WB/DC Have You A Clue?

*I wrote when Zack Snyder tweeted the 20-second costume tease*

What are you doing? I have been on the fence about everything you are doing in terms of the DC Cinematic Universe. You’re casting choices have been spotty at best. But being a hardcore DC fan boy (I’m a fan boy in general because I love Marvel too) I want you to do better. I want DC to make leaps and bounds in terms of your film world. I will not compare your films to Marvel. There may be a “rivalry”, but we know it’s all about money (and times pleasing the fans). Us DC fans are excited for is coming soon. But not much (outside of Man of Steel) has given us hope.

This teaser of the Batman V Superman (I still hate that title) is blah. It’s more than just blah. It’s like you knew you could tease us and you wanted for us to wait it out even longer. So what did they do? They gave us glimpses of the costumes (which we’ve already seen) and the title logo. The only somewhat redeeming quality is Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL’s score.

DC can’t make up their mind with when they want to release the trailer. First it was in front of Mad Max. There are rumors now that it’s going to be in front of Age of Ultron. Per Zach Snyder, it will be shown in certain IMAX theaters on April 20. But if you go to the site most of the bookings are full. (None in Massachusetts where I live, the closest is Connecticut)

If you really want to hook us nerds and fan boys either drop a short version of the trailer online or JUST FUCKING RELEASE THE DAMN TRAILER ALREADY! Also, DC you want to own the Internet talk don’t drop an awful teaser hours before Star Wars Appreciation starts. Because anything, not Star Wars are going to be pushed aside. I was really hoping DC would do better. I’m just full of disappointment at the moment.

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