My Top 11 Titles of 2011

Seeing as how the DCnU hasn't existed for half a year yet none of those titles are in the running for me. But their are certainly titles like Swamp Thing, Batman, Animal Man,& Wonder Woman that I can get being on others' lists.

List items

  • While it was only six issues what an amazing six issues it was. John Rozum and Frazer Irving managed to craft one of the most compelling and interesting, unique, and flat out bizarre comics since Doom Patrol/Shade The Changing Man's pre-vertigo days.

  • This is a title that, honestly, everybody should be reading. This is the only book where I can say that I have no idea what's going on or why and that be an absolutely wonderful thing month in and out. This book truly is "Lost meets the Breakfast Club" without having a single one of the negative implications that implies.

  • Scott Snyder's Dark Mirror story is without a doubt an amazing Batman story and a future classic. After reading this you'll have no doubt as to why this man was given the honor or relaunching Batman in the DCnU.

  • Mike Carey and Peter Gross have been doing amazing work on this title from it's inception but this year they really stepped it up a notch. Tommy's war against the cabal has really ratcheted up and the title going bi-monthly has only enriched the world created by Carey/Gross.

  • Following up Garth Ennis' mammoth and landmark run on this title is no small feat, but Jason Aaron/Ennis' long time partner in crime make it seem almost effortless. Whereas Ennis' run distanced Frank from the 616 Universe Aaron deftly inserts characters and elements from it into his run that make it all the more intriguing a read.

  • I'll admit that with this one I'm counting both Hickman's F4/FF work in this. To describe his slow burn epic as ambitious would be quite an understatement. Hickman turned this neglected flagship into one of the premier marvel titles and in 2011 he reinvented it all over again with the death of Johnny Storm in "3" followed by the creation of the FF.

  • Mark Waid did the impossible, he made Daredevil fun again. Remember the last time you read an issue of DD and didn't feel like life was utterly meaningless when you put it down? Well neither did I before Waid came along with Rivera/Martin and brought a little sunshine back into Matt's life.

  • I abhor event comics. But I must give marvel credit where due. Every now and again a great series spins out of their asinine apocalypse of the month. When it came to Fear Itself that book was definitely JIM. From issue one to this months Christmas issue Kieron Gillen has been killing it on this book. far and away one of the most consistently fun and expertly crafted books on the stand every month.

  • The title that got Snyder's foot in the door of the house Bill Finger built saw him turning out some of the series best stories.

  • Future writers take note,THIS is how you reboot/relaunch a classic franchise. Nick Spencer is one of the few writers to crack my top 10 list twice and with good reason. With this title Spencer created one of the more unique books that existed in the pre-boot DCU and created an amazing espionage thriller with a superhero twist. And even without Spencer's superb scribe hand the murder's row of artist that permeated this book was worth the price of admission alone. I can't recommend buying the first trade of his run enough. And if that does it for you half as much as it did for me, by all means read the second volume which started this November!