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Superheroes As Rappers...

Some of you may be familiar with a strange little movement that start a few years ago with artists reinterpreting classic albums themed around various superheroes. well the good people at Long boxes on 22s have gone the extra miles and come up with track lists and lyrical excerpts from these albums. If you enjoy Hip-Hop and comics half as much as I do I'm sure you'll get a kick out of these.

War Machine - Only Built 4 Armor Links (Guest Starring Tony Stark aka The Iron Man)

Iron Man:

Yo, first of all son, peep the arc son Many foes I be beaming and repulsorin mad light inside the dark Call me ring smasher, just another sip for the rapture I handglide, holdin on strong, hard to capture Extravagant, Pym bake the track and it’s militant

War Machine:

Yo fuck that/Technology rap/ Speakers stay jet black floating in the flyest Quinjet/ villain… bring it!

Yeah Much love go to New York City and All my Tony Stark ice rockin soliderz


1. Striving for Stark Enterprises (Featuring Rae LaCoste aka Chocolate Salon)

2. Metal Knuckleheadz (Featuring The Wrecking Crew)

3. Worldwatch Knowledge

4. Technology

5. Incarcerated Starkfaces

6. Warwear Days: The Rhodes Renaissance

7. Immortus Guillotine

8. Can Warworld Be All So Simple [Remix] (Featuring Steve Rogers, Flex Fantastic, and Bruce Banner the B-Boy)

9. Shark-Fujikawa (Biters)

10. Sentinel Water (Featuring T’Challa The Wise One and Storm)

11. Glaciers of Cybertech (Featuring Bethany Cabe)

12. Corporate Intercourse

13. Cloned Body (Wisdom)

14. Osborn Rusherz

15. Ice Cream Armor (Featuring The Sons Of Yinsen and Eddie March)

16. Iron Gambinos

17. Heaven & Hell (Featuring Norman Osborne & Tony Stark)

18. Ultimo Star (Cybermancer Jewels)

I personally think this is the best one we’ve did so far.

Wally West - The Peoples Flash

1. I’m A Speedsta’

2. They Don’t Know Featuring Troia The Forgotten Chick

3. Ridin’ Dirty Featuring Jay-G & Barry “Precinct” Allen

4. Multiverse to Multiverse

5. So Many Justice Leagues Featuring JL Dark

6. Big Operator Featuring The Chunk

7. Running Sideways Featuring Ditty Grayson

8. Captain Cold Going Nutz (Interlude)

9. Cosmic Treadmill Trill’

10. Drive Slow Feat. Firestorm

11. Speed-Sip-N-Get-By-N-Die Featuring the Flash Family

12. Just Wally West

Runnin’ sideways, Rogues in a daze
Runnin’ sideways, Rogues in a daze
Runnin’ sideways, Rogues in a daze
On a Sunday night I might run back a couple days

Justice League, Nightwing and Wally West baby

Return the 36 Burgers: The Greasy Version

1. “Intro”

2. Sleepy Sleepy Yeah (Itis)

3. “Betty, C’mon”

4. Riverdale Zoo

5. “Skatin to da Shoppe”

6. “Pork Rinds”

7. “Damage”

8. “Snacks U Know”

9. “The Shrimp”

10. “Grubbin’ Down”

11. “Dessert Game (Sweet Potato Pie)”

12. “Shakes”

13. “Riverdale Zoo II (Prank Game)”

14. “Proteck Ya Tongue II The Zoo”

15. “Cuttin’ Steakz”


Shame on you! If you cook bad food for the Riverdale crew!

