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Characters than need a decent live action movie.

With todays capabilities there should be no excuse for poor Superhero movies! We definitely need some more new characters to be introduced instead of relying on old ones being reused every few years. I swear if FOX try milking another FF movie there will be blood.

List items

  • One of Marvels oldest characters. The Lord of the Seven Seas has been in countless teams over the years yet we are still to see him appear on the big screen. The Avenger movies have had two perfect opportunities to enlist him yet failed both times.

  • Batman Beyond...We had Bruce countless times now. Give us something fresh and new. I heard rumors a couple of year back about a potential Batman Beyond movie casting Clint Eastwood as Bruce Wayne, I wouldn't complain...

  • I'm praying...praying that he makes his debut in the Infinity War movies, I mean hes a pretty important part of them so if they're hoping to pull it off he has to be there.

  • Now we've seen him on the small screen, but now we need him to joins the rest of the DCEU and give DC the movie success they need! Just who could play such a fantastic character?

  • What do you mean he's already been in a movie? FF2? No that wasn't The Silver Surfer I know and mean. I want a full movie to just Norrin about Zenn La and becoming the herald of Galactus. That would be a movie.

  • Shazam! Having him show up in the Justice League movie would do me just fine. Just as Black Adam is kicking Superman ass out of nowhere Captain Marvel appears.