left of. If the Saiyan parent was capable of Super Sayian 1 levels, the kid will quickly reach those levels. This could mean that Saiyan DNA has a very powerful genetic memory allowing the descendants to pick up on whatever the parents were capable of doing. This could lead to an exponential increase of power over generations. Saiyan human hybrids don't seem to have any non saiyan ability has a result of the mix.

So, how would it go? A few things we can be sure. The hybrid would possess under yellow sun:

Super human strenght - what level? we can't be sure. In theory, Kryptonian hybrids are weaker and absorb less solar energy, going with the math, half of a normal Kryptonians strenght = roughly 400 000 tons. BUT WAIT, we know the Saiyan homeworld was 10x stronger in terms of gravitational pull, so Saiyans are atleast 10 time stronger than the average human, but let's do some math. Goku as kid could lift above 50x his own weight. This is a rough estimate but let's roll with it. So, if has a kid he could do 50x, has an adult he should be able to do double that. 100x his own weight. The average human adult is around 80 lbs, so if we assume a Saiyan, due to his higher body density, is let's say, 150 lbs, he would be able to lift 15 000 lbs, nearly 7 tons. The hybrid should be able to easily match the strenght of 400010 tons. But, don't despair, as we will see afterwards, Saiyan strenght can be increased through regular training, just like humans, but despite what humans do, Saiyan strenght is also KI based and it can increase immensely. Regardless, the hybrids strenght without training is huge, depending on the Kryptonian version used or the ammount of strenght a Kryptonian hybrid has in comparison to a full Kryptonian, but with the possibility of increase the other half of his strenght and putting it on top of the Kryptonian one (because Saiyan human hybrids have full saiyan strenght and can also increase it through training), the strenght potential of this being is tremendous. From a few characters we know that regular trained Saiyans can achieve 400 tons or beyond. Result: Lots of strenght (and we haven't even touched transformations or other power ups)

Superhuman speed/reflexes and jump: I'm gonna be short here. Even if a half kryptonian can only match half the speed of a full one, Saiyans are extremely fast as well. Once again, that adds up to the Kryptonian stats and with training, they can achieve velocities that are beyond what the human eye can perceive. Result: Insane speed. Nuff said

Superhuman durability, agility and endurance: it's hard to measure these, but assuming once again what we did before, although the durability might not be near invincible, it will be damn high. The agility and endurance will also be crazy high. Result: WOOBA WOOBA!

Super senses: Here, the hybrid would have most kryptonian heightned senses but with the help of the Saiyan olfaction. Result: Something probably near Superman levels of senses, including X-ray, Telescopic and microscopic vision, except for smell, in which would be Saiyan level (slightly above a bear)

Heat vision: Not much to say here Result: Pretty powerful heat vision

Super breath: Just like Kryptonians Result: Regular or icy, don't get caught on this!

Healing factor, longevity: a mix between the two species; mainly Kryptonian healing and Saiyan longevity Result: This sucker is gonna live for a long time

Self-Sustainance: with the help of the friendly sun, this guy doesn't need anything other than light Result: no more need to eat 40 meals a day! Major wallet saving

Flight: Both Kryptonian flight and KI flight would be able to be used. In theory this could mean less KI used in flight and more KI used in fight Result: It's a plane, a bird or an alien demi god?

KI: In theory, if human hybrids had KI easier than regular humans in DBZ universe, this hybrid should also be able to use it to a degree, maybe even fully. With KI comes: Energy projection, absorbtion, lending, healing, kinetic outburst and psychokinesis. Result: OH GOD THAT'S BADASS!!

Low level telepathy: just like Saiyans, not very useful in a battle due to it's low level, but it's still there Result: It's cool if you want to know what other people are thinking while asleep

Prehensile tail: as a result, a prehensile Saiyan tail, turns into a nigh invulnerable class 100 ton furry cilinder, capable of breaking stuff and heck Result: DO NOT TOUCH IT THERE!

Zenkai: From the Saiyan side, every time this hybrid comes close to death but overcomes it, he become closer to being invincible Result: Run, just RUN!!!! Or pray, since this guy is gonna catch you either way if he wants.

