Best of The Next X-Men/ Predictions

   The reason they didn't make the top 15
   Indra: Another that kinda just faded into the background. he'll probably be an X-Men, just, he is more of a filler.
   Loa: Her powers don't have any really practical use. She is not going to use the offensively unless the opponent is Robotic, or demon. she is on a case by case X-Men 
   Match: His powers are not that versitile. he is what he is, he'll be an X-Men for sure, but another filler.   
   Trance: Again, her powers aren't to active. I predict she will be astroprojecting and something will happen to her body.
   Onyxx: He is just a knock of Rockslide at this point. If they could work something out with them teaming up, maybe. DEAD
   Gentle: He won't be able to use his powers all the time, considering it will kill him eventually.
   Jeffrey G: Yeah the dead teleporter, we haven't seen the last of him, hold on to your stuff. He'll be the teams transport basically. 
   Blindfold: Just kinda there when you need her and didn't know you needed her.


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