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What's the Worst That Could Happen? 2

The Bolts convince Cap and Namor that they're legit but when they're called in for backup to take down Zemo will they risk undoing their own futures?The GoodI'm not familiar with Joe Quinones, but I really got a enjoyed his work on this cover.Kev Walker pencils are always, always, always a good thing! Glad he's back and hope he sticks around for the foreseeable future. Walker and Parker truly are the team that's come to define Thunderbolts for me. They compliment each other so well and are truly...

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Not By The Hair on My Chinny Chin Chin! 4

The Salesman moves in on his latest target, Jack.The GoodLove, love, love, love this cover!!!By this point we all out to know just how utterly wonderful Futaki's art is. But in case you're unaware, allow me to reiterate. THIS BOOK IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!Snyder/Tuft do a great job writing Jack and Sam. It really is a rarity that somebody can write kids so spot on. And these two really feel like they're reflective of their time and place in America's history. I especially love the way that Sam's...

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More Mark, Less..Well Everybody Else 0

Mark learns of the Reanible's existence. Tether Tyrant and Magmaniac aim to send a message to the underworld. And Robot/Rex is a very sad panda.The GoodOttley's art is sharp as always I'm continually impressed by how he's handling the weightier character moments that have permeated the last couple of issues. Some particular stand out moments include Tether Tyrant's reactions to what goes down later in the story and Rex's total listlessness throughout the issue. It really nice to see this other s...

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The Parliament's Plea 2

The Parliament of Trees makes a desperate plea for Alec Holland to embrace his destiny. With the fate of the world at stake, what will the reluctant, would be messiah do?The GoodPaquette's art on this book is absolutely gorgeous. The panel borders, the layouts, the figures, the character acting, the detail every bit of it is impeccable. And Nathan Fairbairn's colors really bring it all to life.Snyder's been a bit wordy on this book, but good luck finding any that are unnecessary. Alec's conversa...

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Original Man, Prince of Lies 2

Harry Tanner does what he does best, Adam makes his sales pitch to Apollo and Midnighter, and things generally go from bad to worse.The GoodLike this cover a great deal more than last issue's.I'm glad that Al Barrionuevo has come on this book as co-artist. Honestly I wouldn't mind him staying on permanently. He draws in a style similar to Sepulveda's so their a consistent look and tone to the book throughout which is quite difficult to achieve on a book with multiple artists. Barrionuevo's figur...

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Red Rot Rising 0

Maxine's become one with the Red. And Buddy's not the only one who's taken notice of his baby girl, enter the Hunters Three.The GoodHope Foreman keeps delivering awesome covers like this as the book goes on.Foreman and Kindzierski continue to impress me highly on the art (though it's not without flaw). Foreman delivers some very strong story telling via body language, emotive acting, and some visually unique and interesting lay out choices. I especially liked the two page spread of The Red and t...

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Asgard's Seven 0

Loki and his makeshift crew invade the Serpent's Dark Asgard in an attempt to put an end to his war of conquest, but can they succeed against overwhelming odds?The GoodLove the intros to these issues, never cease to make me smile.The beginning of this issue with the Serpent'sTongue and Mephisto's messenger was really comedic.It's no secret that Whilce Portacio's art has taken a turn for the terrible since his accident. This issue actually works to his strengths. There's lots of action and it all...

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Yeah, Pete...Why Don't You Go Do That, Man 0

The battle from last issue rages on as the Inhumans strike with ruthless efficiency giving rise to tension between Reed and Blackbolt. Doom finds himself in a compromising position. And Val is once again up to something, Reed really ought to do a better job locking that lab.The GoodNothing I can really say about Steve Epting's art that hasn't been said before, so suffice it to say that he and Hickman have an incredible chemistry and he was born to draw the FF.Lots and lots and lots of action thi...

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Skinner Sweet, Not a Fan of The Geneva Convention 0

A tale of Skinner and Book during the Indian Wars.The GoodSnyder really knows how to pick an artist, especially for the fill in issues on this series. Jordi Bernet's no stranger to doing western comics and his work here is great top to bottom.Skinner's quickly become one of my favorite characters in comics and it's always interesting to get a peek into his past, especially pre-vamp.I really liked the early pages of this comic. Seeing Skinner and Book as childhood friends, brothers really, added ...

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Urban Cowboy 5

Jonah Hex is brought into to Gotham to help bring a serial killer to justice. Pretty simple concept, but then again nothing's ever done the easy way when Hex is involved.The GoodMan oh man, where to start here, because I could go on for days, folk. How about the cover? Holy crap, how about that cover?! Moritat draws the holy hell out of this comic from cover to cover. And his pencils and Bautista's colors go together like biscuits and gravy! (Hey, I'm from South Carolina)I really can't complimen...

