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Respect Zombozo the Clown!

If you love clowns, this is the place to be. You're gonna die laughing. That's a Zombozo guarantee!
If you love clowns, this is the place to be. You're gonna die laughing. That's a Zombozo guarantee!

Zombozo is the ringmaster supervillain of Belltown, who has been a thorn in the butt of Ben 10 since his early years as a hero. He is a cruel and creepy clown mastermind with a dark sense of humor that borders on more sadistic and psychopathic behavior. Whether Zombozo is eating brains or selling them instead, this is one crazy zombie clown you don't want to mess with.

I.) Strength

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  • Zombozo is able to wield a giant hammer, putting his strength around Harley Quinn's level.
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  • With a single strike, Zombozo knocks Wildmutt backwards 9 feet.
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Stop! It's MATH TIME:

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  • Wildmutt is the size of a car, weighing approximately 750 pounds. Have you ever punched a car before?
  • Due to calculations, it should be noted that Zombozo can punch 5x harder than an average man.

Proof: Punch Force = 1/2 (mass) x (velocity)²


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Mass = 750 lbs

Velocity (meters/second)

  • Wildmutt traveled a distance of 0.5 meters per frame.
  • The GIF recorded the animation at 30 frames per second.
  • 0.5 x 30 = 15. This is the velocity Wildmutt traveled in meters per second.

1/2 (750) x (15)² = 84,375 pounds of force

Therefore: Zombozo's average Punch Force 84,375 lbs.

II.) Speed n' Agility

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Zombozo is inhumanly quick and agile, which is strange for his weight and egg-shape.

  • Outruns Ben 10 and friends while dodging energy blasts from Gwen Tennyson, then leaps off the rooftop and dives into a skyscraper window.
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  • Escapes his pursuers by jumping out of the building, then maniacally runs down the street whilst evading passing cars.
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  • Does a headspin flip kick, knocking away Kevin Levin in steel form (that's heavy!)
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III.) Superpowers

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• Extending Arm

Zombozo can stretch his arms very far, like a slinky toy.

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• Teleportation

Zombozo is able to teleport in an explosion of smoke and confetti.

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• Illusion Control

Zombozo could terrorize people with frightening images and vivid illusions.

IV.) Bag o' Tricks

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Zombozo has an ability called "bottomless satchel", which seemingly allows him to pull hammers, explosives, and toys out of nowhere. This is done by reaching into a coat pocket and pulling out something that's bigger then the pocket itself.

  • Giant Hammer

A giant oversized wooden mallet. Nobody wants to be caught on the receiving end.

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  • Acid Seltzer Bottle

A squirt bottle that sprays highly-corrosive acid strong enough to melt a tree.

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  • Electric Joy Buzzer

An electric device that stuns or kills foes.

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  • Punch Cannon

A stretchable false arm that can jolt forward to punch at long distance.

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  • Steel Streamers

A device that shoots green steel streamers that wrap around and binds the victim. Extremely hard to escape.

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  • Energy Whip

A whip composed of pure destructive energy.

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  • Smoke Balloon

A balloon that pops in an explosion of thick smoke and confetti. Useful for quick get-aways.

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  • Juggling Pins

What? They're juggling pins (and a random chicken).

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  • Chattering Teeth Cannon

Zombozo invented this special cannon that launches toy teeth that infect people with a 'zombie-clown' virus upon biting them. The teeth will follow you as they're seemingly alive.

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  • Toy Plane

A special fun-sized airplane that Zombozo uses for airborne travel or escape.

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  • Bombs

Zombozo keeps these in his coat pocket.

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  • Emergency Escape Shuttle

A cannon-powered shuttle with enough force to launch Zombozo into space.

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....and his most impressive trick of all:

V.) Feats of Evil

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  • In The More Things Change, Zombozo stole a brain from Bellwood's Brain Bank—a bizarre crime that only a psychopathic clown would commit.
  • In Last Laugh, Zombozo staged a circus show to lure the townspeople inside, then used a machine called the "Psyclown" to drain everyone's happiness and life energy while they're laughing. This left the entire town depleted and lifeless while his Circus Freak Trio robbed the city.
  • In Hit 'Em Where They Live, Zombozo organized a series of attacks against Ben Tennyson's family, acting as the 'Ringmaster' mastermind behind the operation. He then kidnapped Ben's mother Sandra and used her as a hostage to lure Ben, Gwen and Kevin into his hideout for an ambush. While his minions attacked, Zombozo made preparations to murder Sandra in a slow and cruel way.
  • In Something Zombozo This Way Comes, an imprisoned Zombozo escaped from Plumbers Headquarters and locked up Plumber Jerry in his place, then summoned the Circus Freak Trio to feed on people's fears. Zombozo invented a special "chattering teeth cannon" which launches toy teeth that infect people with a 'zombie-clown' virus upon biting them. After instituting a massive circus show, Zombozo transforms the entire city of Belltown into zombie clowns!

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