"I know why they call him the Joker"

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Welcome to the Suicide Squad! 2

This was definitely one of the better Arrow episodes. It was well done, I love how they introduced the "Suicide Squad", and how Diggle was in the spotlight. "Diggle-rific", is what I'd call it. I especially liked Deadshot's portrayal, we learn more about his life, and in the end Diggle and him have somewhat of a better relationship. I definitely recommend this episode, you don't want to skip it!...

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Feel-Good Christmas Story 0

This Batman graphic novel is a must read. It's definitely the kind of book that you turn the last page over with a smile on your face. The book also has a great moral too, that no matter how mean, guilty, or nasty they are, people CAN change. It puts you in the shoes of a poor father trying to feed his family, and gives you a whole different perspective....

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