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Respect Buggy the Clown!


One of the first main villains in One Piece, Buggy is a "flashy" pirate captain who dresses himself as a clown, loving to plunder from villages/destroy them and hunt for treasure. He is the captain to the Buggy Pirates and former apprentice to Gol D. Roger the legendary Pirate King himself, and has become one of the Royal Seven Warlords of the Sea (aka the "Shichibukai"). Buggy has consumed a Devil Fruit called Bara Bara no Mi, and this gave him the power to split his body into pieces.

If you don't already know, here's how his power works:

I.) Flashy Strength

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The levitation effect of his Devil Fruit power allows Buggy to lift objects much heavier than he normally could, practically defying gravity. Physics are for losers.

  • Buggy lifts up a grown man, Boodle, into the air using one hand.
  • Picks up another grown man with one hand, and throws him with great force a significant distance at Luffy.
  • Effortlessly lifts up a Blugori—which is a giant blue gorilla, high into the air using his two floating hands, then slams it down into the floor. Normal gorillas in captivity can weigh as much as 270 kg (600 lbs).
  • Buggy manages to sustain the weight of BOTH Luffy and Jinbe while floating with the upper part of his body. Jinbe alone is a 9'8" tall giant Whale Shark Fishman!!!

II.) Flashy Speed

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  • Here Buggy is missing his legs. Yet, he displays impressive speed as he chases after a fleeing bird.....running on just his feet alone. This is essentially 1/3rd of his running speed with his legs at full-length!!
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  • Buggy reacts to gunfire at point-blank.
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  • A pack of vicious bloodthirsty Army Wolves pounce at Buggy, who has no problem dodging their attacks (despite the bitter cold). The wolves are powerful enough to overwhelm even the Hell Beasts of Level 2 in Impel Down.
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  • Buggy hastily outruns a horde of Blugori, which are special guard units trained to catch fleeing convicts. They are also fast enough to kill fish swimming underwater.
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  • During pursuit, Buggy avoids multiple axes swinging at him while he's running.
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  • Tired of these Blugori yet? Watch how Buggy can pulsate his body structure, briskly splitting into chunks to escape the gorilla from hitting him.
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  • He can do the same thing to escape being eaten alive by a Basilisk demon beast.
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  • By using a set of wheels and a bomb for a motor, Buggy can reconfigure himself into becoming a small car.
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  • In addition to becoming a car, Buggy can FLY at high speeds (as long as his feet are secured). He can also carry a passenger atop his back during flight.
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III.) Flashy Durability

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Due to his Devil Fruit power, Buggy is completely immune to slashing/cutting/cleaving attacks, as such attacks will simply slice him into pieces without harm. Any bladed weapons are useless against him. Besides that, Buggy's overall durability is pretty high too.

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  • Buggy gets sliced to shreds by Dracule Mihawk's legendary sword "the Black Blade". His body reforms afterwards without any damage, and note that Mihawk possesses Haki.
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  • Luffy gives Buggy a full-blown kick to the head, which surprisingly does not leave him knocked out.
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  • Buggy endures a punch from Luffy that has enough force to break through TWO stone walls. And Buggy was in the middle! Ouch.
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  • Buggy gets hit by a cannonball, but falls apart without any real injury.
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  • Luffy's "Gomu Gomu no Bazooka" launches Buggy into the air, sending him skyrocketing across a far distance until he crash-lands pummeling head-first into the ground....with minimal injury.
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  • He survives being struck directly by a prodigious bolt of lightning. Buggy apparently has a considerable deal of electric resistance. (Later in that event, Buggy makes a comment that suggests he cannot die)
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  • Explosives won't bring him down either, considering that he survived an explosion from a redirected "Muggy Ball" bomb with hardly any resulting injuries.

A few of Buggy's off-panel feats include:

  1. Survived all the battles with the Whitebeard Pirates and the extreme dangers of the Grand Line.
  2. During his own mini-series storyline, Buggy survived being eaten alive by a giant bird.
  3. Was tortured in the Impel Down prison and survived the Blazing Hell, which is a pool filled with boiling blood heated by a raging fire making it extremely hot.

IV.) Flashy Weaponry

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Buggy seems to prefer bladed weapons, though he most favors the use of knives. He tends to hold one single knife at a time or four between the fingers of his hands, and can perform sleight-of-hand to store/draw them whenever necessary. Buggy carries an impressive amount of these types of weapons on his person at all times; some of which are kept hidden under his gloves or in his shoes.

1) Knives

Knife DexteritySleight of HandHidden Blade
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  • Buggy is very skilled with knives, able to hold his own against Roronoa Zoro (with his hands either attached or detached).
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  • Buggy has the skill and accuracy to throw a set of multiple knives directed in a straight line.

2) Buggy Balls

Buggy is a master chemist who invented these red bombs engraved with his Jolly Roger. The "Special Buggy Cannonball" can create a devastating explosion when fired from a cannon, with enough power to destroy a town.