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The M Now Stands for Meta, but the Changing Man's Still Mad! 16

The Enchantress has gone mad (as she's want to do) and poor June Moone's life's been turned inside out as a result (as tends to happen). Madame Xandu summons Shade the Changing Man to bring together a team of the DCU's most powerful but problematic supernatural experts to bring down the insane sorceress before she turns the world (further) inside out.The GoodI've been waiting for this book ever since it was announced and I can't say enough how pleased I am with it!!!Ryan Sook's cover looks amazi...

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The Many Dots Connect 0

The Young Masters decide it's time to go Zodiac on their forefathers and show the world what true villainy is all about. Their target is Doc Ock, but it would seem that the universe finds him crucial to the upholding the balance between order and chaos. Now it's up to the Teen Brigade to protect the very sort of man they'd just as soon let bite the big one. Well, I guess we'll see just how much they really see the bigger picture now won't we?The GoodDell'otto has been making some excellent cover...

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All Brain, No Heart 2

Crap hits the fan as humanity's enemies hit the ring with a full on assault. People die, secrets are revealed, etc.The GoodNick Pitarra has really made the most of his coming out party. His work on this book has been absolutely amazing! The ship designs, his character models, the shot of the Enemy home base. He really made me stick this issue out despite my lack of interest in the story.Lots of action this issue. Seriously the two page spread that ends this issue truly sums up all that's right a...

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Nooooo!!! But I'm the Juggernaut, biiiiiiiiiittttccc...!!! 0

Plan 13 succeeds as Colossusnaught faces off against Kuurth, Breaker of Stone!The GoodSimple as it is, I really like this cover.Loved Cyke's interaction with Juggy's herald in the beginning of the issue. And he has a perfect handle on Namor and Emma, Emma especially.Gillen does a good job of describing the seductive power that comes with being Cyttorak's avatar via Pete's internal voice.This issue is action packed and Land does a very good job of making this seem like a fight between two beings ...

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One of the better .1 Issues 2

Luke, Songbird, Mach V, and Ghost attempt to track down Abe and the escaped and time displaced Bolts.The GoodI liked that this issue starts off with a battle between the TBolts and one of Satana's mystical body guards. Ghost is one of my favorite TBolts and I really love the way he solves their giant problem.I'm not a fan of Shalvey's artwork but I actually did enjoy bits of this issue. The battle against Balor was very well done and two page spread of the various incarnations of the team looks ...

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Sigh...It's Almost Over. 0

Tony faces off against a mystical Assassin and Pepper finds herself at the mercy of the Grey Gargoyle.The GoodDope cover.Really enjoyed Larroca's in this issue especially during the Detroit Steel corps/Pepper/Grey Gargoyle bits. I found the little touches like giving Sasha Hammer imperfect teeth to be refreshing.The interaction between Sasha and Pepper was great and their scenes were appropriately action packed.The Grey Gargoyle showing some sentience in this issue was nice, beyond tired of the ...

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Of Course It's Alive!!! 0

John's coat has an adventure and spreads a bit of that good ol' Constantine luck around London.The GoodBiz's covers, when do they not rock?One of my favorite things about Milligan's writing during his run is the psychological and philosophical ideas he includes in his stories. The idea of our lives and choices giving life to our inanimate objects is something that's occurred to each of us on some level. For example many of us have very personal relationships with our personal items. Some people ...

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The Devil Never Rests 0

After the Jobrani case Matt and Foggy hit pay dirt with there plan to advise clients. But their latest cases proves to keep Matt busy both in and out of the office.The GoodThis is without a doubt, one of the best covers I've ever seen. I mean, seriously, this thing is beautiful! I need poster of this ASAP!I think this may be my favorite Daily Bugle headline page thus far. Love Mark Waid's sense of humor on this book.The intro to this issue was great. Can we have Matt fight lions at the beginning...

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Finally! THIS is Wonder Woman!!! 4

Zeus is up to his old tricks again and fate has drawn Diana into the midst of one of the god's many deadly squabbles.The GoodI absolutely loved Cliff Chiang's art in this book, especially how he draws Diana. And his take on the gods was refreshing. He modernizes them some but keeps the classic elements that work for each. The little touches like the change in Apollo's skin tone as night shifts into day is the kind of stuff I love seeing. He also has a great sense of fluid motion during his actio...

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Gotham Is...? 0

Bruce returns to Gotham refreshed and with a new sense of triumph and confidence. But if there's one thing he's should've learned about his by now is that it loves nothing more than raising you up just to tear you down at your most settled.The GoodWhen I saw Capullo's pencils in previews I was very disappointed, but having read this issue it absolutely works and perfectly fits the tone of the narrative. Glapion's colors really make everything pop of the pages and feel vibrant. These two have wor...

