Best of The Next X-Men/ Predictions

   The reason they didn't make the top 15
   Indra: Another that kinda just faded into the background. he'll probably be an X-Men, just, he is more of a filler.
   Loa: Her powers don't have any really practical use. She is not going to use the offensively unless the opponent is Robotic, or demon. she is on a case by case X-Men 
   Match: His powers are not that versitile. he is what he is, he'll be an X-Men for sure, but another filler.   
   Trance: Again, her powers aren't to active. I predict she will be astroprojecting and something will happen to her body.
   Onyxx: He is just a knock of Rockslide at this point. If they could work something out with them teaming up, maybe. DEAD
   Gentle: He won't be able to use his powers all the time, considering it will kill him eventually.
   Jeffrey G: Yeah the dead teleporter, we haven't seen the last of him, hold on to your stuff. He'll be the teams transport basically. 
   Blindfold: Just kinda there when you need her and didn't know you needed her.


List items

  • I see him becoming a leader of an X-Men team one day. He will brake the mold of gays being only a team member, that they are just as capable of leading as anyone else. He has the agility, regeneation abilities, and increased strength. In the Dust to Dust reality, he is shown as on of the last mutants, so he has to of become quit apt in his powers.

  • She has the potential to be a great X-Men, she seems like a newer version of Cyclops. With a power that she can't control, and the fear that she is not good enough to lead, which will make her work even harder to prove herself.

  • I put Jullian third not because i like him, quit the contrary, I really dislike his character, but he has the raw power that the X-Men need and value. He seems to be maturing in recent issues. But i will always rememeber the Hellion from New X-Men.

  • There is atleast one reality in which has become an X-Men leader, but she doesn't seem to have the gut for what the X-Men need to do occasionally. she has a strong power, but it seems limited in use.

  • She will take after her brother/dad/gene pool, and probably be a member of several teams, this will stretch her to much for her to lead a team fully, and stop her from being free when they need her.

  • Once he matures, hopefully soon but not to soon, he will be an invaluable member of the team. He will be the official muscle, haveing to be ready to fight the strongest of fows, which may include members of the Young Avengers :-).

  • Kinda out of left-field with this one, but she has the strength and determination to do whatever she wants. She just has to get over the whole falling in love with Mystique, who hasn't really.

  • The reason I don't have her ranked higher is because she doesn't seem to willing to use her powers offensivly, and after the events of Young X-Men, she might go either way. If she stays good, she will represent the next generation of Human-Mutant coexistance.

  • Son of Nurse Annie, rememeber him, the potentially really strong Telepath and telekinetic, yeah, he's gonna come back and kick him future villian butt.

  • Yeah, I'm a sucker for Mercury. But as long as she is not still fighting Magneto in ten years, she is going to be good. Her malliable form will allow her to do more then most X-Men, but she lacks a leading characteristic. She was such a follower in the New X-Men.

  • Yeah, yeah, Megan would be higher if she wasn't being jamed down the readers throat like Armor used to be. She will be important to the Marvel universe but maybe in a different aspect, if she learns more magik, she could one day be Sorceress Supreme.

  • She is the perfect spy, once her history is cleared up she can really take center stage. She would be great in an X-Force surrounding.

  • They will probably be only good in a cerebra/o sense. they are not fighters. If they get over some of their distaste for Emma, they could be a high level Telepathic threat. I know they are right now, just that with more training, they could go so much farther.

  • He will be a valuable X-Men, Just not as a fighter. he will hate using his "black" powers because of something he had to do during X-Force.

  • He is so unexplored as of right now, I just couldn't place him higher. He will be essential in the future, maybe another X-Force recruit.

  • I can't believe I forgot him. I actually relly like this guy and hope they use him in the future, major power house here.