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Hellblazer Is Ending, What The Writers Think

Trish Mulvihill-

""Hellblazer" is ending? "

Joshua Hale Fialkov-

"one of my great regrets is never getting to write the "real" John Constantine."

Warren Ellis-

HELLBLAZER cancelled, replaced by PG version. Sad to see that place for British horror stories go.

Brian Wood-

"Ugh! [in reply to Ellis]" "Seems very likely if I had launched The Massive at Vertigo as originally conceived, they would have cancelled it by now."

Ryan Kelly-

"The only Hellblazer I'll ever get to draw is crappy fan art. I'll be at the bar, sobbing."

Kieron Gillen-

"RIP Hellblazer. One of the greats. The end of Planetary 7 comes to mind. "Time to be someone else". ...

(Part of me also thinks "You're not a real British Comics Writer unless you've written Hellblazer". So that's me doomed)"

Declan Shalvey-

"What the...... god dammit"


"sad news about HELLBLAZER."

"would it be crass to say that HELLBLAZER: PANDEMONIUM, by @jamiedelano and myself is still out, full of swearing, politics and blood?"

Dave Gibbons-

"[in reply to Andy Diggle] Know what you mean. I wrote a couple of short stories and it's a cliche, I know, but Constantine just spoke for himself."

Jordan White-

"I cannot tell you how upset I am that Hellblazer is ending. It's probably my favorite book DC is doing. I hope they give it a good ending."

David Gallaher-

"Bummed about the loss of Hellblazer. Image Comics has largely made Vertigo irrelevant. Can't say I'm surprised."

Paul Cornell-

"I guess I always sort of assumed that one day I would write Hellblazer."

Si Spurrier-

"[in reply to Cornell] Me too, mate. Closest I ever got was a pisstake in Bec and Kawl. Now I feel bad."

Tim Seeley-

"That's kinda the nail in the Vertigo coffin, yeah?"

Mark Millar-

"WTF? Hellblazer CANCELLED"

Ian Rankin-

"Just heard Hellblazer comic book is for the chop. Only series I've ever written for. Only one I wanted to write for. Constantine RIP..."

Leah Moore-

"Really don't see point of ending Hellblazer. Really doubt Constantine will replace it."

Jamie Delano-

"Always the last to know. Ravens and the Tower of London, I reckon. Without Hellblazer, Vertigo falls."

"Pricks could at least let him drop dead coughing his heart up between drags on a ciggie, not reduce him to some anemic rebrand. lastword"

Tim Bradstreet:

“It’s an amazing thing to hit 300 issues in any run. For that, Congratulations to Hellblazer! I was there for 200 Relaunching JC at DCU? Don’t like that at all. Hellblazer was the first Vertigo book. It launched the whole line, and there it should stay.”

-Tim Bradstreet.

Simon Bisley:

"I’m really sad about them cancelling the title. I already miss the character; I really enjoyed doing these covers…"