Scared of clowns? Learn to respect what you fear.

For centuries now, killer clowns have captivated audiences with their capacity for mass-homicide and amazing skills at creating mayhem, and what do they get in return? Nothing but scorn! Shame on all you coulrophobic ignoramuses who don't appreciate these psychopathic merrymakers! So I, Jokergeist, have decided to rectify you misdeeds with a series of Respect Threads showcasing the evil clowns of fictional villainy. A new respect thread will be released every month! So sit back, grab your popcorn, and enjoy the show.

Act One

Can you identify them?
Can you identify them?

Clown #1) Zombozo the Clown

Clown #2) Sweet Tooth the Clown

Clown #3) Buggy the Clown

Clown #4) _____________________________

  • Production has been delayed.

Act Two

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Clown #5) The Mask

Clown #6) _____________________________

  • To be released June 2014

Clown #7) _____________________________

  • To be released July 2014

Clown #8) _____________________________

  • Unknown Release-Date