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Characters who should have a video game.

Characters who should have a Video Game

. Deathstroke A Deathstroke game would be awesome. There could be a campaign where you complete certain levels/missions, for example, one of the mission could be to assassinate the Green Arrow. Then there could be a free-roam mode, where you can go around the city completing little side missions (kind of like in Batman: Arkham Origins). The side missions could be stuff like robbing a bank, creating a riot, ect. There could also be a store, where you can buy all kinds of stuff (weapons, armor, ect) with the "villain points" you earn, or just the money you get for mercenary duties. Some of the things you could buy at the store are different suits, vehicles, special weapons (Promethium bullets, ect.)
. Arrow Even though this isn't a "character", the TV show still would make an interesting game. Same as with the Deathstroke game, there could be different missions which you need to complete. Playable characters would be Green Arrow, Diggle, Black Canary, Roy, and maybe a few other people.
. Daredevil I know there already is a Daredevil game for the original Xbox and PS 2, but the game wasn't really good at all. A newer nex-gen game would be cool, being able to use Daredevil's senses to track down villains in Hell's Kitchen.
. Barry Allen He's one of the most popular characters in DC, he deserves his own game.
. Boba Fett I know there will never be a Boba Fett game, but he is one of my favorite characters and I would want him to have his own game.
. Black Panther This would be a really interesting game, especially with all the tech T'challa has access to.
. Punisher He already has an old game, but they definitely should make a newer and improved game.
. Wonder Woman One of the most famous DC heroines does not have her own video game? This is madness!