JLA or not to JLA?

OK OK...Something has been bugging me...something is rotten in the state of DC!

The JLA has undertaken many changes over the years but I do think it should remain in the DC universe as the epitome of soopaheronish! It should also remain in reality a showcase for the best of the best that DC has to offer us. In my opinion a hero must distinguish themselves in their own title not only to cult status but to God-dom (I realise that I'm inventing a lot of words..tell that to Samuel Johnson), before they get the call up to the JLA.

The originals should always be available for membership, folks like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal!!), Martian Manhunter, Flash, Aquaman etc. along with DC stalwarts and early members like Supes, Bats, Green Arrow,hawkman, Atom and the lovely Black Canary.

Obviously the most powerful should be there: firestorm etc. plus those who have a pedigree in cult following and can offer light relief (not in the mucky sense!) such as Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner and Buddy Baker...however..

I must question the most recent incarnation. It seems that the JLA is now a training ground for heroes that DC can't justify a solo book for. Ahem..I mean, I like Black Lightning but he's no Firestorm ability wise and no Batman intellect wise and both you and I know that he's an Outsider. At least Geoforce has had the decency to rejoin the Outsiders where he should be.

That brings me on to Hawk Girl and Red Arrow, I know these two have been around for a while in various guises and although I've enjoyed their flirty and endearing relationship, is it really any substitute for Green Arrow and Hawkman's political and often explosive exchanges...I think not.

Last but not least..Vixen. I like the girl, I really do but although she shares the same abilities basically with Animal Man (she gets her power from a totem and he from yellow aliens apart), she shares none of Buddy's character development (Morrison is God). Let's face it the whole cool thing about Buddy is that his powers were slightly crap and he was slightly akward as a result in the company of Superman etc. (hence the jacket worn over his costume - Mr self-concious) He was/is endearing and that is what makes him a fantastic character and eligble for inclusion in the JLA. Also his profile and characteristics have been developed so superbly that his interaction with the other members would be brilliant...like Oliver Queen, Buddy Baker has his own personality which transcends particular stories. Vixen doesn't come close and won't until she is written in her own book by a writer of exceptional class...then she can be in the JLA, not now.

There are other teams where minor characters can grow and prove themselves, but they must, I feel, do exactly that, prove themselves, not just as capable comic book heroes, but as credible and fully developed characters which fans feel attached to before they get the call up for the greatest team of all. It's partly DC's fault for not being able to kill anybody off for very long that I feel this way. I would have loved Roy joining the JLA as a replacement for Ollie, if Ollie was actually still dead; as it is I can't help thinking I'd rather see Ollie kicking Ass until he's in a wheelchair! If it's not broken...don't fix it.

I do though like the present role of Red Tornado. Reddy has proved himself I believe over the decades as a trusted member of the team. Now, connected up with the satellite's computer system and controlling all the tech stuff opens up the juicy possibility of a 'Hal' (2001 not Jordn!) type situation where he could get a virus and attempt to start a machine rebellion...be wary of your toaster for it may be lying in wait!

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Flash or Superman - who's quickest? - Green Lantern is!

All right, I know it's an age old question, but arguing who's quickest between Superman and the Flash is pointless, is like asking who would be 2nd and 3rd. Lets face facts NASA says that the reason that we can't travel outside of our own solar-system is that even travelling at many times the speed of current vessels it would take years; to reach the next galaxy, moving at many hundreds of times the speed of light would probably take hundreds of years.

Now if Green Lantern (Hal,Kyle, John or Guy - you pick) can leave earth put down a rebellion several galaxies away, drop the miscreants off at Oa and be back home for dinner, or JLA monitor duty (if it's a Tuesday)then I put it to you that he's moving at a fair old pace there. He'd be out of our solar system before Supes was out of the phone box!

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