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Yes...I willingly read a story featuring Jason Todd 8

Red Hood is busy putting together his team of mercs when his complicated past inserts itself into his present.The GoodI really liked the art in this book and many of the design changes didn't bother me at all.There was a lot of action in this issue and that looks to be the status quo from here on out.There was some genuinely humorous banter between Jason and Roy.This book clears up some of the things about Titans continuity I was wondering about.The BadDon't like Jason's new mask...seriously hel...

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Medieval Six? 3

The DCnU get's medieval with some fan favorites and some new characters thrown into the mixThe GoodLove this cover by Tony Daniel!Diogenes Neves' turns in some very nice art in this issue and I liked all of his character redesigns for this book. You can tell some real thought was put into this one. He definitely makes them fit the times without resorting to everyone having generic renaissance fair inspired costumes.This is another DCnU book which throws readers right into the deep end and allows...

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She Whom Haunts the Night. 4

Batwoman investigates a mysterious rash of seemingly, mystical kidnappings taking place in Gotham.The GoodThere's not much I can say about Williams' art on this book that hasn't already been said so I'll keep this section brief. This book is absolutely gorgeous and easily the best looking book on the market, at any company, point blank period! The layouts, coloring, line work...all of it is absolutely gorgeous. It's really not fair that this book get's both Williams and Amy Reeder.I'm totally ne...

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Necessary Evils 0

Wilson resorts to desperate measures to protect Miriam from Pullman and the cabal. Tom and Lizzy discover a family secret that has the potential to change the face of the series.The GoodThis and the last cover have been some of the best I've ever seen! Yuko Shimizu is a an immense talent and I'm truly shocked her work is more lauded and widespread.This arc has done a great job of fleshing out Wilson into a multidimensional man. I really felt for him as I read this issue. You can see that he's a ...

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Fisher, Alan Fisher. From Toledo 0

Our protagonist young Jack learns the ins and outs of riding the rails the hard way and catches the eye of "The Salesman".The GoodThe beauty of Futaki's art cannot be overstated when discussing this series. His art perfectly captures the spirit of the times and he's equally as responsible for telling this story as Snyder and Tuft. If I had to point out one chief strength of his work it would be the way his figures so expressively emote.This issue we're introduced to Sam, a character which serves...

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Yo, let me get a dime of that Castle! 0

Frank Castle's back out on the streets, but with no money, ammo, or safe houses how we he survive in a NY firmly in the grasp of the Kingpin?The GoodLove this cover, Dave Johnson is awesome.The intro to this issue is just great. It's almost always obvious when a white writers writing black characters, especially when they're trying to add "blackcent", or Slang to the dialogue. Aaron doesn't fall into any of the common cringe inducing pit falls and writes a scene filled with hilarious verisimilit...

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The End of an Era? 0

The final confrontation between the Mystery Men, Nox, and The General as this mini series comes to a great and satisfying close.The GoodGreat cover, Love Patrick Zircher's artSpeaking of which, his art has been excellent from jump street and doesn't let up for a single moment this issue. The little touches he adds like showing the growth in Achille's physique really aid the story.Starting this issue off with a flashback to Operative's intense training adds a great context to his relationship wit...

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It Would Behoove You To Stock Pretzels... 0

Mephisto's had a hell of a day so what better way to take the edge off than a nice drink and a kindly ear to listen?The GoodStephanie Hans has been doing a superb job on the covers for this book! Can't wait for those hideous Fear Itself logos to stop marring her work.Since we're on the topic of art, the regular team is off this issue. Despite having totally different styles to the norm Richard Elson and Rachelle Rosenberg do a great job. And all things considered, I gotta say their work is more ...

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Silent Echoes 0

Matt faces off against Klaw, "The Master of Sound".The GoodReally been enjoying the covers on this series.The Daily Bugle intros to each issue are a nice little touch that add a unique flavor to this comic.Matt facing off against Klaw is something I've never seen before and don't believe has been done until now. I mean it's an ideal so perfect in it's simplicity that it strikes me as odd that this face off hasn't occurred until now. By issue's end Waid really me sympathize with Klaw's motivation...

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An Interesting Examination of Bigotry 3

T'Challa prepares to put down American Panther and Hate-Monger's hordes.The GoodZircher's last two covers didn't do much for me, but I really enjoyed this one.Starting this issue off with a fight was a great move. Setting that fight up in the dark was an even better move. It was definitely a nice switch from the usual and something I've never seen done by Francavilla.Sofija is all kinds of awesome! I've totally fallen in love with this character and hope she sticks around in the Marvel U for yea...