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  • A single blast can clear an entire street comprised of buildings.
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  • One more blast will clear out the rest of the residential area.
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  • The Buggy Ball wipes out the Kumate Tribe village.
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  • A Buggy Ball drops from above and blows up a fountain, killing a few police officers in the process.

3) Muggy Balls

In addition, Buggy had developed a new miniature version of the Buggy Cannonball, compacting its mighty explosive power inside a weapon tiny enough to be concealed within his body.

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  • Buggy fires a Muggy Ball from his shoe, blowing up the Minotaurus demon beast guard.
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  • A Muggy Ball blows up a large group of guard subordinates, resulting in multiple deaths and casualties.

V.) Flashy Techniques

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The "Bara Bara no Mi" Devil Fruit has allowed Buggy to perform a wide variety of special techniques using his ability to split.

NameTranslation/DescriptionManga Scans~~~~Animation~~~~

Bara Bara Cannon

"Chop-Chop Cannon"

Holding a weapon, Buggy shoots his hand(s) at the enemy. He can add part of his forearm to his fist so that if the victim tries to stop the attack by grabbing the forearm, he can simply detach his fist and continue the attack.

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Bara Bara Windmill

"Chop-Chop Windmill"

Buggy first stomps on his shoes to make knives appear, then throws his lower half cartwheeling on the ground towards an opponent.

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Bara Bara Emergency Escape

"Chop-Chop Emergency Escape"

When there's an incoming attack aimed at his head, Buggy quickly separates his head to avoid harm.

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Bara Bara Festival

"Chop-Chop Festival"

Buggy's ultimate attack. He separates all his body parts into tiny chunks and spins them around. Then he can either surround his enemy to block their escape, or pummel his enemy with his body parts at intense speeds.

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Bara Bara Car

"Chop-Chop Car"

Using a set of wheels and a bomb for a motor, Buggy can reconfigure himself into becoming a small car for quick getaways.

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Kuchu Kirimomi Dai Circus

"Aerial Tailspin Big Top"

Buggy detaches his hands and lifts an opponent high into the air. He then flips them facing the ground before sending his hands flying in a corkscrew pattern back down to earth, throwing them on the ground with high impact.

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And who can forget Buggy's flashiest technique ever?

VI.) Flashy Fights

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Buggy defeats Roronoa Zoro.

This battle is a good display of Buggy's aptitude for deceiving his foes.

  • [0:57] Buggy allows Zoro to cut him into pieces, fooling him into a false victory.
  • [0:52] When Zoro turns around, Buggy launches a Bara Bara Cannon that stabs him from behind. He could have easily killed Zoro, but due to PIS Buggy just said "It was an o-kay victory!" and spared his life.

Buggy fights Monkey D. Luffy, ending in stalemate.

Notice that Buggy's fighting style is fashioned to misdirect his foes/predict their movements, allowing him to take offensive repercussions. This battle is also a good display of Buggy's reaction speed.

  • [0:22] Buggy opens the fight with his "Bara Bara Windmill" technique, but Luffy jumps to dodge the attack.
  • [0:27] Buggy is an astute quick-thinker during combat situations; he always strikes when the enemy is vulnerable—or in this case, when Luffy is helpless while in the air. He quickly takes advantage of the situation and unleashes a barrage of thrown knives at the airborne Luffy, whose stretchy-power allows him to dodge the attack that'd be otherwise impossible to dodge.
  • [0:43] Luffy counterattacks with his "Gomu Gomu no Pistol", but Buggy dodges the incoming punch with ease.
  • [0:46] Buggy notices that Luffy is left wide open, but before attacking Luffy launches himself into another punch— which Buggy also dodges. Luffy couldn't touch him.

Buggy duels Gaimon (while in his Chibi form).

This battle is a good display of Buggy's competence in H2H combat, especially without the use of weapons.

  • [0:21] At the opening second, Buggy quickly gains the upper hand by....well, grabbing Gaimon's hair with one hand to restrain him.
  • [0:26] Gaimon pulls out two revolvers and fires in succession, but Buggy dodges the shots at point-blank range.
  • [0:40] Before Gaimon can dish out more gunfire, Buggy launches a hand that restrains Gaimon's held revolver in place so he can no longer shoot. This tactic is very effective against gun-users.
  • [0:46] While Gaimon is preoccupied, Buggy lands an unexpected kick to his face. Gaimon also attempts an attack, but Buggy dodges using Bara Bara Emergency Escape.
  • [0:59] Buggy ends up on top of Gaimon punching him repeatedly, until being kicked away. Afterwards the two fighters resolve their conflict and become good friends/drinking buddies.

Buggy solos a bunch of Kumate Tribe warriors.

This battle is a good display of Buggy's formidable skill in hand-to-hand melee. He can even fight without his head, feet, nor hands!

