Mutant Hatred...isn't it time to move past it?

X-Men: Second Coming #1
X-Men: Second Coming #1

I understand that the X-Men/Mutants are the fill in the blank oppressed minority in Marvel, but I think it's utterly silly to keep having humans fear/hate them when they embrace the super heroes/metahumans of their world. It's just counterintuitive and utterly asinine to me. Humans fear mutants because of their power/abilities/threat potential, yet they support other individuals with the EXACT same potential to destroy them. You'd think that after the countless times the X-Men saved the day that humans would you know...get over it. Sure they'll always be fringe extremist who will hate monger, but society at large should've moved on past their fear and bigotry. Mutants being hated in Marvel's comics makes about as much since as the avengers not allowing Luke Cage to join because he's black or married to a white woman. It's just such an antiquated concept.  I like the way DC handles the issue of metahumans. When somebody hates them, they hates them all.  
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Take Maxwell Lord for example, he has a deep seeded hatred for all metahumans (rather ironically of course). Whether it be the Justice League, Aliens, Villains, Atlanteans, or Amazon he mistrusts, fears, and despises them all.   He sees them all as a threat to his way of life and would wipe them all out. But the people of Marvel's world would just as soon hold a parade for the Avengers while gassing mutants in death camps. Just doesn't mesh with me. How do you guys feel on this topic?