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Welcome Back, Frank 5

Frankenstein and the Creature Commandos are sent in to provide aid to a town beleaguered by monsters.The GoodLove this cover by J.G. Jones, glad to hear he'll be the regular cover artist for this book.The first thing I want to say is how much fun I had reading this book. By far this has been the most action packed issue I've read in the DCnU thus far. I'm glad that Lemire just throws us into the action and let's Ponticelli go to work. He's great at doing chaotic battle fields. I can't wait to se...

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NoBody Knows 0

Father and Son once again suit up to patrol Gotham together, but what happens when Damian's ideal image of his father doesn't line up with the reality of the man?The GoodAs a longtime reader of Batman and Robin (Batman period) I felt like this issue was a complete follow up of what came before. The broad strokes of the Batverse remain more or less as they were. And considering that overall I was highly enjoying the goings on that's fine by me.I'm a big fan of Gleason's artwork and he and Tomasi ...

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Inglorious Basterds 0

Fixer and his team are stranded in time and fight Nazis...yup it's that simple yet oh so awesome!!!  The Good I love, love, love Pasqual Ferry's work! And this cover is absolutely wonderful.   I'm extremely happy to have Kev Walker back on pencils this issue! He and Frank Martin Jr. really work well with Parker. That creative team has defined this era of Thunderbolts for me and I really don't enjoy issues not done by this trio as the ones that are.   The opening with Luke was really funny. Anyti...

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Awakening 2

Frank faces off against Red Vulture in a deadly battle in the skies high above the city that never sleeps.The GoodI really can't applaud the art on this book enough. Checchetto's pencils and Hollingsworth's color perfectly compliment one another and each has a special synergy with Rucka's script. Checchetto's drawn the definitive version of Red Vulture. Those of you who aren't familiar with the character should know that the man on this cover is nothing like the monstrosity we see within this bo...

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Life on the Other Side 0

The story switches perspective to the academy's staff as a new face has unknown plans for the Glories. But is Lara Hodge friend or foe?  The Good I don't mention it nearly often enough how great Rodin Esquejo's covers are absolutely superb. I would love to see him take a shot at interiors at some point.   As soon as the issue begins Spencer hits us with one of his trademark, bittersweet reveals. The location of the school is something that's been on most our minds from day one. We get some answe...

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The Man Within the Monster 0

After all he's been through recently Alec Holland just wants to live his life, but The Green is not content to let him be.The GoodScott Snyder is one of the most blessed writers to work in the game. How many writers can boast to have worked with such luminary talents as Rafael Albuquerque, JOCK, Francesco Francavilla, and Greg Capullo in such a short time?! Now he can add Yanick Paquette to his rolodex. Paquette is turning in what I must say is some of, if not the best art of his career on this ...

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The Authority Enters the DCU 8

For centuries they've guided the destiny of human kind from the shadows. Now that heroes have gone public will it make their jobs easier or more difficult? Adam One isn't taking any chances on the latter being the case and set's his sights on the solar powered juggernaut Apollo being his ace in the hole.The GoodI absolutely love how big Cornell's thinking with this series. This book immediately feels like it has an ambitious narrative it wants to tell with action happening in Moscow, on the moon...

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Static Tackles the Big Apple 0

Virgil Hawkins has left Dakota and taken up residence Uptown. Now he has to adjust to a new school, new job, and a new set of villains.   The Good I really, really this cover despite not being a fan of Scott McDaniel's art. The signs in Time Square having little Easter eggs tucked away was a very nice tough.    I love the Design changes Made to Static. Virgil's suit looks awesome and his new hover board is a nice upgrade from the trusty manhole cover/trash can lid of old. The changes weren't jus...

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A Clinic on Proper DCnU Writing! 0

Buddy Baker returns to the DCU and picks up right where he left off in fine form.   The Good The cover of this book really piqued my interest and I'm just as impressed with it now as I am then. Not even that obnoxious "New 52!" logo can ruin work like this.   Travel Foreman's artwork is absolutely beautiful, stunning, amazing, any positive adjective you can pull out of the air! His work so perfectly suits Lemire's script and adds a dynamism to the dialogue. He excels on all levels and in all sit...

8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

The Old Dog vs. The New Breed 5

Frank uses Malloy to track down The Exchange but the new kids on the block have plans of their own for The Punisher.    The Good I've got to start by saying that Marco Checchetto's art is absolutely breathtaking on this book. He has such a unique style that really stands out among Marvel's books. And Hollingsworth doing colors on this book is a great move. I've been loving his work on Max, but he gives both books totally separate identities. These two combine to give a wholly new, appropriately ...

6 out of 6 found this review helpful.