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The Sin of Saddle Creek (cv22 origin)

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Jordyn HillStats
Birthplace:Unknown (possibly the lost town of Wheatvale)
Aliases:Jordyn Hill, The Pale Moon Rider, The Sin of Saddle Creek, The Hangman of Jericho Hill, The Legend of a Lynched Mob, Flame of the Betrayed, Last Son of the Undying Blaze
Age:Appears to be in his early 30's
Hair Color:Black
Eye ColorBrown
Species:Homo-Sapien (undead)
Character Tier:SL+ (Street Level+)
Identity:Unknown (identity lost to time - lost to history)
Relationship Status:Single
Family:Unknown (maybe, once upon a time and a family that the lord forsook, the Hills)
Occupation:Professional Stunt Driver Reavenging Spirit

Paradise Lost

Origin? Myth? Folklore?
(re-creation) Momma Bo circa 1868
(re-creation) Momma Bo circa 1868

"Lets just say, you know, pretend. Like....a myth yeah a story, a myth. Ya know? The Bo-Veras. Lets just say that their villainy goes back further than some of the most recognizable names in American history. Not the current iteration of brothers. No. Not them. Momma Bo. Now that motherless jackal. Well. Lets just say she looks exceptionally well for her age. Legend has it she first appeared in the south western territories around the first half of the 19th century."

"I heard she was a half Negress half Cherokee medicine women who's own people exiled her for worshiping a false god."

I heard she was the leader of, get this, a band of outlaws known as you guessed it, the Vera brothers. I should stop cause this is all rumor anyway. But boy. If it wasnt? The horrific nature of them boys would have been enough to send shivers up Satan's spine."

"Shit. They were just the tip of the sword. Momma Bo's real power lied with that damn cult. The Blackfire Cult of Cutter's Canyon I believe is how that one poem tells it. Bunch of crazy assholes running around kidnaping, torturing, mutilating, lighting poor folks on fire and killing in the name of....dammit what was that name again.....some Akk ..adian god, Ezickel... Ebba?"

"That aint it dumby. Erra. Erra was the name. Ancient Arcadian death god or some such shit. Real end of the world stuff."

"Thats it. Real tragedy what they did to all thems people. Those who werent murdered or missing packed up everything they could and vanished themselves. One's who didnt get drug off into the woods."

"Yeah. What bout them two brothers?"

"They werent brothers."

"Close enough to be."

"One of em road with the damn Bo-Veras didnt he? Legend I hears says his family name was Hill."

"Colored fella. His daddy came through by way of the early American migration south when people began to move into the Spanish (and, later, Mexican) south-western territories. And (though the Mexican government opposed it) Americans irredeemably brought with them African American slaves. I mean really though, what an invaluable resource. Used em to settle the frontier, establishing cotton farms and cattle ranches. But while them ranchers were away fighting in that war, well shit, they depended on them *&^%#@ slaves to maintain their land and cattle herds. In doing so, them slaves secretly developed the skills to cowboy, tend cattle - breaking horses, pulling calves out of mud and releasing longhorns caught in the brush, to name a few. Yet as the economy faltered and with far too few cowhands, lack of tools -barbwire and resources, allowed the cattle population to run wild. Forced them good old boys returning home to have to actually pay freed - but skilled - African Americans as cowboys. But who's to say?"

Momma Bo and Jordyn?
Momma Bo and Jordyn?
Praising the False Arcadian God Erra?
Praising the False Arcadian God Erra?

"No no. I heard this singer down in El Paso sing a ballad that dare say Momma Bo that boys real mammy. The exiled Cherokee had a kid with her. He waddnt no Hill. Daddy's last name may have been Hill but that boy real blood all Bo Vera. Best believe. She exposed him to all that ritualistic nonsense. Indoctrinated the poor bastard *&^%d his mind all the way up I bet. But Momma Bo double crossed him. Crossed him up good and %$#ing proper story goes. Real sadistic shit. Sacrificed him alongside his family. Made him watch as they violated everything a man holds most dear...."

"Yeah well. I'm done talkin bout it kay? Thats enough foolishness outta ya any damn way. We never talk bout it. Never."

