Hypocrites and Hipsters

Ya know, ever notice that for all of 90s Image's talks about breaking away from "the fascist" Big Two, many if not most of their characters are just ripoffs of Marvel/DC characters, and bad ones at that.

1. Zealot: Arguable Wonder Woman ripoff

2. Warblade: Lady Deathstryke/Wolverine ripoff who also resembles Blacklash

3. Spawn: Ghost Rider/Punisher/Batman ripoff with a Spiderman like mask

4. Supreme: Awful Superman ripoff turned epic Silver Age Superman homage

5. Midnight/Apollo: Gay World's Finest/World's Queerest

6. Invincible: Teenage Superman/Spiderman

7. Shaft: Arsenal ripoff

8. Vogue: Domino ripoff

9. Badrock/Bedrock: Thing ripoff

10: Maul: Hulk ripoff

11: Shadowhawk: Batman ripoff: later retconned to incorporate blatant story elements from Hawkman's origin

12: Astro City: Re imagining of famous superheroes from Marvel/DC

So yeah, you know, these "far-out radicals", for all their talk, couldn't truly break away from the Big Two. In fact, many would eventually go back after the comic speculation crash. Probably didn't help that early Image sucked.