Mutant Deaths Since M-Day

This is my list of all the mutants that have died since M-day.

This does not include the mutants revived and killed during the events of Necrosha. But for any of the mutants that were revived and survived will qulify if they die later. Mutants that were depowered but had powers returned will only appear if they have the X-Gene returned to them as well. So I would add Chamber if he died but not someone who had their powers replicated by technology. I also refuse to add Ariel because I still doubt that she is a mutant.

Also, none of the Maurader clone deaths apear, since that most are only clones and are just fodder for battles. If it is declared that the character is completly gone or killed maybe I will add them.

The order does not mean much, but I will attempt to put the ones I liked more towards the beginning of the list.

Also, some of the unanamed mutants that have died that do not have pages: Matthew Landu, Candian Mutant that was killed by Predator X, And Underground Mutant killed in Issue Uncanny 518 by Predator X.

This list appears in most of these characters top rated lists and I want to say thankyou to all the people that voted for it :D

List items

  • One of the many Guthrie children. He died in hopes that his death would save his friends, but really, he caused their doom. His tragic ending still seems emotional when I read that issue.

  • Another New X-Men cut down in her youth, her powers had so much potential that she had to killed. I hate the fact that her death happend, and hate more that she was resureccted. She was a great girl, and i miss her.

  • I really don't know what to say, I knew this was coming and I'm sorry if this was a spoiler somehow to you. He was one of the few X-Men never to die and it's so much more bitter with the return of Kitty. He joined to save the original team, he faught with excalibur, he lead a team, he truely was an X-Men. He gave the team faith and a soul. He will truely be missed.

  • So sad. I actually had no real feeling toward Cable until he took Hope into the future. I find it depressing that he dies now that she is here and can chose her destiny. Many sad feeling for this death. Yost Kyle stop killing characters so beautifully that I can't be mad that you killed them, it is not fair.

  • Killed in the line of duty, he was one of the X-Men that was always there on the sidelines. He would help them as much as he could no matter what. He is truely an example to the future X-Men.

  • I am sure it is only a matter of time that the third Summers brother is revived, most likely pulling his energy back together again or something, but he had a very profound affect on the X-Men and the revilations that his existence meant.

  • He died to save Warpath. He was truely nobel. He was brought back to life by the villan Bard, but his death soon followed again.

  • Sorry, Spoiler depending if you didn't read the new X-Force issue. Wither was killed fighting Elixir, the two never did see eye to eye. Wither loved Wallflower and his loved made him hate Elixir. I liked the character, but his death seemed fitting after what happend to him with Selen and what he did to...

  • He may have been a second Rockslide, but i liked Onyxx. He died like a hero trying to protect his friend Dust from Wither.

  • Another New X-Men death. Quill was killed when the purifiers attacked the school again. HE was not a developed character in life but when i read the dialouge between Emma and Ms Marvel, I couldn't help but feel great sadness over his useless death.

  • He is low on the list because I forgot him until I was done. Wolf Cub was the only Young X-Men death during its run. This is the same series that introduced three completely new characters. He died by the hands of Pierce, and died telling Santo not to kill pierce in revenge, "because the X-Men don't kill".

  • I must say that i know very little of the character(I can hardly be an expert on every mutant) but she seemed like a hero at heart and I will miss the character i never got to know.

  • The morlock that was killed as a mutant bomb. She was traveling to San Fran in hopes for a better life, one free from the hatred that she fealt in the sewers of New York.

  • Another Mutant bomb, Fever pitch was not a hero, but I do believe that he deserved better than the death he got.

  • A mutant of such power, killed by a controlled Magma. He will most likely be revived, but another death for the tally.

  • The elephant like mutant that was killed while creating Predator X. He was a villan and most likely never would have changed, but again another mutant for the tally

  • Killed when the Predator X was sent to attack the school, he was driving and knew his death was immenant. He called for help, but it was to late.

  • Another little known character to die after M-Day. He died after the event of Necrosha took its toll

  • Oh no, the blue guy died. Just because they had lame powers or no story, shouldn't mean that they can be killed. the mutant population is to small for that.

  • Haha, completely forgot this guy. Was he the first mutant to die after M-Day? He died with many New warriors and lead to the creation of the super-hero registration act and civil war. So happy he died :P

  • Decapitated. Another death for Second Coming. Now both of the skeleton mutants are dead.

  • How he died and exactly what transpired around his death is unclear to me.

    Thanks superduper13

  • Wolverine killed Senyaka at the end of Necrosha, stabbing him in the chest.

    Thanks superduper13

  • Selene was killed by Warpath at the end of Necrosha having her blade jammed into her chest. Still seemed a little dirty if you ask me.

    Thanks superduper13

  • Loca was one of the Inferno Babies, and Died, I beilive Moonstar killed her, but I'm not 100%

  • Timothy, Another Inferno Baby. He was killed at the end of the New Mutants arc.

  • Maw, another Inferno baby death.

  • Zeeshan is the first one of the new mutants to die since Hope came back from the future.

  • Died during Age of X. While it is viewed as an alternate reality, her death was not fixed when the world was fixed at the end.

  • I had no idea that this had happend, I don't know how to feel about this.

    Thanks StayPhoenix for pointing this out to me.

  • Died in during Chaos War according to her page.

    Thanks Papad for pointing her out.

  • Uncanny X-force 16