Ol’ Dirty Baron Zemo-Nazi Please

1. Adhesive X

2. I Can’t Wait to Kill Bucky

3. Superior Blooded

4. Got your Moonstones

5. Messin’ Wit You

6. Being Betta

7. You Don’t Want to **** With Me

8. Nazi Please

9. Citizen V

10. I Want Control

11. Good Morning Helmut

12. All in Disguse Now

13. Iron Cross

Gotham Knight Marauders

1. Gotham Knight Marauders Tour Guide (feat Harley Quinn)

2. Freeze Biko(feat Victor Fries)

3. Arkham Tour (feat The Joker)

4. 8 Million Riddles (feat The Riddler)

5. Sucka Ninja (feat KGBeast)

6. Midnight (feat Clock King)

7. We Can Get Down (feat Harvey Dent & Two-Face)

8. Electric Venom Relaxation (feat Bane)

9. Clap Your Hands (feat Scarface)

10. Oh My Ra’s (feat Ra’s Al Ghul)

11. Keep It Growin (feat Pamela Isley)

12. The Chase Pt. II (feat The Red Hood )

13. Lyrics To Go (feat ?? )

14. Fear Lives Through (feat Scarecrow & Killer Croc)

I been there…
Killed that
You got Cthuli? we got Homonuculai…

Dr. Bruttenholm presents The Aftermath

1. Aftermath (the Intro)

2. “East Coast/Hell Coast Killas”

3. “Guardin’ on the World”

4. “Pancake Time”

5. “Been There, Killed That”

6. “Prophicies”

7. “As the Right Hand of Doom keeps Hitting”

8. “Got Roger Open”

9. “Abe Gone”

10. séance

11. “Burn 4 Love”

12. “Frog Dance”

13. “No Wild Hunt”

14. “B.P.R.D. (Bringin Pain Really Doh)

15. “Chickenleghouse”

16. “Fame”

We like the will flow straight out of our lids
Them they got moved by these hard-light earth sector kids
Us flow a rush when the villains boomin sectors
You dig the crew on the fattest willpower records

Green Lantern Corps - Ringin’ (a new revolution of mind and space)

1. It’s Good To Be Here (Coast City Dreamin’)

2. Parallax Pacifics

3. Where I’m From Featuring John Stewart the Architect and Gardner The Grumpus

4. What Cool Heroes Do Feat. Jade and Kyle Rayner aka Ion One

5. Time & Space (A New Refutation Of Oa)

6. Rebirth of Sinestro (Fear Like Dat)

7. Last of the Sun-Eaters

8. Jimmi Diggin’ Ganthets

9. La Femme Fatality Feat. John Stewart the Architect

10. Escapism (Gettin’ Free of Mosaic)

11. Appointment at the Poozer Clinic Feat. Kilowog

12. Indigo Bags

13. Red Units of Rage Feat. Atrocitus of the Five Inversions

14. Examination of Green (Get This Money Remix) Feat. Star Sapphire

You inveigh against me we save you
If what they say is true
We the baddest crew
I’m far from broke
So why should I be mad at you?

Emma Frost: Notorious EMMA


1. Little Ruby Quartz Boy

2. Custom Made (My Dress)

“3. Single White Female-Remix (Feat. Ororo, Monica Rambeau, and Misty Knight)”

4. Revolution (Feat. Generation X)

5. How Many Licks (Feat. Scott Summers aka RedEye)

6. Notorious EMMA

7. Phoenix Don’t Love You

8. Queen B***** Part 4

9. Don’t Mess With Me

10. Off The Cerebro Wall

11. I’m Mutant

The Miseducation Of Ororo Munroe

It’s funny how leading changes situations
Miscommunication leads to complication
My emancipation don’t fit your equation
I was on the humble, you - on every station
Some wan’ play Lil’ ‘Ro like she dumb
But remember not a game new under the sun
Everything you did has already been done
I know all the tricks from Cairo to Kingston

1. Intro (Feat. T’Challa The Wise One)

2. Lost Ones (aka A Message to Scott Summers)

3. Ex-Factor (The Forge Song)

4. To Wakanda

5. Jubilee Bop (Bad Things)

6. Weatherstar

7. Final Hour (Feat. Calisto)

8. When It Hurts So Bad, Hit Him With Lightning

9. I Used To Love Him (Feat. Sue Storm)

10. Forgive Them, Charles

11. Every Mutant, Every City

12. Nothing Even Matters (Feat. Bishop The Busy)

13. Everything Is Everything, Emma

14. The Miseducation Of Ororo Munroe

15. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Doom

16. Tell Him That Wolvie Is Wack

Out on bail fresh outta hell, Hell Kitchen dreamin

Soon as I stepped on the scene, I’m hearin criminals screamin

Fiendin for money and alcohol

the life of a west side ninja where cowards die and its all ball

Daredevil: All Eyes On Me

Disc 1

1. Ambitionz Az A Shadowland Ridah

2. Skandalouz (Feat. Kingpin)

3. Got My Mind Made Up (Feat. Black Panther)

4. 2 of Dark Reigns Most Wanted (Feat. Danny Rand The Iron Hand)

