Bluntman and chronic

in a world gone mad, it is not us who will spank the monkey, but the monkey will spank us.

Why did they never make Bluntman and chronic comics. Jay and silent Bob Kick ass. i give them till the end of the week and im going to write them myselves. Not sure what powers they'd have yet.

I think they could have made a killing

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Slow Down, im coming

Just invested in some New comics, All my comics are stubs in the vine, and most of the characters dont exist, i intend to change this, watch out. Message to the Guy in 40th Johnny die is done sitting on the fence, im coming. i mean that in the nicest possible way of course.

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oh yeah

You are Iron Man

Iron Man 90%

Green Lantern 85%

Superman 75%

Wonder Woman 70%

Catwoman 70%

The Flash 70%

Batman 70%

Spider-Man 65%

Hulk 65%

Supergirl 60%

Robin 50%

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Marval Vs DC

ok. i want to make this fight fair so the rules are. Answer these questions below and lets solve it. Who's better Marvel? or DC?

1: Marvel or DC

2: What is your reason for you picking Marvel or Dc?

3: Who is your favorite character?

4: Who is your Least Favorite from DC?

5: Who is your Least Favorite from Marvel?



"Crazyness has happened. When it does, take advantage of it while it lasts. Yes crazyness will happen again but the enviable type always comes to an end."

Quote: johnny die, 1987, sept 4th, 1am, His first words

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