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Wait... did Warner Bros just turn Hal Jordan into Ryan Reynolds?

One of the biggest Green Lantern fans since the early 90's considering I only read him and Superman (feel free to read my posts in the DC Forum), I really was looking forward (and still am) to the upcoming GL film. 

So as I did with my criticism of Superman Returns (this was way before discovering Comicvine - quick summary: Superman Returns = basically a remake of 1978 Superman film version 1.5)... pending a full review down the road, I too am going to humbly do so with my first impression of Green Lantern.  All of this of course is criticism based on love, otherwise I just wouldn't even bothered to care at all.

First impression of the GL preview was that this felt like WB's version of "Iron Man". 

But after watching the full trailer, aside from the fact it feels as if it could be the movie "The Proposal" but only with superpowers, does anyone else feel like WB's character portrayal of Green Lantern was that, instead of turning the actor Ryan Reynolds into the one-and-only Hal Jordan himself, they basically went the other route, and turned Hal Jordan into Ryan Reynolds instead?

Yes, I fortunately had the unfortune of seeing this movie.  It's actually pretty funny though.

Sure Ryan Reynolds has this Hollywood stereotype of being a "funny guy", a "comic relief", the Van Wilder type of character.  But instead of having Ryan Reynolds molded into the role of Hal Jordan, it seems like they basically just wrote Green Lantern to be portrayed just like the actor himself. 

I'm seeing Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, more than I see Hal Jordan as the cosmic ring wielder himself.
Imagine if Tim Burton would've gone the same route when they casted comedian Michael Keaton as the new Batman back in 1989...? 
Here's hoping that Marvel Studios doesn't take this route when they release Captain America starring another "comic fun guy" in Chris Evans.  Which by the way from the looks of it, seems set on a much more serious tone. 

But can you imagine Steve Rogers acting like Johnny Storm?  
Of course not!  
Which is why it's weird seeing Hal Jordan acting like Van Wilder.
Does Ryan Reynolds always have to do comedy?   He's shown he could be serious in movies like "Fireflies in the Garden" and even "Amityville Horror".  He doesn't need to be Van Wilder in Green Lantern. By the way, someone mentioned that Ryan Reynolds felt more like Kyle Rayner with a hint of Guy Gardner; totally agree.

I really do not, repeat, DO NOT want this to "feel" like "Iron Man".  I love "Iron Man" don't get me wrong, but I don't want another movie to have a similar theme, feel, and atmosphere from another movie of the same genre.  It's basically like playing "Medal of Honor" when you've already played "Call of Duty".  You just want a different feel, a different experience... like (going by my video game analogy) more of a "Gears of War" feel.   
Other than that, I am still going to see this movie, along with every other upcoming comic book themed movie in 2011, and getting the Green-Ray later that year too!