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John motioned Savage to the chairs on set, walking over and setting himself down slowly in one of the two red wing-backed chairs, looking over to the network executive who had decided he would take over the production of this edition of "FBN Nightly", waiting for the signal that they were ready to start. As the exec started the countdown, Cooper turned, counting to himself silently, to the man he would spend the next 45 minutes talking to. "And its great to have you. We are live in about five seconds."

John quickly fixed his gaze on the camera, introducing his invisible audience to the year's first presidential candidate interview. "Good evening folks. My name is John Cooper of FBN Nightly, and tonight I have with me Orion Savage. In the next hour we hope to get to know Mr. Savage a little better, because after all the most important part of elections is knowing the person that you vote for." The producer gave the signal that the opening FBN Nightly clip was playing, and John began to quickly walk back to the chairs where Orion was. With a second signal the clip had finished. "So Mr. Savage, how are you doing tonight?" Reaching over John grabbed two water bottles from the table at his side. "Water?"

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John Cooper, renowned journalist and TV personality, was one of the most politically involved and well respected journalists of today's world. Often, people asked if he would run for president or any variety of other political office. The answer was always no. The reason, he had always said, was that he had been involved in documenting politics for long enough to know he was better suited talking to people who lied to him, than he was at lying, himself. Tonight though, Cooper didn't expect the man he was interviewing to dodge questions or skirt the truth of how he felt. Whether or not he agreed with the man was a different matter, as a journalist it always was.

Cooper walked into the small studio set where the interview was to take place, looking for the infamous politician. Seeing no sign of the man, Cooper walked over to his girlfriend and co-anchor of 12 years, Roxanna Rhodes, a stage name they came up with together over ice cream as they jokingly talked about leading one of the world's most popular nightly news teams 6 years before either actually had a job at all. "Where the hell is he? Please tell me he's at least in the building. How's my tie? Is it good? God, where is this guy? How about the setting? Good? Don't need the first interview of the campaign season ruined because the staging was off." Roxanna chuckled and reached to fix his tie, "Relax. Your tie is fine. The staging is fine. Everything's fine. Oh, and here comes Savage. See? Everything is just fine" Roxanna gave him a quick kiss and sent John off to meet Orion Savage for the first time, a confident and relaxed smile now on his face.

John calmly walked to the candidate and reached out a hand. "Nice to meet you Mr. Savage, I'm assuming Kathy prepped you for the interview? Just going to try and maintain a relaxed conversational tone and see if we can get to know a little bit more about you and your campaign. You ready?"

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What was that, an alt-spree? Because here I am, looking for people willing to take interviews