Could another Decimation happen in the future?

Decimation served a few really good purposes for the Marvel Universe. First off, reducing the number of mutants prevented the creation of random new characters when there was a plethora of unused characters that are in comic limbo. Second it provided some great development to characters that were mostly being forgotten e.g. Jubilee and Moonstar. Lastly, if the mutants population didn't contract, more and more mutants would have been born and soon they would larger problem for the Marvel universe.

With mutants coming back, that means eventually the Marvel universe could face the same problems as it did a few years ago: too many mutants. In twenty-thirty years writers may do something similar, even if it is because of a lack of new ideas. It is not like there is a shortage of characters that could do it. There was already a witch hunt against Wiccan because he has the power to do it. Every time two superheroes have kids, the kid has to be overpowered, Franklin Richards is a great example. Not to mention a second Decimation in a couple decades would allow a lot of the older X-Men to be depowered and therefore retire and allow the younger X-Men a chance to finally take over.

Does anyone else foresee a second Decimation or Decimation like event occurring? Maybe a cure that is forced upon a large number of them, or another Legacy Virus. Killing off a lot of Mutants at once is not a new idea but Decimation did it at a grander scale.


Should heroes be notified when a nemesis returns?

First blog in a long time, lets see if I still got this.

"Hey Monet, sorry about the whole destroying your life thing, hugs?"

I was thinking about the Uncanny X-Men story line where Emplate came back and kidnapped Bling! to serve as his, let's say life force groping buddy. Being a huge X-Factor fan, I remembered thinking what M would have done if she found out that Emplate had come back, even just briefly. As far as I can tell, though, no one has told her that Emplate resurfaced. While X-Men and X-Factor were never really on great terms, you would think that someone would have sent her an email at least about her psycho brother returning.

The larger issue that I think this incident speaks too is if a one of the villains that has been in comic limbo comes back to attack a different super-hero or team, should the villains former nemesis be told. It would seem like it is more dangerous to not let fellow super heroes know when a villain is back. Some kind of heads up would give a hero prep time in case the villain tries to go after the hero again. Then again, communication between superheroes or groups doesn't seem to happen a lot to begin with. How much should heroes be in each others business I guess is the real question, does Iron Man or Captain America have to know the history of each super villain they deal with? Or does responsibility fall to the hero that has the beef with the villain? Should M have been on the look out for Emplate?

Are there examples where a villain reappeared and someone really should have spread the news through the super hero networking site that I assume all the heroes are apart (I think the younger heroes should at least start a SuperFacebook group).


Micro Blog 30: Nico (Runaways) and Terriermon (Digimon)

Part of my Farewell Tour.

Two random micros I had made.

Nico from Runaways. Tried to make her look badass, but I think it came out just looking old.
Nico from Runaways. Tried to make her look badass, but I think it came out just looking old.
Terriermon from Digimon. I was watching a Digi-Marathon and though about trying to micro one. I picked Terriermon because he seemed like he would be the easiest. My fav digimon is Gabumon however.
Terriermon from Digimon. I was watching a Digi-Marathon and though about trying to micro one. I picked Terriermon because he seemed like he would be the easiest. My fav digimon is Gabumon however.

Allowed Causalities

Xavier Institute
Xavier Institute
Grey School
Grey School

So as we have learned from years of the Xavier Institute (and Mass Academy), mutants kids die at mutant school. Starting with Cypher of the New mutants, to Synch to the countless deaths in New X-Men, Schools have been shown to be a target and kids have died.

With the Schism we have seen the opening of a new school, the Jean Grey School for High=er Learning. Wolverine opened the school because he and Cyclops differed in opinion on whether or not young mutants should be used in the X-Men's struggle. But as I mentioned before, schools are not known for their safety. So what happens when a student dies from an attack? Does that delegitimize the school as a safe place? How many injuries can be allowed before people start to question if the school was a smart decision? If one death is not enough, what about the second? What is the allowed death toll for the school for it to not be a failure?

And what happens then? Do they really move back to Utopia with there tails between their legs? Will that be how the two X-Teams eventually reunite?


Salvation Army is Anti-Gay Marriage

New reason why I like twitter. A musician that I love posted this

JacobHoggard: PLEASE NOTE! Salvation Army is ANTI-GAY MARRIAGE - be sure to donate to a secular organization!

As it turns out, "The Salvation Army is an international Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible; its ministry is motivated by love for God and the needs of humanity."

They continue to say

The Salvation Army holds the position that marriage is
the covenanting together of one man and one woman for
life in a voluntary union characterized by faithfulness,
mutual affection, respect and support. It makes this view
known in its published Position Statements

While some people question the validity of posting this on the site in the OFF-TOPIC section, I think it is something people should be aware of when they leave a store and are asked to donate.