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Does 'the Man' have a moment of clarity here? 0

Great art as usual plus I'm beginning to think that the story of forgiveness and redemption which is surely following the Civil War will be far more interesting in terms of personal loyalties and private soul searching than the main event ever could have been.You'd be forgiven yourself for missing some of the gentle realisations that must surely be dawning on Tony Stark during this issue amidst all the action (Go giant Wasp...Uh-Oh Giant Wasp just turned into giant carnage..bummer). Not only do...

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I nearly damaged myself laughing! 0

Thrud is tremendous fun and Carl Critchlow's art is brilliant. I was always a huge fan of Thrud from his days as a one page strip in White Dwarf magazine and was surprised to find him still going years later and finally appearing in his first full length book. I bought the book out of nostalgia seriously doubting that I would still find him as appealing as I did when I was a teenager or that he would work in a book this length after the compact one page fun of old. He hasn't changed a bit and ...

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I love this!...I hate this! do love this..or do i? 0

All I want is a good old soopa-hero story. All these alternate realities and heroes are wasting the essence of comicdom. I have 2 rules of comics which are really simple and I wish both DC and Marvel would adopt them: No.1 When a character dies..they die! fullstop! (mind you I did like Kevin Smith bringing back Ollie Queen..but he's a favourite! lol). Think of the poor blokes who have to carve gravestones or sculpt memorial statues 4godssake! No.2 There should be only one earth! Get over ...

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Enjoyable nostalgia or a new direction for Booster? 1

The Booster Gold/Blue Beetle era JLA was the one I grew up with and I've always had a soft spot for the pair of rogues. They always add a air of fun to their books and I love the artwork by Dan Jurgans, so this should be a winner...howeverAlthough I have found this series hugely enjoyable, largely due to Booster's antics always being able to muster a chortle or two, the writers, Geoff Johns and Dan Jurgans seem to be falling into that all too familiar modern trend with DC of meddling with past s...

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