Here is a list of heroes given the title and works for Eon and Epoc. They usually wear Quantum Bands. Others are self declared or name given while some are duty bound to maintain the balance in the universe.

List items

  • The best known Protector of the Universe

  • The current bearer of the Quantum Bands and the Protector of the Universe

  • Gravity was resurrected and made into the new Protector of the Universe by Epoch since Quasar was dead BUT never wore the Quantum Bands.

  • She was never been an appointed as the Protector BUT she wore the Quantum Bands after defeating Annihilus. After Wendell was restored to life by the scientists of Project Pegasus, she gave back the bands.

  • ROBERT GRAYSON father created a rocket ship to escape the Nazis and landed on Uranus where they were greeted by the Eternals. Robert was raised as a Uranian, learning their science and mastering the art of telepathy. As an adult with a new costume, and Uranians version of the Quantum bands, Robert was dubbed "Marvel Boy" and sent to Earth to act as a champion of his home planet.

  • As "Crusader" he physically resembled Robert Grayson AKA Marvel Boy. The Eternals intended to use him as backup to Marvel Boy, if became lost or was killed. After the destruction of the Uranian Eternals, Thelius went mad and went to earth as Crusader and fought the FF4. He was destroyed when his Quantum Bands overloaded.

    As "Blue Marvel" he was created by Thanos, with fake Quantum bands who sought to destroy Epoc's agent, Quasar and "reclaim" the Quantum Bands.

  • The first Protector of the Universe

  • One of the earliest Protectors of the Universe

  • The first non-humanoid appointed Protector of the Universe

  • He briefly wore the bands to find out about his father, Quasar.

  • Earth-691 Eon offered him the role of Protector of the Universe. He was known as the Keeper.

  • Appointed "Protector of the Universe" by the Kree Supreme Intelligence

  • The Uni-Power! It grants immense power for the purpose of protecting universal balance.

  • A team of interstellar heroes that will be proactive in protecting the galaxy.

  • Cosmo the dog,wanted to fulfill the dream of his deceased friend and former Guardian of the Galaxy, Star-Lord & Adam Warlock by recruiting powerful space-based characters from various alien races. They act as a deterrence to galactic war.