"But what if the stories are true? What if some acts of hate are just to evil to die?

"Oh would you shut up. How would something like that even work? Hell. What the hell would such a sacrilegious entity even be up to if it were out here walking around? Or would he be on horseback? This day and age? Jackass."


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Though once upon a time the Sin of Saddle Creek may have championed a more worthy cause of unanswered justice, the Flaming Skull of Ichabod Bridge has now forsaken humanity. Completely indifferent to the increasing acts of unspeakable evil and violence but more than that, he has simply stopped caring about humanity. Social media, political corruption, the 21st century as a whole is something the Legend of the Lynched Mob longer empathizes with. He no longer believes in justice. Killing indiscriminately. Guilt, innocence, they no longer anchor the former Death Rider's actions. No longer influencing his deadly judgments, or passive reprieves.

Revenge. Revenge and the Gods of Death. The only guiding principles the escaped hellslave of an Arcadian forgery accepts in his jaded perception of humanity. Though secretly the absentee reaper of lost justice owes his resurrection and powers to none other than his most hated foe, Momma Bio Vera.

Their concealed connection extending beyond the physical realm of reality deep into the metaphysical plane of what Momma Bo believes to be the omnipotent astral realm of Erra, the Arcadian God of Plague. Of the Apocalypse. However, what the pale moon rider knows and his blood rival does not, is that whatever esoteric eldritch has cursed, or blessed them, is not the prophesied Arcadian god but something else. Something which its name, if it ever even had one, was lost long ago. Perhaps written in the sands which are now oceans in a language history has yet to even uncover. Perhaps marked in blood along a cave wall that has now been swallowed up by a tropical rainforest. Who's to say.

Abilities & Skills

Precision Driving
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The secretly undead desperado, in the guise of small time extreme stunt driver and unbreakable daredevil, having ridden and driven every mode of American transportation from horses to horsepower for almost over two hundred years, has almost robotic like sense of hand eye coordination and anticipatory reflexes allowing him to maneuver high end machines and supercharged vehicles with uncanny ability and showmanship.

But the Sin of Saddle Creek is also able to maximize the most out of any car, bike or truck he gets behind the wheel of. Able to push an engine to the breaking point beyond the most extreme conditions with a keen connection to the vehicle's hidden potential. Unlocking its factory limitations and freeing the lost thoroughbred inside.

Indulging his alter ego's insane never say die x-games themed mentality. Covertly using the access afforded him by touring the national rally, dirtbike, and motocross circuits in search of the two-wheeled Hells Angels of Detroit, the lost occultist and latest incarnation of the Vera Brothers, Momma Bo and company.

Because of this, driving situation as defined as the human-machine system environment (driver–vehicle), from the driver’s point of view, represents a delimited section that ends with an environmental change. This allows the complexity of a driving situation on several elements to make up the environment (for example road design - motorways vs. rural roads vs. city roads -road layout - straight vs. with curves, even vs. inclined, junction vs. no junction) and traffic flow (high density vs. low density). Of which the indestructible daredevil navigates with an almost clairvoyant type anticipation.

Jordyn hits the road with a subconscious observation of a three tiered hierarchy. First level being a strategy which constitutes the decision-making (like choosing to follow a specific or alternate route).

Second focusing on a tactical reactionary reflex and includes death defying maneuvers faced to the situation (reactions to the other drivers’ behavior and aggressive maneuvers).

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With third being operational. Vehicle control (e.g., managing the trajectory, aerial launches and leaps).

Tactical Driving
Two Wheeled Urban Evasion and Highway Escape
Formational Acuity

Knowledge, Experience, Wisdom

Encyclopedic Knowledge
Knowledge Projection
Knowledge Replication
The Pale Rider has the ability to recall and or replicate most kinds of knowledge. Such as knowledge over a subject, a foreign language, or mastery of the road. Its rumored that the Last Son of the Undying Blaze can duplicate information from hellspawns and other such demonic creatures, inanimate mediums of data, such as books, computers, etc, are seeming gained via touch or gaze. Able to replicate knowledge in the air with a fiery finger of written dictation.