5. No More Pain (aka Stick Training)

6. Heartz of Blind Men

7. Life Goes On (The Black Widow Song)

8. Only Ninjas Can Judge Me

9. Tradin’ War Stories (Feat. The Marvel Knights)

10. Hell’s Kitchen Love

11. Elektra Wanna Be A Thug

12. Holla At Me (Feat. Purple Man)

13. Picture Me Rolling (Feat. Foggy Nelson)

14. Run Tha Shadowland (Feat. Luke Cage, Danny Rand The Iron Hand, & Black Widow)

Disc 2

1. Heaven Ain’t Hard To Find (A Song For “”Battling Jack”” Murdock)

2. All bout da Hand (featuring Cloak, Danny Rand The Iron Hand, Logan, and Black Tarantula)

3. How Do U Radar It (feat. Sons of the Tiger)

4. Can’t See U (feat. The Death Defying Devil)

5. Shorty Wanna Be a Ninja

6. Hand Passion (feat. The Shroud, White Tiger & Black Tarantula)

7. Rather Be Ya Kingpin ( feat. The Rose)

8. All Eyez on DD ( feat. Bullseye)

9. Check Out Time (Feat. Bullseye, Elektra & Karen Page)

10. What’z Ya Rezurection # ( Feat. Shang Chi)

11. Hell’s Kitchen Love (Remix) (featuring The Thing & Dr. Doom)

12. I Ain’t Afraid of Ya

“I embark on antilife, my path is all math

I understand the codes these Braniacs can’t crack”

Darkseid - Teflon God


1. “I’m Not a New God”

2. “Anti-Life Equation Mason”

3. “Omega Sanction of Joy”

4. “Metron Music III”

5. “Live Fast, Die Orion”

6. “Super Highfather”

7. “No. 1 Miracle Machine”

8. “MC Thanoseid”“

9. “B.M.F. (Barda, My Furie)”

10. “Mobius Chair Music”

11. “All the Parademons in the World”

Dr. Octopus

1. Intro (Featuring Vulture of the Sinister Six)

2. I Got To Tell You About Gunther

3. Molina People

4. Harness Awareness

5. Real Raw aka To Take Down The Hulk (Featuring Bruce Banner the B-Boy)

6. Marvel Hospital

7. Blue Flowers For Serena Patel

8. Technical Difficulties (The Titanium Arms Go Solo)

9. A Visit To Octavius

10. Bear Witness, Parker!

11. Call Me The Doctor

12. Aunt May, Let Me Touch You

13. I’m Destructive (Featuring DJ Electro & Shocker)

14. Elective Tentacle Surgery

I just hoped that you Missed me a little when I was gone

I don’t judge her, I don’t judge her, but I could never love her
cause to her I’m just a superhero, and soon she’ll have met another ,
Thats why me and Kid Flash bout to spaz can you keep up ,
I’m just feeling sorry for whoever got to sweep up

Excerpt from Miss Me featuring Superboy Prime

Superboy - Thank Me LaterTracklist:1. Kryptonite Fireworks
2. Karaoke With Cassie
3. The Cadmus Resistance
4. Teen Titans Over
5. Ravers Show Me A Good Time
6. Up All Night (Featuring Beast Boy)
7. Fancy (Featuring Robin & Miss Martian)
8. Shut It Down (Featuring Infinite Crisis)
9. Unforgettable (aka Siegel & Shuster)
10. Light Up (Featuring Young Justice)
11. Miss Me (Featuring Superboy Prime)
12. Cassie’s Interlude
13. Find Your Love
14. Thank Me Now, Kal