  • [0:00] One of the Kumate warriors tries to swing at Buggy but he avoids the attack, ascending into the air to intimidate the tribe members.
  • [0:14] Buggy's lower half flashily kicks the opponent to the face.
  • [0:18] His special move "Bara Bara Kick" knocks two men back, smashing through the wall behind them.
  • [0:26] His special move "Bara Bara Punch" pounds a warrior to the ground, apparently killing him.
  • [0:32] His special move "Bara Bara Windmill" cuts up a dozen resisting fighters like scissors to paper.
  • [0:38] His special move "Bara Bara Festival" smashes a man's head through the wall.
  • [0:41] Buggy the Clown finishes off the remaining tribe warriors with a punch and another special move called "Bara Bara Carnival" wherein he clasped both hands together then slammed them down onto the opponent's neck.

Buggy engages in attack against Dracule Mihawk.

This battle is significant because Buggy stood up against one of the strongest Shikibukai without fear, and survived.

  • [0:27] Dracule Mihawk attacks Buggy by slicing him into hundreds of pieces. He is surprised after Buggy's body regenerates unharmed.
  • [0:38] Buggy becomes enraged and counterattacks Mihawk with a Muggy Ball, which is deflected back at Buggy. He survives the explosion.

VII.) Flashy Pirate Crew

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Buggy the Clown is the captain of the Buggy Pirates, a band of treasure-seeking pirates whose members resemble circus performers. Although they were initially one of the weakest crews in the world, their competence have since become tremendously stronger after Buggy recruited dozens of powerful prisoners from Impel Down, and also after forming an alliance with the Alvida Pirates.

Buggy the Clown"Iron Mace" AlvidaMohji the Beast TamerCabaji the Acrobat


Buggy's crew are blinded by his status as the Pirate King's former apprentice, and consequently are extremely loyal to him.


Alvida's Devil Fruit ability makes her body slippery, making her immune to physical attacks. She also wields a heavy spiked Iron Mace for smashing enemies with.

First Mate

Mohji claims to have the ability to control any animal he wishes. He opts to use Richie, his giant pet lion, to intimidate and battle his foes.

Second Mate

Cabaji's fighting style combines swordplay and acrobatics (mostly on a unicycle), and utilizes various carnival tricks.

Tightrope Walking Funan BrosAcrobatic FuwasSuperhuman DomingosImpel Down ConvictsGaldino aka Mr. 3

A trio of minor pirates who like to walk ropes.

A small group of mildly competent swordsmen.

Three big hulking men who are skilled with swords.

All powerful criminals with higher bounties than Buggy himself.

Was amongst the top-ranked members of a criminal organization.

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  • The Acrobatic Fuwas speedily overtake Nami whilst easily dodging her attack.
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  • Buggy, Alvida, Mohji, and Cabaji ambush the Kumate Tribe.
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  • The Buggy Pirates cause mayhem in Loguetown and hold the civilians hostage.

VIII.) Iconic Moments

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Here are a few miscellaneous moments in One Piece wherein Buggy the Clown shows off his flashy greatness!

  • After tracking down Luffy, Buggy the Clown makes his grand appearance in Lougetown to get his revenge. He captures Monkey D. Luffy atop the same legendary execution stand where the great Pirate King (Gol D. Roger) was executed.
"For the crime of angering me, I sentence you, Monkey D. Luffy, to a flashy execution!"
  • Within Impel Down prison, Buggy breaks out of his cell and sets free hundreds of the world's most-dangerous prisoners. The convicts cheer in gratitude and recognize Buggy the Clown as their great savior.
"UWOOHH! Our savior!!! Captain Buggy!!!!"
  • Marine HQ call the escapees to announce their recognition for Buggy as the mastermind behind the Impel Down breakout and leader of the first-ever group of criminals ever to escape from Impel Down. They confess that they've greatly underestimated Buggy and recently discovered that Buggy the Clown was once a member of the pirate Gol D. Roger's legendary crew, AND that Red Hair Shanks (one of the Four Emperors) considers Buggy as a brother!
"Ehh!? Seriously!!? They think Captain Buggy was more important than the Shikibukai!?"
  • During the Battle at Marineford, Buggy is confronted by Whitebeard himself who offers him an alliance, wishing to join forces with Buggy's powerful crew. Even the great Whitebeard isn't stupid enough to mess with Buggy the Clown!
"Whoa, whoa, whoa...!! Just how strong does Whitebeard think you are!!? He's talking to you like an equal....!!!"
  • The Battle at Marineford is being broadcast live to the entire world. The Marines were planning to cut the visuals so they could execute Portgas Ace early without the public knowing they cheated the war. However, Buggy and his crew steal one of their "Denden Mushi" cameras and broadcast Buggy the Clown's greatness to the entire world!!.....and he accidentally screws up the enemy's strategy too.

  • Buggy the Clown receives an invitation from the World Government to join the Shichibukai— the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

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