Supernatural Powers

Do Not Stare

The Eyes of Isum and SibittiIn Arcadian legend Isum and Sibitti are ("the sons of heaven and earth —"champions without peer" is the repeated formula—and are each assigned a destructive destiny. Others call them "personified weapons".) Named after the aforementioned fable, perhaps the Pale Moon Rider's most indomitable ability reside in his right and left eye respectively.

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Through his sanctified unholy gaze the haunting harbinger of judgmental horrors can supernaturally harness the evils of war and plague - offerings from the god of affray and slaughter, the ancient Mesopotamia eldritch, Erra. Turning the insides of the unfit. The Impure. Turning the sins of the Unsainted into a poisonous miasma to be eaten. Effectively making him a Sin-Eater.

With the Stare of the Scorched Marquee of Unmourned Men, the Sin of Saddle Creek can generate an internal combustion of demonic radiation from within his enemies and victims. Violating, possibly even cursing micro bacteria. It is unknown, but the soul scorching temperatures have been estimated to be somewhere around twice that of an ordinary bolt of lightning (100,000 degrees Fahrenheit) Far hotter than magma, far hotter than the surface of the sun.

Enhanced Strength
Max 25tons
Cursed Objects
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The Pale Moon Rider has the ability to transform various weapons into blazing armaments of the False Arcadian God of the Apocalypse. The primary example of this ability is seen when Jordyn imbues conventional bullets into blazing projectiles covered in soul trapping fire. Literally capable of stealing the souls of the targets the former Death Rider slays. Or transforms a Harley into a holocaust of vehicular flames.

Limited - Dreamwalk/Astral Realm(wip)
The Son of the Undying Flame does not have a telepathic link or ability that allows his sub-conscious to enter the astral realm, but rather an odd combination of his link to the 'immortal' Momma Bo, and her esoteric pillar of occultism known as the Tower. In addition to his demonic powers as a reborn Death Rider.


Geronimo's Curse
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Jordyn's one of a kind 1836 Paterson SD Colt Revolver known as, Geronimo's Curse, is an enigma unto itself. A supernatural consequence of a marriage between innovation and ancient Native American incantations. Its early origins are a complete mystery, as is the identity of its creator. Subtly decorated with unique engravings and symbols, it's clear that whomever was responsible for its original conception was well versed in the prophetic fables of ancient Native American lore. As several of the revolver's etchings appear to be carved with an extinct language.

The earliest recorded mention of its existence came in the form of a letter from a letter from a General Jesup circa-1835 during the second Black Seminole War. He wrote;

"This, you may be assured, is a negro and not an Indian war. Today I saw defiance in its darkest form, as one negro, barefoot and shirtless, brandished the most elogant looking Colt I have ever witnessed. Its strange markings looked like the workings of the devil. Black magic. Our physicians have never seen wounds like this before. Tomorrow I will attempt to subdue this radical, and destroy his instrument of evil."

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Later the Colt would be gifted to the Sin of Saddle Creek by his 'mentor' and matriarch of the Bo Vera brothers, Momma Bo. And would become a staple of the duel wielding outlaw during the prime years of his criminal career. Before it ultimately vanished shortly after the brutal murder of the Hills.

Geronimo's Curse is made up of several different metals including ancient Great Lakes copper. Melted iron from old horseshoes, even cannonballs from the war of 1812. Its also rumored to have been cursed by the unrecognized tribes of the Americas. Its grip may actually have been forged from the ceremonial bones of the legendary Shawnee tribal chief, Tecumseh.

It is a mysterious slayer of the unnatural, of the supernatural. Of the demonic plaques secretly roaming the earth praying upon the innocent. Upsetting the balance of justice and perverting the delicate laws between the living, dead and everything in between. In short, Geronimo's Curse is a hand-held devil's trap capable of capturing or destroying the essence of anything it shoots using the Anti-Life Equation. Which is inscribed upside down along both sides of the revolver's barrel. Or so the legend goes.

loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding × guilt × shame × failure × judgment = y, y = hope, n = folly, love = lies, life = death, self = the original sin (defiance)