My Top 10 Superhero Movies

I haven't made a blog before because I'm a little too cool, but I thought that maybe just once I'd like to try it out.

So for all five of you who read this- thx senpai.

10) The Dark Knight Rises

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Just barely edging out my list is The Dark Knight Rises. Now, I know Comic Vine loves to hate on this movie. Be it for the goons getting knocked out by air or even Bruce teleporting from the desert to Gotham.

But are we really going to just keep smacking these bruises instead of looking at the big picture? Because let's be real, this is still a Christopher Nolan film. From haunting shots, a beautiful score, a top notch cast, and fantastic dialogue... This movie is pretty great.

Yes, it has blemishes. But at the end of the day I remember the good far more than I do the bad. And I think this is one hell of a good send-off for Nolan's Batman.

Favorite scene: Bane making Batman his bitch in the sewer fight.

9) Superman Returns

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And since we're talking about underrated movies, let's talk about Superman Returns.

The biggest complaint I see made about this film is that it is boring. Not enough punching.

And ya know what, sure. I will concede that it doesn't have the same Earth shattering fight scenes that many other entries on this list possess. But it is not a boring film. As a drama and love letter to the early Superman films, it completely succeeds. As a matter of fact, I actually found myself more engrossed with this movie than the originals. And that is saying something.

Please, if you take anything from this list, have it be to give this movie a second chance. You probably haven't seen it in a while, and you may be surprised!

Favorite scene: Lois Lane's entire confrontation with Lex on his yacht.

8) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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In my opinion, Marvel movies used to be plagued with mediocrity. They would pump out these formulaic movies like Iron Man 2 and Thor 2 that weren't necessarily bad, just predictable and lacking overall heart. They never really had vision. Just a studio waving a wand and pooping out another.

After the magic of seeing all Avengers on the big screen at the same time wore off, I began to get a little tired of the MCU.

Then TWS completely changed that.

The Russo bros came in and added a sense of suspense and thrill that I just never saw within the MCU up until that point. Just a totally cool, heart-pounding conspiracy thriller. Love it!

Favorite scene: Cap whoopin ass in that elevator, duh.

7) Wonder Woman

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Hoh nelly, was this one a surprise.

I went into Wonder Woman with low expectations and came out fully satisfied. This is a great movie.

There was something so refreshing about seeing a genuine love story in a comic book movie. Diana and Steve just played off each other so well through the entire movie. If only other cbm couples had the same chemistry.

Oh yeah, not to mention the action is superb and it is all around very beautiful.

Favorite scene: Diana fighting tinnitus as Steve says his final words.

6) Watchmen

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Whenever discussing Watchmen, you really have to tackle the elephant in the room...

No, it is not a good representation of the source material. Many crucial themes from the graphic novel were completely untouched and, thematically, this movie does seem like a different beast altogether.

But who gives a f*ck what Alan Moore thinks? I still love this movie.

For starters, the cast completely owned this thing. Jackie, Jeffrey, Patrick, Billy, and Matthew all gave me chills. How often do you see a cast in a cbm this exponentially good?

The visuals are great, too. Ain't no action quite like Snyder action.

Favorite scene: Ozy vs Comedian.

5) Captain America: Civil War

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Oh man, it's already 1:00 in the morning. Crap, I'm tired. And I can't think of what to write anymore.

Are you reading this entire thing anyways? Geeeesh. You have some stamina to have made it this far, dude.

Anyways Cap fights Tony but there are also some more heroes. It's pretty cool.

Favorite scene: Cap and Bucky fighting Iron Man while Black Panther apprehends Zemo. Just the whole ending, really.

4) X-Men: Days of Future Past

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I'm actually really tired now. I don't know why I picked tonight to be such a weakling. I can usually tough it out until 3:00 AM easy. But I can barely keep my eyes open.

Anywho- DOFP is practically Terminator.

And if it had a little less JLaw it would probably be even higher.

Favorite scene: Quicksilver punking some guards in a fraction of a second.

3) Logan

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This shit is the f*cking bomb, dawg.

It's filled to the brim with pure grit and brutality, exactly the way a Wolverine movie should be.

Not to mention that Wolverine and Xavier have way more depth than ever before. Both did a marvelous job in their respective roles, and it was a worthy send-off to both characters.

One thing I especially love about this movie is that after two hours of screaming, stabbing, running, crying, and everything else in between- we're finally greeted with a rather heartwarming conclusion at the end. It was very well earned in my opinion.

Favorite scene: The death of Wolverine.

2) Batman Begins

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I know Begins is an older film, but I still wish that more people would talk about it. It has a carefully constructed plot with multiple layers that are executed very well on every level. It is extremely gripping and even a little inspiring. Plus, Nolan does not hesitate at all to show off his directing chops right off the bat.

All in all, I can't run out of good things to say about this film. My appreciation towards it has slowly built up over the years and only continues to grow.

Favorite scene: Training in the block of League ninjas.

1) The Dark Knight

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Yeah, I had to go with The Dark Knight. It's just perfect.

Heath Ledger's performance is actually groundbreaking, and the rest of the cast isn't far behind.

The plot is even more cleverly constructed that its predecessor, and the dialogue is the best I've seen in a cbm.

It's... It's just that good.

Favorite scene: Joker talking to Harvey in the hospital.