This is what we can be sure - This is the potential power:

Telekinesis - We know human kryptonian hybrids have it. Even if it's just a human thing, it's possible that the interection with Saiyan DNA, capable of KI induced Psychokinesis, could lead to Tactile Telekinesis or full TK. Probability: Extremely HIGH

Unlimited KI - Saiyans are know for having a on going KI increase even if they aren't pulling it. But they have limitations due to thir body and metabolism. Under the yellow sun, the power source of Kryptonians, that energy could be used to power up the natural KI of the hybrid, making him able to accumulate the increasing KI without damaging himself and without limits, since Kryptonians are self sustained under the sun. Basically, an unlimited energy projection god Probability: High

Force/Energy fields - Human Kryptonian hybrid usually are capable of Tact TK shields. Saiyans are capable of creating kinetic outburts of KI. In theory, if a hybrid possess both of these abilities he could create a defensive barrier. Or his genes could due it for him and automatically give him that power Probability: Low

Other powers - Due to the nature of both DNA's, further powers are very possible but merely speculation. If further powers were given, they would probably include mental abilties, which both Saiyans and Kryptonians seem to have a hidden potential for - ex: Mind Control, Full Telepathy, Extra sensorial senses Probability: Very HIGH

Apart from this, both species could through training achieve other abilities:

Teleportation - We know Goku had this in the series but it was a technic taught to him. It's possible that with the control of his KI, the hybrid could learn this but not likely Probability: Low

KI detection and reading: Saiyans have a natural talent for this but they need intensive training Probability: High

Eidetic memory and genius intellect: Quite possible mainly through the Kryptonian side. If raised in proper conditions and with information on both species scientific knowledge from an early age, very likely. Probability: High

Weaknesses, now we are getting somewhere!! Here it is:

Saiyan weaknesses: Most are non existent now mainly due to self sustainance and higher durability. The only that remains is the tail, but one could argue that since the tail is nigh indestructible now, it will not hurt the Hybrid. Either way, with training that weakness can be easily overcome and turned into a powerful 5th limb capable of shattering destruction

Kryptonite: Human hybrids seem to be as equally affect by Kryptonite as full kryptonians, but since Saiyans are a powerful race, much more powerful than humans and capable of immunity against several poisons and diseases, and also the fact that Superboy was not allergic to other elements that Clark was, except for Kryptonite, I'd say this one will still be a big weakness, but not as big has before.

Red Sun: Goodbye my lover!! Yes, good bye weakness! Even if he loses the solar battery, he can still kick butt like there's no tomorrow thanks to his KI and Saiyan physiology

Magic: A big weakness. But Saiyans have a certain degree of resistance against powerful magic. It may not be full invulnerability, but it will help taking to account the Kryptonian weakness

Future/advanced tech/genetically marked tech: It probably won't due much due to the fact that he is hybrid. Unless they tag his cellular structure and make a specific weapon against Kryptonian/Saiyan hybrids

Sheer force: It will still work but in theory you'll need to hit harder. Even though it's debatable if the hybrid is more durable than a full kryptonian, his variety of powers, mainly KI, will prevent some damage. Not to mention the whole armor thing.

Final Though On Power:

This hybrid is something like nothing before. The main thing going on for him is having all the powers with less weaknesses. Also, with a wider variety than both of his "parents", this is a true force unstoppable.

The main focus should be the Zenkai ability, which will make it even stronger. And also transformations. Since tranformations work with hybrids, in theory they should work too here.

The Super Saiyan transformation would turn this demi god, into a full god. Super Saiyan 2 or 3 (or even 4 if possible for hybrids, which doesn't seem to be but it's not confirmed) it's just overkill.

Also, the Great Ape tranformation. We can't be sure if under this the hybrid would have the kryptonian abilites, but if it did, it would be basically, Hulk up to a gazillion. The fact that the tail would be hard to be cut and even after being cut could and most likely would heal back makes us think this might be extremely dangerous. On the other hand, expert Saiyans seem to be able to control or atleast recall what they are doing while in Great Ape, so not all hope is lost. (Also, this guy is pratically a god, he can just blow up the moon for shizzles)

Overall my classification is:

Power: 9/10 - TOAA and The Presence check for this guy in their closets and under their beds.

Coolness: 10/10 - Just too cool to exist. But hopefully not

Sexyness: 9/10 - as we will see right next, it seems the good attractiveness genes run in the alien blood

Last thing; how would it look?

We know the hybrid would get a dark hair or the darkest possible from the Saiyan side. It would also be spiky or untamable (this one is recessive). Eyes would be dependent mainly on the Kryptonian side, since this is a recessive gene for Saiyans. Also, they would have a muscular build.

My rushed attempt at it (mainly for the lulz):

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So, here it is! If you liked it and want another blog about other hybridizations just comment with your proposal for the next one! Even if it's not likely or possible, I'll try my best to come up with something! Thanks



I wonder why its called "Speedblitz". The name is kind of redundant if you think about it. Blitz is german for flash.