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Sweet Cyclops, Oh Wait 2

So I am a huge Cyclops fan, that said I had high hopes for this book. I try to never to have really high expectations for books that way I wont be let down for a book that is just average. What I hoped for this one-shot is that it would be like Marvel Girl, an excellent telling of a story for a character that really makes you think about the character in a new way. What I got is another First Class cameo book. A common problem with the First Class Books are that they are a place to show case sto...

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8 pages of Kinda Character Development 0

     These anthology books are something I always look forward to. we see a brief part of the character and we have art and writing that is specific to the character and we see development that is usually lacking in the main titles.   Flesh , Fangs and Burnt Rubber We see Gambit chasing some Vamps on the high way. Not sure how they chose the Vamps they go after, this seemed a little more than what was necessary to take a vamp out. We also see Gambit’s thoughts on relationships indirectly.  ...

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8-Pages vs Character Development 0

 I really love these kinds of books, multiple stories, short, to the point, art reflects the the character and we see development of the characters that we don't get in the main titles because of the lack of pages or because they aren't big characters.   "From Husk til Dawn" I had already expressed that Husk needed to make an appearance in this story arc, not only do her powers work brilliantly against the vampires but her best friend, jubilee, was the one that was taken and converted. Of all th...

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Gotta love a reality where hearts are pulled out 0

I am a huge Jean fan, I love her. Just wanted to get that out of the way first. Second that rating is just for the first story. The idea that the Phoenix Force would destroy Breakwordld seems more plausible than Colossus to me. I loved the interactions between Jean and Emma, and the conection that Cassandra is controlling her and the fact that all the little pieces worked together. Honestly, this is what I would think should happen if Jean did come back at that time, thats not to say I thought i...

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