New Mutants since M-Day

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This is the list of mutants that have been activated since M-day. Not mutants that were just never written before M-day but had their powers, not mutants that were repowered. Mutants post Hope and the Messiah trilogy.  
The sixth Light was a baby that still doesn't have a page.

Hopefully there is going to be more.

List items

  • The first mutant since M-day and decimation. Her powers are odd and the resemblance to Jean is uncanny. She is the only one that keeps the mutant race going.

  • The first light that was activated by hope. Laurie is brainy and reserved. She is Canadian and not really a fan of mutants. She doesn't like the fact she is blue and is bound to Hope.

  • The second light and a speedster. He works as the comic relief of the team, see Iceman. He seems very American for a man from Mexico, lucky they all know English.

  • The 12 or 14 year old that looks 24. Her powers are great and her feeling towards them are even better.

  • The wildchild of the group. He is a beast and a fornicator. BUt Hope is his master so lets see if he can be trusted.

  • The artist and almost villian, but most importantly, the fifth light. His powers are definately different. Not sure how this character will develop in the X-World.

  • Zeeshan is the Seventh Light to activate since Hope came back. They say that he killed himself after his friends made fun of his mutation.